Blacks riot at Waffle House

How Waffle House Restaurants Become War Zones

compiled by Lewis Loflin

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The examples below are just a few incidents of the black crime wave hitting Waffle House Restaurants. In my community a black male emptied a gun into an innocent women at a Kingsport, Tennessee Waffle House on New Years 2012. So on the complaint that I only report on black crime, I went ahead and Googled "Waffle House shooting."

Update April 2018: Travis Jeffrey Reinking, 29, is accused of gunning down four people while wearing nothing but a green jacket at a Nashville, Tenn. Waffle House. He is white and had mental issues. He escaped the scene and was later captured.

The four victims, Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29; Joe R. Perez, 20; DeEbony Groves, 21; and Akilah Dasilva, 23, were all killed, officials said. I think most of them were black.

A young black James Shaw Jr., 29, managed to disarm Reinking before he killed even more people. Mr. Shaw is hailed as a hero. The same thing happened at the Kingsport Waffle House as patrons disarmed the shooter.

The anti-gun hysteria lobby went into full outrage mode. This gets front page news.

The Chicago Tribune reports April 30, 2018 that "In Chicago, 151 people have been killed this year. That is 44 fewer than 2017." That is a celebration?

As they report for the previous 365 days 559 people have died from gunshots. Of this 483 are black, 83 Hispanic, and 42 white. The pattern of violence at Waffle Houses in general follow that of Chicago. The shooters were nearly all black. Bring that up and the attacks begin.

Sorry but I can't find single incident of any whites robbing or shooting people at a Waffle House prior to April 2018. What I did find was a black crime wave and multiple shootings and robberies by young blacks at a number of Waffle Houses.

Until the above incident I couldn't find a single incident of whites committing this kind of mayhem.

As the local press complained when I was critical of their refusal (until I made an issue of it) to report on a racial killing by blacks in nearby Knoxville, they stated it's policy not to mention race if it has nothing to do with the story.

But a close look at reporting shows they suppress race when it's minorities, but are quick to claim whites and attempt to link "right wing hate" at every opportunity.

But the fact that those of particular races and demographic groups commit particular types of crimes in massive disproportionate numbers is news.

This puts the real problem in the spotlight and makes dealing with reality better for everyone. While the liberal press likes to insinuate white racism at every opportunity, these facts when presented in the open undermines that lie and their political agenda.

I report by proportion and reject political correctness. When I find whites commit a crime, I make a note of it.

Above February 6, 2009: He was told by a Warner Robins police officer to drop his gun, a Fort Valley man raised the gun in the direction of a crowd of more than 50 people outside of a Waffle House and was shot and killed by Warner Robins police.

Reginald Bernard Smith, 27, died in the restaurant parking lot at 1287 S. Houston Lake Road after he was shot eight times by Warner Robins police officers...The internal police investigation found that the officers were justified in the use of deadly force because they believed the crowd in the parking lot was in imminent danger from the gun-wielding Smith.

Read more here: Waffle House Shooting of Reginald Smith by Police Justified

Waffle House

20 Feral Blacks Attack Couple at Waffle House In Georgia

Fulton County GA: A black male got into an argument with a couple at a local Waffle House, which led to both being shot suffering non-fatal injuries. The man was an off duty police officer. The press calls them "a large group of teenagers" when in fact they are a gang of blacks.

The off-duty officer, Donald Wallace, of College Park, was shot in the stomach, and his companion, Giovanni Jenkins, of Decatur, was shot in the right foot, according to the incident report. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (March 4, 2012) says the following:

Witnesses told police that sometime around 1:45 a.m., Wallace was approached in the restaurant by a black male who asked him for change for a $20 bill. "All I carry is $100's. I don't carry nothing less than that" said Wallace.

The black male "was offended" and started carrying on. Wallace walked up on the teen and told him, "You're going to learn to respect your elders." Five blacks then surrounded Wallace and he promised to "whoop all their [butts]."

Patrons inside the restaurant ran for cover and "heard about eight gunshots outside in the parking lot." Nobody claimed to have seen anything as usual.

Wallace had identified himself as a policeman and when left the Waffle House with Jenkins as many as 20 blacks confronted them outside, when gunfire erupted. Fortunately Wallace was armed and could defend himself and his lady friend.

The shooter is described as a black male, 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-9, with a slim build and short hair, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

Dante Lamont Williams and Kenneth Jowan Craig
Dante Lamont Williams and Kenneth Jowan Craig

Feral Black Male Shot Dead at Waffle House

The Spartanburg County (SC) Sheriff's Office says a man attempting to rob a local Waffle House at gunpoint was shot and killed by a customer carrying a concealed weapon...

two men entered the restaurant early Saturday morning and at least one was carrying a handgun. A customer with a concealed weapons permit drew his gun, and fired when one of the suspects pointed the weapon at him...the dead man as Dante Lamont Williams of Roebuck, who turned 19 years old on Saturday.

The second suspect Kenneth Jowan Craig, 29, was later charged with armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon during a violent crime, fled the restaurant after Williams was shot. He fled the scene and was captured later. Williams was shot in the head and body.


A customer in the Waffle House (not identified), who is a concealed weapon permit holder, was also armed with a handgun and attempted to hold the suspects at gunpoint until law enforcement could of the robbery suspects pointed his gun at the customer, and the customer then shot the man, who died on the scene.

"The gentlemen said it scared him. He thought he was gonna die, so he shot the armed robbery suspect," said Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright. "This guy defended his life and the life of others at the Waffle House by law and by the Constitution. We will not be charging this gentleman," Wright said.


This incident was driving the left-wing press crazy because it came after Sheriff "Wright's recent encouragement to citizens to get concealed weapons permits and to arm themselves against criminals." This is exactly why citizens should be armed and there will be no charges against the man defending himself and others.

Sheriff Wright's statements were made after a feral white male named Walter Lance attacked a women at a local park. The Sheriff calls him an animal that to quote the press on Wright, "Lance has been in jail more often than he has, and he runs the jail, and he said Lance gets out easier."


Waffle House shot up in Fayetteville

Waffle House shot up in Fayetteville by Black Male

Fayetteville, N.C. - Someone opened fire at a Waffle House in Fayetteville Monday morning, but no one was injured in the shooting, police said.

A person in a dark-colored SUV fired four shots at the restaurant...Two windows were shattered by the gunfire, 17 people were in the Waffle House at the time...Police say there is surveillance video of the shooting, but they were not ready to release it to the media yet. Ref. AP

The shooter is black according to the video. Ref.

Phabien Darrell McClaude
Phabien Darrell McClaude

Man Injures Pregnant Woman in Waffle House Shooting

In an unrelated Waffle House shooting, Johnson County authorities said a pregnant woman was injured Saturday morning after a man fired an AK-47 assault rifle into her rental car outside the chain restaurant on Industrial Drive in Selma.

Authorities said Phabien Darrell McClaude shot at the victim while she talked with the father of her unborn child, who was standing outside the car. When the shots rang out, the friend jumped into the car and the pregnant victim attempted to drive to the hospital. Her vehicle broke down on U.S. Highway 301, but she received another ride to the hospital for treatment of a cut on her hand, possibly due to flying glass.

McClaude, 23, of Godwin Street, was arrested Sunday evening and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, discharging a weapon into a vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Authorities believe the shooting was linked to an altercation several minutes earlier at JoCo Night Life Club on U.S. 301 involving McClaude and the father of the victim's unborn child.

They are also investigating whether it is linked to a shooting at an apartment on AJ Lane outside of Selma around the same time. McClaude was being held under a $170,000 bond in the Johnston County jail on Monday.


Marlon Boyd
Marlon Boyd

Another Black Male Arrested for Deadly Waffle House Shooting in Memphis

( Menphis, TN) - The man accused of shooting at three people in a Waffle House parking lot, killing one and injuring a second victim, is now behind bars. Witnesses identified 24-year old Marlon Boyd (who) was taken into custody, and confessed to the shooting to investigators.

Jan. 15. A 28-year-old male victim was found with a gunshot wound, and was transported to The MED in extremely critical condition. The victim, later identified as Isaac Henderson, died at the hospital a short time later. A second victim,John Wright, was also hit but not critically injured...

Investigators determined that Henderson, Wright, and a third person were in the Waffle House parking lot when they got in a verbal altercation with two men who had just walked out of the business. One of the two men pulled out a gun and fired at the three victims, and both suspects fled the scene before police arrived.

Marlon Boyd is charged with Second Degree Murder and Attempted Second Degree Murder. He is being held on $2 million bond at the Shelby County Jail. Date 1-19-2012.


Michael Terrence Gilbert and Adrian Odoric Lawrence
Michael Terrence Gilbert and Adrian Odoric Lawrence

Two Men Arrested in Waffle House Killing

Thursday, Apr. 07, 2011 Two men have been charged with murder in connection with shooting death Wednesday morning at a Columbia Waffle House...

Adrian Odoric Lawrence, 37, and Michael Terrence Gilbert, 35, are accused of shooting 28-year-old Benjamin Moultrie in the parking lot of the Waffle House...

The two men allegedly shot Moultrie multiple times in his chest and abdomen. A deputy on patrol in the area heard gunshots being fired at the Waffle House about 3:30 a.m. and found Moultrie lying in the parking lot. The suspects already had fled. Moultrie died two hours later at Palmetto Health Richland.

The shooting stems from an altercation the men had earlier in the night at LaRoyce, a nightclub off of Farrow Road. Deputy Curtis Wilson, a sheriff's department spokesman, said the cause of the fight has not been determined.


How is diversity working for America in 2022?

7,964 murders in 2019: arrested for murder: 51.2% Black; 19.1% Hispanic; white 26.7%; Asian, etc. 3%. America is 60% "white alone" plus Hispanics at 18.9% but half identify as and are white, white population is ~68%. Murder is a minority problem. Blacks are 13.6% of the population. (US Census 2021)

73.3% of murders are committed by non-whites.

Robbery 59,305 incidents: Black 52.7%, Hispanic 27.9%; white 16.8; others 2.6%. 83.2% of robberies are committed by non-whites.

Aggravated assault 274,376 incidents: 33.2% Black; 25.7% Hispanic; 36.1% white; 5% other.

Illegal weapons possession 108,847 incidents; 41.8% Black; Hispanic 28.3; white 27.3

Rape 16,599 incidents; Black 26.7% ; Hispanic 27.9%; white 45.2%; others 3.6%.

See Disproportionate Black Crime is Everywhere

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