Lester Efford Jr.
Lester Efford Jr.

Black Male Lester Efford Sentenced to 15 years for Drug Peddling

Wednesday, 20 July 2011: Lester Efford Jr., 43 years of age, of 105 Chadwick Lane, Bonaire, GA was found guilty today in a Houston Superior Court of Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute.

Judge Loring Gray presided over the three day jury trial that began Monday in Perry. The Court sentenced the defendant to 15 years, to serve the first 8 years in prison.

Mr. Efford will complete his sentence on probation upon his release from prison. Effords had prior felony convictions for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute and Theft by Deception.

On January 31, 2010, Efford approached a road safety check on Highway 247 near the Bibb County line. In an effort to avoid detection, the defendant stopped short of the road check, turned off his headlights, and exited his vehicle. The defendant proceeded to reach into his pants, remove a large bag of cocaine, and drop it on the ground.

Deputy Ben Lashley of the Houston County Sheriff's Office was sitting in a patrol car across the road, turned on his headlights, and observed the defendant drop the cocaine on the ground. The Sheriff's Office proceeded to apprehend Mr. Efford.

COMMENTS FROM ASSISTANT DA DARYL MANNS : "This verdict serves as notice that drugs will not be tolerated in our community, especially by those individuals who blatantly attempt to avoid the law."

COMMENTS FROM DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE HARTWIG: "We would like to commend the diligence of the Houston Sheriff's deputies during this road check. Mr. Effords got probation the last time he was convicted of possessing cocaine with intent...this time he's going to prison. Hopefully, this time he will get the message: don't deal drugs in Houston County!"

ADAs Daryl Manns and John Fowler prosecuted the case for the State. Efford was represented by Attorney Carolyn Hall of the Public Defender's Office. For additional information, call ADA Daryl Manns at 478-218-4810.

Ref. www.houstonda.org

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