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Press Censors Minority and Leftwing Violence - 5 Dead

by Lewis Loflin

I thought I had a newspaper subscription, but increasingly newspapers serve only to peddle the political agendas of their owners.

Yellow journalism is "the use of cheaply sensational or unscrupulous methods in newspapers, etc. to influence readers."

Once again my local newspaper (March 11) plays the race card with biased reporting on Donald Trump, while censoring vital information elsewhere. While these are AP reports doesn't excuse local press bias. Let's start with front page headlines:

"Trump's response to rally hecklers stirring questions - To Rakeem Jones ... (a) black man felt as if he was being transported back in time..." We went from a person attempting to disrupt a rally, part of a group of mostly white people, who was removed for that reason and nothing more, it's now racism and Bull Connor. Heck, where were the fire hoses and attack dogs?

This incident had nothing to do with race, but the press changes it to a race issue hinting at white racism again. This is yellow journalism and worse outright racial bias in the press.

Update: since this was reported it's been proven Democrat Party operatives ran a paid effort to incite violence at Trump rallies.

Let's turn to page A11: "Rally attendee charged with hitting a black man... A white Donald Trump rally attendee was charged with assault..."

Nobody was being arrested for black anything, yet race was thrown up once again when that had nothing to do with it. In fact when I saw the video and watched the idiot that threw the punch I never noted the race of the victim nor did the idiot say anything about race on camera. If it was race it would have been a hate crime charges and would be front page news ad-nauseam.

But also on A11 "It's personal: Obama says GOP hostility to him led to Trump" again more hints at white racism - no you idiot liberal press the revolt is against the power class in particular within the Republican establishment whatever that is. Obama is little mentioned outside the Supreme Court nominations and that usually involves Hillary.

On March 11 thousands of potentially violent leftwing "protestors" including Black Lies Matter shut down a Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion. That's being peddled as Trump's fault for something that happens all the time at the nation's universities. That's OK with the press that routinely glosses over these threats of violence and intimidation.

Vital information on the event was censored and showed up on a police blog: ambulances blocked, one rioter fired a gun into the air, objects and obscenities were hurled at Trump supporters, etc. Yellow journalism again.

When it comes to black and minority violence vital facts are also scrubbed from press reports or blame is steered elsewhere. Page A4 an AP report of a mass killing by gunfire in Wilkinsburg, PA that left five dead including a pregnant women.

The press nowhere revealed the race or real description of the shooters: AP, New York Times, CNN, Yahoo, Washington Times, etc. nothing, zero, zilch. When a police officer shots a black it's front page news for weeks, mass shootings and killings of blacks by other blacks virtual censorship with race not reported.

CNN and others went off on the usual gun violence and banning guns, but won't discuss the culture of black violence in a black neighborhood's hurting black victims - but God help us if police make an insensitive remark.

Quoting the Bristol Herald Courier (A4), "Wilkinsburg is a poorer, blighted suburb east of Pittsburgh that is known for drug trafficking and gun violence." Once again the race and culture of the neighborhood censored, blaming this on poverty and the usual nonsense. We had a picture of two grieving black women, all victims were black.

In other press reports a black male Lamont Powell who was allegedly involved in a shooting incident two years ago (never charged) hinting at reprisal drug dealing, etc. are speculation as motives. He is in critical condition.

Blaming guns, glossing over inner city minority culture, criminality, and dysfunction once again ill serves the victims. If the press would address this half as much hunting for white racism perhaps so many innocent blacks wouldn't be murdered at backyard cookouts.

Perhaps the press is an indirect accessory to murder? noted March 9, 2016:

Wilkinsburg was the site of another mass shooting, a racially-motivated rampage in March 2000 by Ronald Taylor, a black man who killed three whites and wounded two at a McDonald's and a Burger King. He was sentenced to death in 2002.

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