Roosevelt Lee, Jr.
Roosevelt Lee, Jr.

Roosevelt Lee, Jr. Gets 45 Years in Houston County, Georgia

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Roosevelt Lee, Jr., 35, of 203 Clay Street, Warner Robins, GA, was sentenced on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, in Houston Superior Court to charges of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, BURGLARY, and OBSTRUCTING A 911 CALL.

Following Lee's guilty plea, Judge Edward D. Lukemire sentenced Lee to forty-five (45) years and ordered him to serve the first twenty-five (25) of those years in prison, the balance will be on probation.

Upon release from prison, Lee will be prohibited from having contact with victim or with victim's family. In addition, he will be banished from Houston County and all contiguous counties.

Lee and the victim had been in a relationship for five years when the victim called it off in the Summer of 2010. Lee refused to accept that the relationship was over and began harassing and stalking the victim, going so far as to break into her house on another occasion.

On November 17, 2010, Lee once again broke into the victim's home and hid beneath her bed. When the victim entered the room, Lee emerged and menaced the victim with a knife before wrestling her to the floor.

Once on the floor, he placed a knife to her throat and informed her that he would not leave until they had intercourse. As he unsuccessfully tried to pull down her pants, the victim was able to dial 911 on her cellphone. When Lee realized she had dialed 911, he grabbed her phone and ran out of the back door.

Lee has prior convictions for carrying a concealed weapon and for a felony drug offense. Lee's criminal record in Houston County dates back to the Winter of 1993.

COMMENTS FROM ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY DESHALA DIXON: "The victim in this case was forced to endure an incredible amount of harassment at the hands of Mr. Lee. He was a stalker in the truest sense of the word. His lengthy sentence will assure that the victim and her family are safe and free from this violent stalker."


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