Craig R. Rembert, Jr.
Craig R. Rembert, Jr.

Craig R. Rembert Sentenced to 20 Years for Armed Robbery

Thursday, 21 July 2011: Craig R. Rembert, Jr., age 26, of Macon, GA, was found guilty yesterday afternoon of armed robbery. The Houston County jury took less than 15 minutes to reach the guilty verdict.

Rembert was immediately sentenced by Superior Court Judge Katherine Lumsden to 20 years with the first 17 years to serve in the state penitentiary.

Because armed robbery is classified as a serious violent felony, Rembert must serve the first 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole. He was also required to make full restitution to the victim in the case, and he is banned from possessing or carrying any firearms or other weapons.

Rembert was convicted for the armed robbery that took place at a business called Seanna's Lucky Cabin located in Warner Robins on Watson Blvd. On January 9, 2011, he entered the gift shop and proceeded to carry out his premeditated plan to rob the business. Rembert waited until other customers left the business, then went outside to get his gun.

He returned and proceeded to rob the clerk at gunpoint. He stole over $1,000 cash and took the clerk's cell phone so that she could not call 911. He then forced the clerk at gunpoint into a restroom and told her not to come out.

The incident was captured on video and both the clerk and another employee were able to identify Rembert as the robber. Detective Jeff Herb of WRPD was the lead investigator and did an outstanding job investigating this robbery.

During sentencing, Judge Lumsden noted Rembert's prior criminal history, which included a previous robbery conviction, and imposed the strong sentence based on the severity of the crime.

Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Daniel P. Bibler asked the Court to craft the sentence to also send a message to the community that those who commit and are convicted of armed robbery will be sternly punished.

Comments by District Attorney George Hartwig: "This conviction and sentence should send a clear message that armed robbers will be swiftly brought to justice and vigorously prosecuted in Houston County.

Unless you are ready to go to prison for a long time, don't even think about robbing somebody in Houston County."

The case was prosecuted by Deputy Chief ADA Bibler and Assistant District Attorney Jacob Poole. For additional information, contact Deputy Chief Assistant D.A. Dan Bibler at 478-218-4810.



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