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Validity of EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding

by Lewis Loflin

In 1988 then Sen. Timothy Wirth, D-Colo said,

"We've got to...try to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong...we will be doing the right thing anyway in terms of economic policy and environmental policy."

Quoting Louis Pecci:

Humans are the worst thing that happened to earth. I hope that we all disappear, so the earth can heal itself. So, please do not stop using your cars, buy every shit that you see and please pollute as much as you can... Do not forget money is your God, and you do anything for it.

Based on questionable CO2 studies the EPA has massive control over most of the modern economy by regulating so-called greenhouse gases. This is far too much power for an unelected agency filled with people like Senator Wirth and Louis Pecci - or Dr. James Hansen.

Note that temperatures have gone up they claim by about 1.4 deg. F since the 1880s. Others claim it is 1.56 deg. F since the 1880s. The reality is they don't know for sure.

The other question becomes, so what? There have been far greater temperature swings since the end of the last ice age. 130,000 years ago the climate was so warm southern Alaska had the same climate as South Carolina. Animals and plants flourished.

It is about economic and social policy as Senator Wirth makes clear. For some it is religion, for others hatred of humans and capitalism.

Radical NASA Scientist James Hansen claims Nature has rights and climate "deniers" should go to prison. He admits trying to establishing GAST* is "elusive." He stated that:

"This can only be done with the help of computer models, the same models that are used to create the daily weather forecasts. We may start out the model with the few observed data that are available and fill in the rest with guesses (also called extrapolations) and then let the model run long enough so that the initial guesses no longer matter, but not too long in order to avoid that the inaccuracies of the model become relevant..."

What? Source:

What they say is trust us or else.

In other words it is virtual temperature readings not real-world temperature readings. A study by Dr. James P. Wallace III, Dr. Joseph S. D'Aleo, and Dr. Craig D. Idso in June 2017 say not so fast. Their study questions "The Validity of EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding" based on adjusted and computer model generated data. They conclude,

"...the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever - despite current claims of record setting warming."

Troubling is the three differing studies claim to be independent, but are nearly identical. To quote,

Thus the fact that today, all three of these entities' Global Average Surface Temperature (adjusted) data portray the same basic pattern over the last 100 plus years cannot be taken as further evidence as to their individual credibility...

Critics quickly went on the attack. They didn't dispute the data or methodology, but their study was irrelevant as a "minority" opinion and thus they are out voted.

To quote another source:

In short, the attraction of the global warming issue has little to do with environmental problems. Instead, global warming appears to provide answers to life's big questions, offering a new kind of historic mission and a new structure for personal morality. Global warming has become a religious crusade, full of a righteous call-to-arms, and of moral lessons for humanity.

Global warming has become a foil for a whole series of political and moral agendas, a way of discussing everything from the sins of consumerism to human arrogance. Last, but not least, I would add, it provides a sense of moral and intellectual superiority, which is a prerequisite for the modern liberal!

...The solution to global warming involves a sense of guilt, a sense of repentance, and a sense of the moral failure of the modern lifestyle...This is a religious story like Noah's flood, and the lesson is in the sins of hubris, selfishness, and consumerism...

...Only in the 2000s have scientists been pumping out models (computer prophecy) that predict catastrophic change. The cause for this shift in mentality: social shifts that predispose us to a more dangerous view of the world and a discontent with our current situation. Our social anxieties today - a fear of change, a sense of the fragility of things - guide the questions that scientists ask, and the kinds of theories that ring true to the people who hear them...

Read the GAST study yourself at gast.pdf

*GAST stands for "Global Average Surface Temperature".