Press Clueless-Biased on Guns

by Lewis Loflin

An AP report on the Roseburg Oregon gunmen that murdered nine people at a local community college has had his race, background, and reported direct connections to Islamic terrorism mostly played down or censored.

26-year-old Christopher Sean Harper Mercer was reported to be an Army boot camp dropout, and his social media profile claimed he was "frustrated" with traditional religion.

Other earlier reports claim that he was a white Republican - none of which was true. And it wasn't just traditional religion he was frustrated with - many reports left out that he specifically targeted Christians.

And so we are once again given political correctness from the mainstream press. But the European Union press and the British press tell a completely different story the AP and American press left out.

Turns out the shooter was in contact with middle eastern Muslim terrorists according to reports from Russian intelligence that was once again ignored by the US government. This was a same Russian intelligence that warned public officials about the radical ties of the Boston Marathon bombers.

The European Union Press correctly reported that Mercer was black, that he had targeted his victims specifically as Christians, and had ties to radical Islam. None of this was mentioned in the AP article. Most of the AP article went on with sob stories of the victims and families for over half a newspaper page.

They did manage to mention his fascination with Vester Flanagan a black homosexual racist that murdered two white reporters in Roanoke, Virginia. He believed he was a "victim" of racism and went after whitey as revenge.

The press in that incident like the incident with Mercer completely played down factors such as race and his militant homosexual beliefs while harping endlessly on gun control. We know the guns were at fault not the shooters - why don't we arrest the guns?

Contrast these killings from these two black males with the racial killing of eight blacks in Charleston by a white racist. Here whites would somehow were held collectively guilty of that atrocity and somehow the Confederate flag would be blamed for it - at the same time ignoring the gay pride flag and racism of Flanagan.

To quote Jack Kerwick,

"Equally unsurprisingly is that the left has not (as of yet) spoken to the racial dynamic involved in this double murder: Not only was the killer black and his victims white, but Flanagan left behind a 23 page "manifesto" in which he explicitly identifies his sense of racial victimization as a premiere reason for his actions. He as well purports to have been victimized because of his homosexual orientation."

It is easy to contrast the incredible double standards in reporting by the mainstream American press. Is this simply self-censorship in pursuit of political correctness? Or is the press so biased and brainwashed by its leftist ideology that they mentally can't recognize what they're doing?

Once again the lame stream press has done another disservice to the public. They deserve no respect and should be viewed with utmost scorn.

Quoting Ilana Mercer,

"For guns are not the root cause of man's evil actions. Neither are the multiplying categories of manufactured illness in the psychiatric Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Evil is integral to the human condition, always has been, always will be. Evil can't be wished away, treated away, medicated away or legislated away. It is here to stay."

To further quote Jack Kerwick,

"Imagine if, while discussing the Holocaust, we spoke about 'gas chamber violence,' or while discussing Islamic State mass beheadings, we talked instead of 'machete violence.' Or suppose that discussions of the lynching of blacks were peppered with references to 'rope violence.' None of this would sit well with decent human beings, for it is clear, or at least it is thought that it should be clear, that such descriptions miss entirely that which is fundamental to the phenomena being described - the perpetrators responsible for these wicked deeds."

Ref. Associated Press October 3, 2015


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