Macro-Aggression Versus Micro-Treason

by Lewis Loflin

Micro-aggression is the latest postmodern craze from the rise of irrationalism in our colleges. This is the latest installment of cultural Marxism seeking to destroy the culture.

There is something chilling about society today as sizable minority believe government force should be used to censor "offensive" speech and prosecute those that question man-made climate change. So called "millennials" and those in minority victim classes are among the worst.

On college campuses near violence and constant disruptions forced the resignation of college officials innocent of any form of wrong doing.

This Steven Plout notes these are the results of micro-treason on the Left. Not outright treason but a "drip drip drip" treason eating away at reason and the fabric of our society.

Kathleen Parker in her editorial "Cry Havoc" describes these "aggression" children as largely spoiled brats. They always get rewards based not on merit or effort but for protecting their fragile "self-esteem".

The New York Times itself admits many college graduates receive worthless degrees. Many in my view have no business being in a 4-year college because they lack the academic background and many colleges have watered down standards because of it.

Parker notes that a survey of 1100 colleges and universities only 18% require US history or government which explains their students' ignorance of the foundation of our democratic government. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni ranks colleges on requiring even basic classes such as American Government or history.

The colleges where these perpetually offended demonstrators are protesting are a costly joke ranking near the bottom: Missouri, D; Yale, Dartmouth, and Princeton C; and a F for Amherst. They can't find Kazakhstan on a map but sure as the hell know everything about "climate change" and "oppression".

Even worse these worthless degrees and watered down curriculum leaves these ignorant children in massive debt. The New York Times (Oct. 7, 2015) opinion page lamented that,

A vast majority of the more than 10 million Americans who have defaulted on or are behind on repaying their student loans could have benefited from income-driven repayment plans that are intended to ease pressure on distressed borrowers and keep them from defaulting on their federal loans.

As usual liberals want more government subsidies and bailouts for these 10 million useful idiots with worthless degrees they can't get a job with. They should have thought before they took out loans and spent years partying and protesting the system that give them a free ride learning climate change Marxism.

Lewis Loflin


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