Oakland California Dangerous Third-World Hellhole

by Lewis Loflin

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Oakland, California earned the distinction of being America's second most dangerous city after Detroit Michigan. This once again proves that large nonwhite populations is proportional to high levels of violent crime. Unlike other 9 cities in a survey Oakland has a large Hispanic and Asian population.

The city suffers from 1,977 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Oakland has fallen to only 26% white, 28% black, about 17% Asian,and 25% Hispanic. This was as of the 2010 census. There is a direct correlation between "diversity" and violent crime.

Like many "diversity" dominated communities massive single motherhood among blacks and Hispanics makes the economic situation far worse. See Crime Rates Proportional to Single Mothers

The New York Times article "Overrun by Crime, Oakland Looks to Make Allies in Community" (March 10, 2013) notes that Oakland instituted new measures for its police to get its Third World violence under control. Politicians brought in William J. Bratton as a consultant.

Mr. Bratton was New York City's police Commissioner in the 1990s. Unfortunately effective police measures such as "stop and frisk" that took thousands of guns off the streets of New York has been declared unconstitutional by liberal judges.

As of 2015 New York crime is shooting up like across most of America as our war on the police continues unabated. In the case of Oakland they cut their police force From a peak of 837 in 2009 to 611 officers for a population of over 400,000. The problem is so bad the city has to rely on the California Highway Patrol and the Alameda sheriffs department. There are complaints many young officers are quitting and going elsewhere.

To quote,

"there were 126 murders in 2012, a 22 percent increase from the year before, according to the department. Rapes rose by 20 percent, robberies by 24 percent, and burglaries by 43 percent. Officers made 10 percent fewer arrests last year than in 2011, and 46 percent fewer compared to 2009, the year before the force began shrinking."

The problem is today is arresting the criminals generally brings charges of racism ignoring the fact that most of the crime and violence originates from blacks and Hispanics. Any time there are disproportionate arrests of the manufactured victim classes civil rights activists ignore the real source of the problem and it's not racism.

Ignoring widespread minority criminality and violence only hurts the very communities the racism-industrial complex claims to represent.

Oakland faces massive budget problems as Third World violence and antibusiness socialist government has driven out the productive class. The Oakland police are also hobbled by the civil rights industry.

Judges complain about supervisor assessments and the use of force. One judge threatened to put the police department under federal receivership. There were also bitter complaints in their handling of the Occupy Wall Street riots and associated criminal activity.

Now they're suffering with the problem of growing violence against tech workers moving into the community. Violent black and Hispanic thugs are attacking IT workers the only hope in revitalizing this crumbling socialist hellhole. We will have to wait and see. Nothing has changed since then and the situation only grows worse.


Lewis Frog

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