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Crime in Alabama - Blacks Again

by Lewis Loflin

In 2018 Birmingham, Alabama (68.3% Black) was the 3rd most violent city in America behind number 1 Detroit (77% Black) and number 2 Memphis (64.4% Black).

"Anniston has been designated as one of the worst cities in Alabama based on FBI crime figures for many years, including 2017, 2018, and 2019."

To quote another source: "The real issue in Anniston is violent crime, which ranks as the highest worst in Alabama. That includes the second highest rate of rape cases and third highest murder rate. Overall, residents faced a 1 in 33 chance of being the victim of a violent crime in 2022." says, "Alabama’s cities are among the most dangerous in the country."

But in all of the communities they listed one vital piece of information is missing - crime by race. Anniston is 53% Black.

Ranked 1 - 10:

Fairfield Alabama 10,749 (2020) 92.3% Black;
Anniston Alabama 21,518 (2020) 53.32% Black;
Lanett Alabama 6,220 (2020) 64% Black;
Birmingham 210,928 (2020) 68.3% Black;
Tarrant Alabama 6,070 (2020) 53% Black;
Gadsden Alabama 33,363 (2020) 37.41% Black;
Troy Alabama 17,609 (2021) 38.9% Black;
Andalusia Alabama 8,763 (2020) 26.63% Black;
Greenville Alabama 7,478 (2020) 60% Black Poverty rate 23.3%, 1,441 violent crimes 2018;
Lincoln Alabama 6805 (2020) 28% Black Poverty rate 11.7%;

But they claim crime is related to poverty. In Southwest Virginia where I live, and nearby West Virginia we have very low crime rates even as the poorest communities in the country.

To quote on West Virginia: West Virginia's violent crime rate of 3.6 is 10% below the national rate of 4.0 incidents per 1,000.

For Alabama, "The violent crime rate dipped by nearly 10% from 5.1 incidents per 1,000 in 2020 to 4.5 this year. That still leaves Alabama higher than the national average of 4.0 violent crimes per 1,000 people."

West Virginia is 92.52% white. Charleston has a lot of crime rated at 8.9, West Virginia 3.54. Charleston is 14.32% Black.

Birmingham is rated 16.61, Alabama 4.44.

Proficiency in reading and math in Birmingham is 23%, Alabama statewide 46%.

In 2022 crime statistics by race in Alabama is blocked from public disclosure. I keep falling back to older statistics.

Local reports (Mar. 9, 2022) "Murders have risen in Birmingham more than 62 percent since 2021."

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Crime Rates Proportional to Diversity

Alabama is home to Birmingham pop. 213,258. Crime per 100,000 - 1483. 35% white, Mayor Randall Woodfin is a black socialist unseated 2-term Democrat. This is the 5th most violent city in America.

According to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center we get the following statistics. Note once again Hispanics are counted as white driving up the white crime rate over the last decade and driving down the black rate. In 2011 Alabama was 70.1 percent white, 26.5 percent black, and 4 percent Hispanic. Source: US Census.

A total of 26,470 persons were arrested for Part I offenses. Part I arrests made up 14% of all arrests in Alabama in 2010.

Juveniles made up 13% of the Part I arrests, males made up 67% of persons arrested for Part I offenses, 49% of those arrested for Part I offenses were black and 51% were white/Hispanic.

A total of 165,131 people were arrested for Part II offenses; 4% of Part II arrests were juveniles. Males made up 74% of Part II arrests. Whites made up 57% and blacks 43% of Part II arrests. Here I'll address more serious Part 1 offences.


There were 255 homicides in Alabama in 2010 representing a 20% decrease from 2009.

The homicide rate was 5.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, with an average of less than 1 homicide per day. 161 homicides were cleared for a 63% clearance rate.

There were 265 persons arrested for homicide: 4% were juveniles; 86% were males; and 62% were black. I'll assume at least 4% of the white rate was Hispanic, a conservative estimate.


293 persons were arrested for rape with 10% being juveniles. White/Hispanic males made up 45% of rape arrests, blacks 55%. 28.2 is the average age of the rape offender with a range from 13 to 76 years.

21.9 is the average age of the rape victim with a range from 1 to 89 years. 59% of the rape victims in Alabama were white females; 38% were black females, and 3% were other or unknown. 31% of all rape victims were 13, 14, 15, and 16-year-olds.

28% of the rapes involved a white victim and white/Hispanic offender; 10% a white victim and black offender; 27% a black victim and black offender; 1% a black victim and white/Hispanic offender. In 34% the race of the offender was unknown or other.

In regards to cross-racial rapes, even including Hispanics with white offenders attacking black females at 1%, blacks attacked white females at a ratio of 10 to 1. Add in unknown and it's certainly much higher.


1,155 persons were arrested for robbery: 18% were juveniles; 23% were white/Hispanic, 77% black; and 88% were males. When Hispanics are added back to blacks, whites at over 70% of the population committed less than 20% of the robberies.

In 56% of the robberies a firearm was used; 29% were strong arm; in 6% a knife or cutting instrument was used; and in 9% other dangerous weapons were used. In 81% of the robberies the victim was not injured.


3,398 people were arrested for aggravated assaults in 2010: 7% were juvenile, 75% were male and 45% were white/Hispanic, 55% black.

30% of the assaults were a result of firearms; 22% other dangerous weapons; 16% knives; and, 32% hands and fists. 49% of the victims were injured.

In 20% of the assaults the victim was a friend or acquaintance of the offender; in 26% the victim and offender were family; 3% were strangers; 15% were boyfriend/girlfriend; and in 36% the relationship was unknown.


3,631 persons were arrested for burglary: 17% juveniles; 91% males; and 41% white/Hispanic, and 59% black.

72% of the burglaries were forcible entry, 26% were unlawful entries, and 2% were attempted forcible entry. In 63% of burglaries the point of entry was a door; in 22% a window; and in 15% the point of entry was other.


There were 16,786 persons arrested for larceny in 2010: 13% were juveniles; 57% were males, and 57% were white/Hispanic, 43% black.

21% of the larcenies were thefts of items from motor vehicles; 12% were shoplifting, and 9% were theft of items from buildings.


Blacks at 26.5 percent of the population commit the vast majority of violent crime in particular murder, rape, and robbery. While other blacks are often the victim, cross racial crime including rape is almost exclusively a black problem. Instead of being fixated on white racism, let's deal with the fact it's entirely justified in my opinion to distrust blacks, in particular black males between 15 and 50. It's a normal reaction to fear and loathing this kind of behavior generates.

We need to deal with the real problems in black America of rampant crime, family breakup, and welfare dependency. These problems are the result of choices individuals chose to commit and has nothing to do with racism.



Lewis Frog

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