Black parents grieve over cild murdered by MS13.

Crime Rates Proportional to Diversity

by Lewis Loflin

Summary: violent crime is the end result of single mothers and social breakdown regardless of race. Culture is closely related to single motherhood and family breakdown. The welfare state has destroyed the traditional family. Blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics have unwed mother rates well over 50%. This has nothing to do with racial discrimination but behavior.

Violent crime including gun crime is proportional to "diversity" meaning low-achieving non-Asian minorities. The ten most violent cities share much in common: white populations under 50 percent and controlled by Democrat administrations.

Let's note that violent cities are minority dominated. Whites are often one-third of the population. The cities have been Democrat controlled for decades.

10 most violent US cities according to Forbes 2017:

1) Detroit pop. 713,229 crime pre 100,000 - 2137
white 10%; Mayor Mike Duggan is white, Democrat; last Republican mayor was 1957.

2) St. Louis pop. 320,454 crime per 100,000 - 1857
44% white; Lyda Krewson is a white Democrat

3) Oakland pop. 395,317 crime per 100,000 - 1683 white 25%; Mayor Libby Schaaf white Democrat

Oakland's recently helped hundreds of illegal alien criminals escape ICE agents.

4) Memphis pop. 652,725 crime per 100,000 - 1582
29% white; Mayor Jim Strickland white Democrat

5) Birmingham pop. 213,258 crime per 100,000 1483
35% white; Mayor Randall Woodfin is black socialist unseated 2-term Democrat

6) Atlanta pop. 425,433 crime per 100,000 1433
38% white 2010; Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms white? nonpartisan?

7) Baltimore pop. 626,848 crime per 100,000 1417
31.6% white; Mayor Catherine Pugh black Democrat.

8) Stockton pop. 295,136 crime per 100,000 1408
White 37%; 40% Hispanic; 12% Black Mayor Michael Tubbs black Democrat

9) Cleveland pop. 397,106 crime per 100,000 1363
White 37%; black 53%; Mayor Frank G. Jackson white? Democrat

10) Buffalo pop. 262,484 crime per 100,000 1238
45.8% white; 38.6% black; Mayor Byron Brown is black Democrat

The causes of this problem directly lie with unwed mothers and lack of jobs for unskilled workers. Many are hobbled by drug and substance abuse. Lacking jobs many never developing a work ethic. The job problems are made worse by mass immigration. This has pushed marginal workers of all races out of the labor force.

In viewing a number of videos on the homeless in California, Blacks seem to dominate. They have been displaced from jobs and housing by a deluge of immigrants and illegal aliens. Silicon Valley has pockets of poverty one observes in Haiti and Latin America. I'm a racist for pointing it out I'm sure.

While Democrats shout racism any time one brings up minority violence. They ignore what causes of black unemployment and care nothing about whites in the same position.

Robert Cherry April 28, 2016 City Journal:

The decline of American manufacturing hit the black community hard. In 1975, 40 percent of young Midwestern black men were employed in manufacturing; by 1990, that proportion had dropped to just 10 percent.

Today it's even worse - I'd be surprised if it was 1% today.

To quote "10 Most Dangerous Cities In America" by Thomas C. Frohlich, Alexander Kent & Alexander E.M. Hess:

"Despite the nation's improving crime rates, a number of large U.S. cities are still especially dangerous. Nationwide, 368 violent crimes were reported for every 100,000 people in 2013. Such crimes include murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. In America's 10 most dangerous cities, there were more than 1,300 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Based on violent crime data published by the FBI's 2013 Uniform Crime Report, these are America's most dangerous cities.

In many of these cities, high murder rates are especially problematic. Three of these cities - Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore - had nation-leading murder rates of 45, 38, and 37 per 100,000 people, respectively, in 2013. In all, eight of the 10 cities with the highest violent crime rates were also among the 25 cities with the highest murder rates."

Based on a Google search I found these listed as the ten most violent cities. The updated list is above. Some come as no surprise and but a few are a surprise. Rockford, Ill. at 65 percent white and about 21 percent black. But a map that shows crime by district shows high crime levels in black areas and around public housing


New Orleans wasn't included, but was included along with St. Louis and Baltimore among the 50 most violent cities in the world.

These rankings are based on violent crimes per 100,000 people so New Orleans has far more crime overall than Rockford which only had a puny 19 murders in 2013.

Poverty rates were also of interest. Except for Detroit, here in Southwest Virginia the poverty rates exceeded that of the other nine cities. Yet we have a fraction of the crime of those communities. Even West Virginia with the highest poverty rates in the nation (actually it's California when they factor in cost of living) has low violent crime rates. The region is 90 percent plus white.

Conclusion: Crime and violence is proportional to racial diversity.

Violent, disruptive African American students in Virginia go to juvenile court. Virginia leads other states in disruptive students going facing the law.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe invented an initiative titled "Classrooms not Courtrooms". They see police and courts as the problem, not the behavior problems of juvenile thugs.

Lewis Frog

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