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Michigan Education System Ruined by Identity Politics

by Lewis Loflin

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Another eason Michigan Schools are failing. See Michigan Proves Merit Based Immigration Needed for Muslims.

Update April 22, 2014: The Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling against the voter approved ban on affirmative action racism in Michigan. While it's hoped we can finally end institutionalized anti-white racism it's not over yet. Even before this ruling the liberal racists were already at work.

Michigan public schools and colleges are again reduced to chaos and failure by promoting diversity. By pandering to low-achievers by lowering standards and punishing success Michigan Public schools are failing even white and Asian students.

Liberals are obsessed by the issue of race and equal outcome - they refuse to treat students as individuals, but instead as racial groups. Education has taken a back seat to these policies that fail students of all races. They demand more funding to fix the very problems they create.

Here we will take a hard look at Michigan which is at the center of institutionalized diversity racism and the havoc this has created in public education.

In the courts again

To quote the New York Times April 1, 2012 article titled, "To Enroll More Minority Students, Colleges Work Around the Courts" we find: matter how the court acts, recent history shows that when courts or new laws restrict affirmative action, colleges try to find other ways to increase minority admissions...if the Supreme Court limits the options, college and universities will "be seeking diversity by any legal means possible," said Ada Meloy, general counsel of the American Council on Education.

But a decision overturning affirmative action could produce a national pattern of more liberal states going further to mimic the current system than more conservative states. Defenders of affirmative action are most likely to see any new system as unfair to black and Hispanic students, while critics will still see it as unfair to whites and Asian-Americans...

This has come about from the 2003 Supreme Court ruling against the University of Michigan's diversity racism program penalizing Asian/white achievement to reward black/Hispanic inability to compete in a fair and open society. In February 2012 the Court decided to hear Fisher vs. University of Texas and rule on their diversity racism policies. To quote,

"The Texas system admits the top students at every high school in the state, but also admits additional students with a system that takes race into account."

The NYT notes of those states that outlaw racism and go to merit minority enrollment drops. Well it should if they are not qualified.

The newest racial fad is something called "the holistic approach" where they simply make up nonsense to enroll those not only undeserving, but unable to do the work required. I'd bet the Supreme Court will give another muddled ruling. Speaking of Michigan, let's find out what they have done lately in the cause of diversity. Note that the scores are mostly dropping year after year.

Also see Federal Court Overturns Anti-Racism Law in Michigan

The State Summery Report for the Michigan Dept. of Education for 2011 is an education horror show. Not only have they failed to educate low-achieving blacks and Hispanics, but have so dumbed-down the whole system to the point even whites and Asians are failing. Note the following are for grade 12 in 2011. Here I've combined "proficient" and "advanced" into "passed" and "partially proficient" and "not proficient" into "failed".


Note the point spread was 950-1250 and the mean was around 1087 and 1088 is "not proficient". Those scoring advanced (1158-1250) were 1% or less for all four years.


Note the point spread was 950-1250 and the mean was around 1065 and 1088 is "not proficient". Those scoring advanced (1158-1250) were 1% or less for all four years.


Note the point spread was 950-1250 and the mean was around 1076 and 1088 is "not proficient". Those scoring advanced (1158-1250) were 3% or less for all four years.


Note the point spread was 950-1250 and the mean was around 1075 and 1088 is "not proficient". Those scoring advanced (1158-1250) were 2-4% for all four years. Note the 10 point drop from 2008-2011.

Social Studies

Note the point spread was 950-1250 and the mean was around 1112. Those scoring advanced (1158-1250) were 17-23% for all four years. What is bothersome is the steady drop from 2008-2011. How could their writing skills and reading skills be so poor, yet they score highest here?

That is the potential graduating class of 2012. When I examined the State Demographic Report Spring 2012 was even more shocking. The New York Times article titled "Racial gaps in Michigan exam results a concern" June 29, 2012 illustrates the total obsession with race by the Left be it the press or liberal controlled school systems. First let's review grade 11 2012 by race.

A total of 106,321 students took the exams and when we strip out silly categories such as disabled, that left 96,276. I'll use the same standards as above noting the points spread is being manipulated and different for every group.

Gender: about 46,733 males and about 49,543 females. Of the males 50% passed reading, 56% passed writing, 35% passed mathematics, 32% passed science, and 48% social studies. That averages across all subjects to 44.2 or over half the students failed.

For females 53% passed reading, 56% passed writing, 29% passed mathematics, 24% passed science, and 38% passed social studies. The average across all subjects is 40. The schools consider this a success because both failed at nearly equal rates thus achieving the much desired gender achievement leveling. I'm sure they will work harder to bring males down closer to females.

The number of Asians (2897) and Hispanics of all races (4289) are very small overall. Asians nationally are far wealthier per-capita than even whites and their cross subject average is 59.8. Far better than all other groups, but still bad in that over 40% failed. As for Hispanics, an appalling 28.2. Most disturbing is only 17% passed mathematics an 14% for science.

Now if this was racism just how did Asians so out score Hispanics?

Now we come to the biggie, blacks. Their cross subject average is an unbelievable 15.6. That means of the about 14,500 blacks taking the tests less than 2300 passed and 12,200 failed. And these were the ones that hadn't dropped out by the 12th grade which is often over half. In the Detroit Public School system only 6% passed the math exam while 3% passed the science exam.

There the school system is 100% black and liberal controlled. Either there's a backroom plot by liberals and black leaders to promote this mass failure to beat the drum of white racism, or the problem is simply culture or IQ.

Across the state 7% of blacks passed math and 5% passed science. Remember these schools are operated by leftists and liberals. As often self-hating whites perhaps they should hate themselves because if anyone is to blame, they are to blame.

Now we come to whites and there should be a far bigger concern here. About 72,500 whites took these tests. Their cross subject average is 49. Thus 51% or 35,975 white students failed. That's three times the number of blacks. They scored poorly in math at 36% and 33% in science. In the other subjects scored close to Asians.

What I did may not be scientific, but should illustrate severe problems in the public school systems. Failing one of the five subject areas in my book is failed the entire grade.

Now we know why the educational Left must resort to racist' tactics to get any minorities into college at all in Michigan. They fail a far greater number of whites than minority students in an effort to pander to low-achieving non-Asians. Whites are the main victims of their lousy school system, not minorities. The whole system is a failure because education has taken a back seat to racial social engineering and racial leveling.

It's time for real racial equality and equal treatment for all, one standard for all, and instill merit and not race in public education. It's time to end failed diversity racism in our schools.

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