Black and homeless in San Diego.

Black Boys Can't Read in California

by Lewis Loflin

The Los Angeles Dailey News August 28, 2017 is reporting that 75% of black boys in diversity crippled California schools can't read - yes 75%. This is typical of their idiot priorities, to quote,

More than half of black boys scored in the lowest category on the English portion of the test, trailing their female counterparts. The disparity reflects a stubbornly persistent gender gap in reading and writing scores that stretches across (non-white) ethnic groups...

But the reading data is sobering. As early as fourth grade, for example, nearly 80 percent of black boys failed to meet state reading standards. Of all ethnic groups for which the state collects data, black boys trailed black girls by the widest margin.

They are worried about a gender gap between black boys and black girls while most are functional illiterates? The fact black girls do better than black boys has been around for years. Girls on average do score better than boys on average, but the issue is far more complex.

IQ or what is better called "seven definitions of 'intelligence' that are based on Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences" finds that girls IQs cluster near the center of their particular group while boys vary greatly outside the center.

Boys will have more Noble prize winners than girls do, but boys are more likely to have IQs below average and studies show this relates to issues of impulse control, crime, etc. Most criminals are men, and so are most physics majors. This has no relation to discrimination, but biology.

This problem is not limited to blacks but also Hispanics. The LA Times noted a 70.2% graduation rate in 2014, but the number is a fraud. The LA Unified School system is only 9.2% white and 73.7% Hispanic. The LA Times (August 24, 2016) reports that only 29% of students can do math and 39% can read/write and celebrate this as an "improvement". It's obvious many of those graduating are functional illiterates.

To quote, "The vast majority of our students are going out into the world without the literacy skills they need." This will set the stage for more poverty, unrest, and Democrat votes - such as the overwhelming voter margin for Hillary enjoyed in California by minority useful idiots. This is even after they have been tampering with and teaching the test. Let's take a real test from say Utah anyone can and see if they can pass it. That's what happened in Florida and some scores fell to a 80% failure rate.

Brenda Gazzar, Los Angeles Daily News and Stephen Wall, The Press-Enterprise August 24, 2016 noted statewide 52% of California students failed English and 63% failed math. I don't even want to see how bad they did on science. I'll take our "poor" schools here in Appalachia over those rich Blue State urban schools and their diversity racism any day.

Real immigration enforcement will remove millions of failing students and their families from our school systems saving billions. "Current immigration policy costs taxpayers $300 billion a year" according to National Review, Sept. 22, 2016. Arizona saved $300 million a year dealing with non-English speakers when thousands of illegal aliens "self-deported" when they started enforcing their immigration laws.

How to fix this situation? first curtail and cut off third world immigration in particular from nations whose immigrants here are low-achievers. It's vital to deport all illegal aliens period and stop stealing billions poor American children need just to grow the rich white Democrat useful idiots voter base.

Here in Virginia flooding our schools with illegal non-citizens is theft of public dollars.

Finally end affirmative action racism and instill a system of rewards based on merit, not race quotas. Demand assimilation and crush multiculturalism. Treat these students they way white students are treated - we don't tolerate disruption and criminality in our schools. Schools must push knowledge and reason not social engineer more useful idiot voters for rich white Democrats.


Lewis Frog

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