Science marching as religion.

Eco-Spiritually is Anti-Science

by Lewis Loflin

Many today claim to be spiritual but not religious. Spiritualism is religion functionally and mentally.

Why have so many Socialists hitched a ride on the climate change bandwagon? Why have so many post-Christian liberal churches latched onto Ecology? Why do we have college degrees that combine ecology with religion!

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many former communists found a new belief system. Socialism and statism (mixed with ecology forming environmental justice) are still the desired goal, but a little religion doesn't hurt.

In "Ecology and Spirituality" Leslie E. Sponsel notes the following:

"Secular approaches .. have also proven insufficient to turn things around for the better. Spirituality ... may help. Spirituality refers to mystical phenomena that include profoundly moving emotional experiences that can generate vision, meaning, purpose, and direction for an individual’s life in pursuit of the sacred. ... while in recent decades affiliation with religion declined, in contrast interest in spirituality increased. ... Ecology and spirituality are interrelated in various ways and degrees: spiritual ecology has grown exponentially since the 1990s."

This superstitious rubbish has no place in science. Gaia is superstition. Eastern mysticism is superstition. Notions of "biodiversity" have taken on many aspects of New Age mysticism. Science has nothing to do with a "direction" in one's life.

This religious rubbish permeates both ecology and climate change dogma. One's hatred of capitalism and desire to remake society, or anything social, has nothing to do with science.

The following nonsense is offered at Yale on "Religion and Ecology".

The concentration in Religion and Ecology is an interdisciplinary program based in the YDS curriculum and draws on faculty resources in biblical studies, ethics, liturgical studies, pastoral care, spirituality, theology, and world religions and ecology. It spans the study of eco-theology; eco-spirituality; eco-feminism; theologies of embodiment, place, land, race, and indigeneity; environmental ethics; liturgy and creation; and cosmology and ecology.

What rubbish. Eco-theology??? Eco-spirituality??? That along with Marxism are an influence in the Green New Deal some are pushing. To quote,

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has championed the 'Green New Deal,' an idea rapidly gaining traction in Democratic Party circles.

The 'democratic socialist' from New York has pushed for the policy in alarmist terms: 'People are going to die,' she says, unless it becomes law. Or perhaps 'Americans are dying' already. Either way, we face 'cataclysmic climate disaster' unless Congress can 'plan and implement a Green New Deal' in ten years.

But the "Green New Deal" has little to do with the environment. It is the latest incarnation of a "red-green" strategy, developed decades ago, which seeks to achieve socialist economic policy through the ruse of environmental crisis.

The "Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology" is an absurdity. Science and technology have NOTHING to do with faith.

To quote Virginia Tech and its "Executive Master of Natural Resources":

...Today’s environmental management and sustainable development challenges require more than scientific and technical knowledge...

Again it's a fusion of science, religion, leftwing politics, etc. These are the whack jobs pushing the climate agenda for more than "scientific and technical knowledge".

Do we want this nonsense at the EPA? Hell no! There is an issue of separation of religion and state. Science mixed with any form of religion is religion, period. notes the following "The Link Between Environmentalism & New Age:

The basic theory behind eco-spirituality is that the divine is present in all creation – which is known as panentheism (and pantheism) - and that we are to expand our love of 'neighbor' to include the entire cosmos and all creatures, plants, trees, etc.

Eco-theologians hold that because humans are so intimately interconnected with the organic cosmos, they cannot come to completion without the cosmos, and that the universe is a single dynamic whole into which humans are imbedded...

The New Age version of eco-spirituality fosters a religious worship of nature known as pantheism, which is based on the belief that the cosmos is animated by one spirit or is guided by a universal consciousness of which man is merely one more participant.

Total rubbish. No thank you I'll stick to reason and science. Environmentalism is poisoned by this New Age garbage. Many scientists hold somewhat similar views. Pantheism amounts to feel-good atheism.

The present warming hysteria starting in 1997 was due to natural causes and ended in January 2017 with a lull in solar output. See Some general science facts they won't discuss.


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