Turkey Just Another Muslim Terrorist State

by Lewis Loflin

Update November 27, 2015: Turkey shot down a Russian jet while protecting ethnic Turkish terrorists in Syria. It become more obvious every day the once "secular" Turkey has fallen to Muslim religious extremism combined with a brutal nationalism.

The explosion that killed 95 peace protesters in Ankara the Turkish capital changed Turkey for the worst. I watched the report on Fox News which failed to mention the victims were mainly Kurdish. Many believe Islamist' President Erdogan is believed to be behind it to crush expanding Kurdish influence that unseated him earlier in the year.

Turkey under Erdogan whom President Obama has a love fest with has become a de-facto terrorist state not the "model Islamic democracy" it never really was.

This came at a time when Erdogan could appeal to Turkish nationalism against the Kurds who in the earlier election propelled out of office in June - he is now back in November 2015.

To quote,

"The performance of the Peoples' Democratic Party, or H.D.P., in the June election - for the first time, it met a 10 percent threshold to enter Parliament - denied Mr. Erdogan a majority. A crackdown on the civilian side of the Kurdish movement followed, with arrests and statements by officials trying to link ... Kurdish officials to P.K.K. violence."

Read more: "Ankara Bombings Prompt Rally Against Turkish Government" New York Times OCT. 11, 2015.

Islamist' Turkey is in a state of war with its Kurdish population of 20% and has been supporting ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorism in Iraq and Syria. Like Obama and establishment Republicans he wants Assad overthrown in order to install his own version of Sunni Islamism.

Islamist' Erdogan supports ISIS as an effective Sunni force against both Assad and the hated Kurds and wants no form of a Kurdish state on Turkey's borders. Understand ISIS is Saudi Wahhabism which to large degree is opposed by the more Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas centered Sunni terrorism Erdogan supports. Better ISIS than the Kurds or Assad's Shea.

Turkey doesn't allow the Saudi Wahhabis to spread its brand of Islamism or build mosques in Turkey - most mosques in Europe and America are Saudi funded and controlled spreading Islamist hate and inspiring extremism in France, Germany, etc. In this case Turkey is more intelligent than France.

He also hates the Russians that are assisting Assad. Erdogan is spreading Sunni Muslim terror across Asia among ethnic Turks all the way to China. Many of his Islamist "rebels" have felt the wrath of Russian attacks while Russian fighters block the Turkish air force from assisting ISIS.

In the past Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States exported Sunni Muslim terrorism often targeted at Russia including the Beslan Child Slaughter killing hundreds of children and others - now Turkey is bankrolling Islamist' Muslim terror across Asia.

Turkey's support of the East Turkestan Independence Movement is another Muslim terrorist group on a murder, bombing, and knife attack rampage in China and Thailand. These mainly Chinese Uyghurs bombed the Erawan shrine in Bangkok and fight in support of ISIS.

In one report "Twenty-nine people were killed and 130 were injured Saturday night when 10 (Muslim Uyghurs) men armed with long knives stormed the (train) station in the southwest Chinese city of Kunming, the state news agency Xinhua reported."

They are demanding the establishment of another Sunni-Turkish Islamist' terror state.

I listened to a news report where a moment of silence during a soccer match between Turkey and Greece was offered for the victims of the Paris Muslim attacks that killed 130 - the crowd responded with shouts of "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar..."

The West in its delusions just can't face reality. Here we have Turkey that combines a brutal and repressive nationalism fused with Muslim Brotherhood style Islamism. Germany's Merkel who is destroying her country by flooding it with even more potentially violent Muslims attending Saudi mosques wants Turkey to become a member of the EU - that would allow the flow of tens of millions more Muslims into Europe.

My solution would be to expel Turkey from NATO in addition blocking its entry into the EU. Halt all Muslim immigration and relocate the so-called "refugees" back to Muslim countries.

More broadly all Saudi funded and controlled mosques should be shut down and its clerics deported. Other Islamist groups with ties to Muslim Brotherhood terrorism such as CAIR must also be shut down and all related organizations declared terrorist.

Ref. "Turkey is the Next Failed State in the Middle East" by David P. Goldman October 10, 2015 "Asia Times Online"


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