Cecil the Lion Symbolizes Perverted Humanity

by Lewis Loflin

The Associated Press October 13, 2015 is reporting that James Walker Palmer an American dentist that killed a lion in Zimbabwe broke no laws according to that countries government officials. He is welcome the return as a tourist.

Yet, in the United States the US Fish and Wildlife Service are being used in a highly politicized manner to try to invent some crime to charge Mr. Palmer for. There is good reason why most Americans fear the government. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has no jurisdiction in this and should not even be involved - government agencies shouldn't fall under the control of lynch mobs.

But there are several questions regarding the moral outlook of those ready to literally lynch Mr. Palmer. Zimbabwe is a black socialist hellhole created by Jimmy Carter under the guise of black rule. A country that was once touted as the breadbasket of Africa finds many of its people now facing starvation.

The once efficient white farmers the economic engine of the nation once known as Rhodesia have been driven out and the farms in black hands are now in ruins.

Even many of the starving people of Zimbabwe were disgusted at the reaction to Cecil the Lion. This illustrates the complete disregard and indifference of the environmental left towards human welfare. Lions in their minds come before people. Nobody gave a damn what goes on in Zimbabwe until Palmer shot this stupid lion.

Now let's contrast this to the Planned Parenthood baby chop shop scandal. A series of controversial videos again shows graphically the complete indifference to human life displayed by those at Planned Parenthood. Yes, I certainly agree that Republicans are blowing this way out of proportion, but the disregard of human life with unborn babies versus the hysteria over a lion shot on a safari is troubling.

This really isn't radically different than the mindset we saw during the Holocaust. The idea that human beings can be reduced to inanimate objects yet nonhuman things can be considered of greater importance. What makes this mindset different than the Nazi murderer that killed people all day, went home at the end of the day kissed his wife, hugged his kids, and played with his dog? Hitler himself was an environmental fanatic.

There is no more regard for the black people of Zimbabwe than the babies at the Planned Parenthood baby chop shop. It is more important to have black communist rule and so-called abortion-rights than worry about the welfare of individuals. These are merely abstract issues and background noise be it the babies or starving blacks in Zimbabwe, - but Cecil the lion is important to those with a perverted sense of humanity.

Lewis Frog

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