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Defining Science and Reason

See How Progressives Ruin Education

Knowledge and intelligence leads to success in the new economy. Lower-skilled workers compete with automation. Plus the economy is flooded with unskilled immigrants. This leaves us with serious social problems.

Ability varies and it varies a lot and can't be social engineered away. Many attending four-year colleges shouldn't be. They often end up with worthless paper and mountains of debt.

With science and reason under attack we must learn to speak out.

Definition empiricism: "the theory that all knowledge is derived from sense-experience. Stimulated by the rise of experimental science, it developed in 17th and 18th centuries" in Europe and America. That means one must present physical, verifiable proof not vote, conjecture, authority, or mere opinion. John Locke and David Hume are two of it's early leaders. Science without empiricism is not science. Empiricism has nothing to do with faith, feelings, or popular vote.

Consensus is about politics, not science. As a Deist I'm in a constant fight with religious mystics pushing pantheism and other New Age style beliefs. So compromised are ecology and environmentalism they are have little to do with science - if they ever did.

I advocate the unpopular subjects of earth science, chemistry, and physics. For an example of earth science see the graphic Climate Change over 5 million years and the graphic Make Global Warming Great Again.

A group of aircraft are ditched in Greenland in 1942. Glacier Girl was recovered in 1992 50 years later. Under 265 ft. of snow and ice. See the graphic on Glacier Girl. Greenland was far warmer 1000 years ago when trees grew there and Viking settlers grew crops and raised sheep.

Peak oil was a myth. When I was growing up in the 1970s they said we would exhaust most metals by 1990. Didn't happen. Millions would starve by 2000. Record wheat and grain harvests no end in sight. I can buy a 50-pound bag of feed for my chickens for $10.

I can buy a 2 lb. bag of carrots for 79 cents. 50 lbs. of potatoes for $13. Gasoline is a little over $2 a gallon. Yet people whine and bitch endlessly over the end of the world. Not happening.

I've heard this Armageddon clap-trap from religious fundamentalists and environmentalists for 50 years. Enough! Let's return to reason!

Jesus isn't coming and Antarctica is getting colder. 90% of the world's ice is in Antarctica, 8% in Greenland. See the graphic Arctic Sea Ice whose melt "official" record goes back to only 1980! It began melting about 1800 when the Little Ice Age Ended!

But Greenland glaciers are breaking off driving nature spiritualists into hysterics. Yes they do all the time due to continued snowfall on the glaciers. Gravity and mass "squeezes" out ice that break off as ice bergs. That is what sunk the Titanic.

They prefer to go back to 1880 when the climate began warming in 1800! See the graphic Ice core data from Greenland.

If the entire atmosphere was 1 gallon of water it would weigh 128 oz. Total CO2 is 0.04% or 0.0512 oz. Of that from all sources including human since ~1900 is 0.0128 oz. or 300 milligrams has been added.

Definition of rationalism: "a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response."

Definition irrationalism: "a system emphasizing intuition, instinct, feeling, or faith rather than reason or holding that the universe is governed by irrational forces." (Merriam-Webster).


The following are how history was altered by climate.

The following links are how I built my own Geiger counter plus more earth science. My home state of Virginia has some of the largest uranium reserves in the United States.

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