Climate change 5.5 million years.

Science Not a Democracy or Religion

by Lewis Loflin

The time has come...for destroying those who destroy the Earth.

In our efforts to restore reason we must address those that poison science with politics or wishy-washy feelings. A range of communist and other leftwing causes now fly the banner of saving the planet. It is not about the planet.

In 1988 then Sen. Timothy Wirth, D-Colo said,

"We've got to...try to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong...we will be doing the right thing anyway in terms of economic policy and environmental policy."

Based on questionable CO2 studies the EPA has massive control over most of the modern economy by regulating so-called greenhouse gases. This is far too much power for an unelected agency filled with political activists.

Science is not a democracy. Science fact is not open to popular vote. Science is not about "doing the right thing" in particular if it is mainly political opinion or is being hijacked to justify draconian political agendas. Science is based only on data and empirical, real world proof. That excludes computer manufactured data.

Quoting Nature 440, 136-137 (9 March 2006) Special Report Church joins crusade over climate change:

Evangelical leaders have called on the United States to step up its efforts to control greenhouse-gas emissions. But can they force action where others have failed, asks Amanda Haag. Fire and brimstone are coming to the aid of U.S. science, as evangelical scientists and their allies in the religious community embark on a battle against climate change."The time has come...for destroying those who destroy the Earth," says Calvin DeWitt, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, quoting from the Scriptures...

To quote another source:

In short, the attraction of the global warming issue has little to do with environmental problems. Instead, global warming appears to provide answers to life's big questions, offering a new kind of historic mission and a new structure for personal morality. Global warming has become a religious crusade, full of a righteous call-to-arms, and of moral lessons for humanity.

Global warming has become a foil for a whole series of political and moral agendas, a way of discussing everything from the sins of consumerism to human arrogance. Last, but not least, I would add, it provides a sense of moral and intellectual superiority, which is a prerequisite for the modern liberal!

...The solution to global warming involves a sense of guilt, a sense of repentance, and a sense of the moral failure of the modern lifestyle...This is a religious story like Noah's flood, and the lesson is in the sins of hubris, selfishness, and consumerism...

...Only in the 2000s have scientists been pumping out models (computer prophecy) that predict catastrophic change. The cause for this shift in mentality: social shifts that predispose us to a more dangerous view of the world and a discontent with our current situation. Our social anxieties today - a fear of change, a sense of the fragility of things - guide the questions that scientists ask, and the kinds of theories that ring true to the people who hear them...

Total bull crap.

Many are passionate the Earth is somehow sacred and anything produced by man is somehow evil - destroy them. This is irrational religious nonsense and it has no place in public policy.

Another problem that cripples science is the cultural fascist political climate at Universities.

Neil Gross May 20, 2016 Los Angeles Times asks, "Professors are overwhelmingly liberal. Do universities need to change hiring practices?" To quote,

Do liberals predominate on faculties? They do. Back in 2006, sociologist Solon Simmons and I conducted a national survey of professors' politics. Advocates of reform such as psychologist Jonathan Haidt, political scientists Jon Shields and Joshua Dunn, and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof have used our findings to characterize college campuses as bastions of Progressivism.

At the time of our study, a fifth of all American adults described themselves as liberal. Simmons and I found that about half of the faculty did. Even among professors who chose the label moderate, liberal political opinions were quite common, especially on social issues such as gender equality and gay rights. Only 14% of professors in our survey identified as Republican. Academia isn't teeming with radicals, but it is one of the most liberal occupations in the U.S.

And I'll add climate change to the list of progressive issues with the ultimate goal of social justice, not science as such. While Mr. Gross tries to play it down, college faculty are hostile to the non-liberal population at large bordering on hate. PC culture is ruthlessly enforced and conservative views can face physical violence on campus.

Any dissent on climate correctness can cost one their career or worse. Just keep this in mind as only 14% of faculty identify as Republican. These people should have zero input on any public policy due to bias.


Lewis Frog

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