Liberals Wage Racial Warfare

by Lewis Loflin

Summary: Progressives, etc., have turned racial equality into reverse racism. Secular non-Jews and Jews have remapped this ideology into a secular religion. They operate a fanatical religious style crusade devoid of reason and empirical evidence.

From the early 20th Century until the late 1930s, Progressives struggle to separate themselves from fascists, Nazis, and communists. While none of the former, they still display an authoritarian tendency.

In the irrational pursuit of "equality," Progressives constantly trump discrimination and white racism as the cause for Latino and Black failure. That failure is relative to their countries of origin as Latinos, Blacks, etc., do far better in every respect in America than Africans or any Latin American nation.

Affirmative action, multiculturalism, etc., are simply a far-left remapping of race issues into a framework of European-style socialism. This mostly collection of affluent whites merely seeks political power. They care nothing about solving anything that's not in their interest.

Most of this boils down to an academic fantasy world that rejects reason and empirical proof. Yet leftists are the worse examples of the very things they criticize.

Because non-Asian minorities lag far behind whites (although poor whites far outnumber all low-income non-whites combined), leftists treat them as stupid little children in dire need of their help and guidance.

This arrogant position suggests that low-achieving non-Asian minorities are too stupid to help themselves. That is false.

Here in Appalachia, we have a similar disparity in economic outcomes. Appalachia is an overwhelmingly white region. The lower class here, too, drops out of school. Many abuse meth and pot.

They produce a growing number of unwed mothers. Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee rank at the bottom of every social demographic in their respective states. We excel for low levels of violent crime.

Nobody is suggesting racism as a cause of poverty in SW Virginia. We blame drug use, dropping out of school, and unwed motherhood.

We have a conservative Protestant culture of class warfare, but not in the manner of wealthy Blue States. We hold individuals responsible for their actions.

Yet the same behavior with identical results (plus massive violent crime) is not blamed on the attitudes and conduct of diverse "useful idiots" such as Blacks or Hispanics.

Liberals have remapped socialism into racial terms, which I call racial socialism or inverted Nazism. This system targets the white majority for the same reason Jews were in Europe. The proletariat transforms into "people of color" as the oppressed class.

Whites, regardless of power or income, are the new "bourgeoisie" or oppressors. Even if they never met a "person of color" or displayed anything racist, they are still considered racists.

Most leftists are white with a sizable Jewish minority and hate everything traditional white, Christian, or Jewish. In other words, it's self-hate; it's irrational.

The "oppressors" are to be overthrown by the "oppressed" under the leadership of the white liberal left.

Those behind this, some claim, were originally a collection of Jewish Marxist intellectuals known as the Frankfurt School. One associate of the Frankfurt School's Herbert Marcuse was a vile lesbian Jewish-Marxist named Susan Sontag (January 16, 1933 - December 28, 2004), who wrote in 1967 in the Partisan Review:

"Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history..."

That is from one of the leaders of the American women's movement and women's studies. Race, gender, etc., has replaced class in racial socialism these fools promote. Many former Jews (Judaism is a religion) have embraced this nonsense replacing traditional religion with extremist ideology.

These too often "non-Jewish Jews" in America have abandoned Judaism as Jewish sites such as notes and replaced it with Marxist/leftist ideology:

Judaism is the original social justice religion - every Shabbat in shuls all over the world some Bar Mitzvah kid is chanting a selection from the Prophets. Jews stand out as the one ethnic group in America which keeps voting liberal as it grows more prosperous. Jews have made up a large percentage of the labor and socialist movements of the early 20th century, and their children became "Red-diaper babies": Freedom Riders, SDS members, libertarians, feminists, ACLU members, experimental artists and their patrons...

This mumbling is utter rubbish, as many believing Jews reject this nonsense.

No, it isn't Judaism; it's Marxism. And I'll add the Frankfurt School and Susan Sontag. Here we have a list of destructive Jewish groups that have equated Marxism directly with Judaism - and they wonder why so many hate Jews.

Unions work against workers demanding open borders and amnesty that has destroyed American labor.

The predominantly Jewish ACLU is a defacto anti-Christian hate group, while the primarily Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center is outright anti-white racists.

Why are racist groups such as the NAACP, La Raza, or Muslim terrorist apologists like CAIR applauded?

Merely opposing mass immigration gets one classed with neo-Nazis or the KKK? Louis Farrakhan and anti-Semitic Muslims are Democratic Party voters, their hatred of Jews aside.

The most significant factor in leftwing radicalism and indoctrination is attending college.

The Torah says no such thing or even implies it, by the way. I agree with the term Dennis Prager uses, such as non-Jewish Jews. Jews are not my concern - the Republican Party (with very few Jews) dominated by pro-business conservatives is as adamant in swamping the US with Third World peasants as the Democratic Racial Socialism Party.

The Left or Progressives or whatever cares nothing about people of color. They are only useful idiots.

Businesses, most of them conservative and non-Jewish whites, allow their greed to overrule what is best for the country. They demand an endless supply of cheap labor from Mexico, etc. And who does this hurt the most? Blacks and native-born Latinos should be working these jobs.

Instead are collecting welfare and rioting. Liberals support this while yelling racism. They exacerbate a surging income gap they help to create.

What is deconstruction?

The Free Online Dictionary defines 'deconstruction' as the invention of French philosopher Jacques Derrida (who is not Jewish):

A philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth; asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings: "In deconstruction, the critic claims there is no meaning to be found in the actual text, but only in the various, often mutually irreconcilable, 'virtual texts' constructed by readers in their search for meaning" (Rebecca Goldstein).

In other words it's intellectual rubbish. From this nonsense we derive Critical Race Theory. As Jeffrey Pyle rightly sums up in the Boston College Law Review:

Critical race theorists attack the very foundations of the [classical] liberal legal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism and neutral principles of constitutional law. These liberal values, they allege, have no enduring basis in principles, but are mere social constructs calculated to legitimate white supremacy. The rule of law, according to critical race theorists, is a false promise of principled government, and they have lost patience with false promises.

These people are not liberals; they are neo-Marxists or Progressives. Cultural Marxism makes no sense, either. They seek to destroy and offer no real solutions to anything.

They live in an isolated academic fantasy world that national leadership treats as almost a priest caste.

There is no meaning, nothing is as it seems, and evidence and facts hide deeper truths not evident to rational thought or empirical proof.

So they developed a socialist racism system to tear the fabric of civilized society apart, and deconstruction is the intellectual means to accomplish it and justify it.

Under the fantasy of deconstruction, white racism exists even when there is no evidence or proof.

Anytime there's any difference in an outcome where whites excel at anything, it's racism. Yet nobody is claiming the NBA, which is 90 percent black, isn't considered racism for some reason.

Punishing English speakers and barring them from jobs for not speaking Spanish is fine, yet requiring someone to speak proper English or pass a literacy test, the civil rights jackboot will come crashing down on one's neck.

Racial double standards are racism - and affirmative action is racism - and liberals/leftists are racists. Liberals control the education system from K-12 and college, yet outcome inequality is rampant.

Their answer? Accuse others of racism - they concocted affirmative action racism and will never admit its failure. The basis of affirmative action is to impose quotas and exploit the situation for political gain.


Lewis Frog

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