Scientific method for making policy.
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Why Do EPA Scientists Oppose Public Disclosure?

by Lewis Loflin

President Eisenhower, in his farewell, warned of the problems besetting science today.

Most know his warning of the "military industrial complex." He also warned that being costly and complex modern science could fall prey to government mischief.

Science is treated with god-like reverence when it is nothing of the kind. Every scheme, scam, or political agenda is "scientific."

Science has become captive to government grants.

Full disclosure of data, methods, etc. can endanger the money or personal political agendas.

If scientists are so in agreement with climate change, they why fierce resistance to full disclosure?

Research on new nuclear reactors or storage batteries is acceptable. Research purely designed to justify political or social agendas is terrible.

In 2022 the greatest danger to our liberties and standard of living is the environmental-industrial complex.

Under the present regime, the racial-industrial complex became fused with the environmental-industrial complex.

Environmental justice has nothing to do with Nature, science, or justice.

Green is big money. As of 2018, state-federal agencies spent $32.3 billion on "resource protection."

Source: US Census 2021. They employ nearly 200,000 people in government agencies alone.

To quote,

"In March 2020, there were 189,668 employees in the natural resources functions of state and local governments: 83% (156,768) were full-time and 17% (32,900) part-time."

That doesn't count researchers receiving government grants. That can run into thousands more.

Using computer modeling to predict future environmental trends has a near 100% failure rate.

Or the predictions are so vague and general as to be worthless.

Computer modeling utilizes pre-assumptions. They fail to account for two facets of Nature: Nature is cyclical, and Nature has a lot of random background noise.

I define background noise as small changes whose effects on the whole system can't be determined.

There can be thousands of minor variations in any complex system, natural or artificial.

This is the typical problem. To quote,

per NOAA Global Climate Report for June 2021 anomaly above 20th century average of 13.5 degrees C, preindustrial absolute temperature per Berkeley Earth 2020 anomaly of 1.27 above preindustrial.

The attached graph listed the following: 2021 Jan-Jun (14.29 degrees C); preindustrial (~13 degrees C).

This claim is deceptive. When did "industrial" begin? Some claim 1800; others claim ~1850.

This date makes a difference because we came out of the Little Ice Age (which started ~1500 and ended 1800-1850), which was 1-2 degrees C cooler than today.

Others place the industrial revolution back to 1750.

They do not know the global temperature in 1800 or 1850 within a few degrees and only in specific locations.

Few nations outside Europe and America even had thermometers. Computer models were used to concoct this number. I reject computer models.

Let us argue that from 1800 to 2021, the temperatures rose 1.27 degrees C over 221 years. That is a whopping 0.0057 degrees C per year. You have to be kidding me!

Is this minor change an emergency? Prove it is not a natural event! It was supposed to warm up as it did in the past!

These minor variations are normal background noise.

No CO2 levels were not a steady 280 PPM prior to 1800. What is a stomata? To quote, "Most plants use a pore-like structure called stomata (singular: stoma) on the undersides of leaves to absorb carbon dioxide from the air."

To quote on transpiration, "which is the water movement from the soil to the atmosphere via plants. Transpiration occurs when plants take up liquid water from the soil and release water vapor into the air from their leaves."

Air is drawn though stomata to extract CO2 by transpiration. The more CO2 the less water required-more plant growth in drier climates.

To quote another source, "Higher than ambient CO2 concentrations mediate a closure of stomatal pores in plants and conversely, low CO2 concentrations trigger opening of stomatal pores."

When the plants die the stomata is a proxy record of CO2 levels. The CO2 levels varied from 260-340 PPM. I archived the study so it doesn't disappear from the internet.

See CO2 Record in Plant Fossils.

The claim, "So far, ocean pH has dropped from 8.2 to 8.1 since the industrial revolution..." is nonsense. They have no way to test seawater from 1800. Again we deal with background noise values from fractional changes. Present pH varies from 8.1-8.2 and is alkaline.

I want the actual measured data not a computer model. Also, pH varies by temperature because cold water dissolves more CO2. This can also vary I'll bet by salinity and water pressure.

If government-employed scientists want to make these claims, they must present actual proof. The lives and well-being of millions ride on this.

Learn some basic science.


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