William T. Upton
William T. Upton

997 Oxycodone Tablets Gets William Upton 9 Years

Tuesday, 15 March 2011: William T. Upton, 53, of Independence, KY pleaded guilty today in Houston Superior Court to Possession of Oxycodone with Intent to Distribute.

Upton was sentenced to Twenty (20) years and ordered to serve nine (9) of those years in prison. In addition to the prison time, Upton was also banished from Houston County and all contiguous counties for the next 20 years and will be subject to drug testing, treatment, and warrantless searches upon release from prison.

Upton possessed 997 oxycodone tablets when he was arrested on July 15, 2010 by the Perry Police Department during a traffic stop on I-75 North.

The estimated street value of the 997 oxycodone 30mg tablets seized is $29,910.00. Officer Jason Jones of the Perry Police Department discovered the contraband wrapped in duct tape, cellophane, and latex. Upton had prior convictions for Trafficking LSD and Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine.

Upton and his co-defendant, Stephanie Biddle, made round trips from Kentucky to Florida to transport narcotics. Charges remain pending against Biddle.

COMMENTS FROM DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE HARTWIG: "Upton's criminal history reveals a serial distributor of large quantities of controlled substances. In this case, he used his young niece, Stephanie Biddle, as a chauffeur. Drug distribution networks take a significant toll on our community. When you illegally transport drugs on Houston County roads, there will be a hefty toll to pay."

The sentence was imposed by Judge George F. Nunn on the morning of the Ides of March. Upton was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Steve M. Cusick. Upton was represented by Attorney Pattie Williams. For additional information, call ADA Steve Cusick @ 478-218-4810.

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