Paul Ehrlich Eco-Crackpot.

Paul Ehrlich Crackpot Entomologist Predicts Mass Starvation

by Lewis Loflin

Dr. George Wald joins a long line of doomsday crackpots such as Paul Ehrlich and his discredited book "Population Bomb." He is another political activist without qualifications in earth science, technology, manufacturing, etc. His degree is in zoology, and he studies butterflies. Yes, butterflies.

See Crackpot Biochemist Predicts End of World

Like Dr. Wald, he is another non-Jewish Jew and a leftist holding the society that has given him every advantage in utter disdain.

His claims can be disproven by a simple internet search. India's grain supply has increased 27% since 2007 as of 2022.

See graphic India Grain production 2007-2022.

Increased grain production from 1971 to 2018 by 50%.
Increased grain production from 1971 to 2018 due partly to higher CO2.

World grain production has doubled since 1971 and the beginnings of Earth Day.

He has turned science into a joke. His views on population control border on mass genocide - he is anti-human like many of the Climate Thumpers.

He has no qualifications for so-called "population studies."

He is still taken seriously today after 50 years of failed predictions. He is still not qualified in this field to this day. Science has nothing to do with being a political "hero."

Expanding plant growth due to higher CO2 levels.
Expanding plant growth due to higher CO2 levels.

Comparison of tree growth with higher CO2 levels. CO2 is plant food.
Comparison of tree growth with higher CO2 levels. CO2 is plant food.

CO2 280 PPM for Centuries?

No CO2 levels were not a steady 280 PPM prior to 1800. What is a stomata? To quote, "Most plants use a pore-like structure called stomata (singular: stoma) on the undersides of leaves to absorb carbon dioxide from the air."

To quote on transpiration, "which is the water movement from the soil to the atmosphere via plants. Transpiration occurs when plants take up liquid water from the soil and release water vapor into the air from their leaves."

Air is drawn though stomata to extract CO2 by transpiration. The more CO2 the less water required-more plant growth in drier climates.

To quote another source, "Higher than ambient CO2 concentrations mediate a closure of stomatal pores in plants and conversely, low CO2 concentrations trigger opening of stomatal pores."

When the plants die the stomata is a proxy record of CO2 levels. The CO2 levels varied from 260-340 PPM. I archived the study so it doesn't disappear from the internet.

See CO2 Record in Plant Fossils.

Unwitting Religiosity

Environmentalism as Religion - Unwitting religiosity makes the environmental movement less effective. Posted August 14, 2020 by John A. Johnson, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of psychology at Pennsylvania State University.

That suggestion was borne out yesterday when I listened to a podcast in which Michael Shermer interviewed environmentalist Michael Shellenberger. During the podcast, Shellenberger made a point that had occurred to me long ago: Environmentalism has become a substitute religion for many atheists, agnostics, and other non-religious. It allows us to be part of something larger than ourselves that gives our life meaning.

But then Shellenberger made a more specific claim that hit me like a bolt of lightning: Those most passionate environmentalists have, probably unwittingly, incorporated imagery from Christianity about the ancient past and the distant future. From Genesis, they have borrowed the myth of the Garden of Eden, when the world was in balance and harmony before humans began misbehaving.

These environmentalists idealize nature as a system of beauty, peace, and harmony that humans have only recently begun to destroy with technology. This mythical view ignores the devastation of the environment by indigenous peoples as well as the brutal conflicts within and between pre-human species.



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