Ryan Rumph
Ryan Rumph

Ryan Rumph's Rampage Results in 40 Year Sentence

Tuesday, 06 March 2012: Ryan Rumph, 21, of 238 South Street, Marshallville, GA, was found guilty on March 5, 2012 and sentenced today in Houston Superior Court of two counts of Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, Escape, Simple Battery, and Theft by Shoplifting.

Following a bench trial, Judge Edward D. Lukemire sentenced Rumph to Forty (40) years and ordered him to serve the first Thirty-Six (36) of those years in prison.

Upon release from prison, Rumph will be subject to Special Conditions including no possession of alcohol, no violent crimes, and no contact with victims. Finally, Rumph will be banished from Houston County and all contiguous counties.

On Friday, November 13, 2009, Ryan Rumph was under arrest for theft by shoplifting and fled on foot from the Centerville Police Station. Deputy Deryk Collins of the Houston County Sheriff's Office found Rumph hiding in the cab of a pickup truck. Rumph attacked Deputy Collins and attempted to gain control of the Deputy's assault rifle, Taser, and pistol at different points during the struggle.

Deputy Collins shot Rumph in the upper torso and Collins sustained a gunshot wound to the left index finger as the two fought over the pistol. Although wounded, Rumph again fled on foot just as Sgt. Mike Smith of the Centerville Police Department arrived on scene and fired more shots at Rumph.

Before the ordeal ended, Ryan Rumph pushed his way into a home on Miller Court in Centerville and struggled with the homeowner, preventing him from calling 911.

Deputy Paul Urhahn of the Houston County Sheriff's Office quickly closed in on the home and took Rumph into custody without further violence.

COMMENTS FROM DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE HARTWIG: "Successful prosecution of this case required cooperation from Centerville PD, GBI, Houston County Sheriff's Department, and the Centerville community. Rumph violently attacked two law enforcement officers and was trying to take their weapons.

We are all very fortunate that somebody did not get killed that day. We will not tolerate this and believe this sentence is totally justified. If you violently attack police officers and invade homes in Houston County, you better be prepared to spend a long time in prison."

The sentence was imposed by Judge Edward D. Lukemire, Houston Superior Court. Ryan Rumph was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Steve Cusick. Rumph was represented by The Public Defender Nick White. For additional information, call ADA Steve Cusick at 478-218-4810.

Ref. www.houstonda.org

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73.3% of murders are committed by non-whites.

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Illegal weapons possession 108,847 incidents; 41.8% Black; Hispanic 28.3; white 27.3

Rape 16,599 incidents; Black 26.7% ; Hispanic 27.9%; white 45.2%; others 3.6%.

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