Press falsely Blames CO2 for Great Lakes Water Level Changes.

Crackpot Press Falsely Blames CO2 for Great Lakes Water Level Changes

by Lewis Loflin

Science is based on observation and verification and replication - Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace.

But actual science is boring and hard work for many people. Often presented in incomprehensible jargon, the average person can't understand.

Pure science has nothing to do with notions of morality, justice, etc. There is little in the way of immediate, emotional satisfaction.

Environmentalism is a religion to some ordinarily intelligent people. It is fashionable, and it is virtuous.

The Climate Thumper reads CO2 into every natural event in the same way Bible Thumpers read the Bible into every news event or natural disaster.

Google Great Lake water levels, and we get endless claims that "climate" change affects water levels in the Great Lakes.

If the levels rise, climate change. If lake levels fall, climate change. Too many fish, climate change. Too few fish, climate change


The internet is awash in useless, often false scientific studies by researchers chasing government money.

The claims are so easy to debunk it is laughable. Government records going back to 1918 (real measured data, not computer model garbage science) show the Great Lakes; all of them vary in water levels yearly. Modern variations are no different than past measured levels.

See the graphic Great Lakes Water Levels 1918-2022.

They fail to mention the Great Lakes region is still rising (rebounding) while sections of the Eastern seaboard are sinking due to glaciers that melted thousands of years ago. The weight of the ice sheet, 2 miles thick in places, pushed the earth's crust downward.

Geological and climate events from thousands of years ago still affect the earth today. They refuse to admit that much of the environment/Nature is cyclical; other parts are linear.

Their flawed computer modeling, which they know is faulty, can't predict the future. But demand to influence public policy.

Refuse to go along with their dogma, and you are a science denier.

Many are communists and socialists - Einstein and many other scientists that came to America to escape the Nazis in the 1930s-40s were communist and pro-Soviet.

Environmental organizations are a refuge for failed communists after the fall of the Soviet Union.

They have zero interest in climate anything seeking to use the issue to gain control over society.

Social sciences are not science because they fail to adhere to the scientific method. They attempt to meld the two to hijack the whole system.

They openly manipulate earlier data to fit the narrative.

NASA has openly admitted this by using computer algorithms to "smooth out" measured data before 1979.

Why ~1979? Because that is when they started using satellites to replace on-site data measurement.

Confirmation is impossible for outsiders to verify or check. How can anyone measure a change of 2 degrees F. over 170 years? We are talking about background noise.

Yes, the climate had warmed since 1979 because just before that, a cooling had scientists predicting a new ice age in the 1970s.

The present warming began ~1850 when the Little Ice Age ended, not 1979.


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