Philadelphia Hate Crimes against whites.

Black Violence Rocks Philadelphia, Norfolk Virginia

by Lewis Loflin

Gun Crime and in Philadelphia and Norfolk Virginia is the result of government policies. The refusal to protect poor non-whites from criminals in their community leads to death and mayhem.

Black Mother of 5 Dies in Philadelphia Shooting Gallery

Philadelphia has a massive black-on-black and black on everyone else crime problem. Officials believe arresting non-white criminals is racism.

Many crimes tend to ignored or pleaded down to nothing. They range from shop-lifting to illegal gun possession.

April Coleman paid the price to keep minority criminals out of jail. A black male killed her after some petty argument. He likely had a long criminal record. The press seldom identifies race, sex, shooters or victims.

White liberal race-baiters blame the gun. They blame white supremacy for blacks killing blacks.

April Coleman is not a victim of gun violence. She is a victim of black violence. She died because white liberal racists won't deal with reality.

Philadelphia (CBS) June 15, 2019 - A 38-year-old mother of five (April Coleman) was the victim of a deadly shooting inside a North Philadelphia deli...she was not the intended target. "Whatever happened, it was the argument with her boyfriend and the other guy...The guy opened fire. It was meant for him, but it hit her."

Police say there was a large crowd in the deli and an argument. They say a man fired a few shots inside the store from the Cecil B. Moore Avenue side. One of them struck Coleman in her head.

April Coleman

The Coleman killing was just the opening act. The Philadelphia Inquirer June 17, 2019 headline "19 shootings, 28 victims, 5 dead as Philly weekend violence escalates.

By the time the weekend was over, the number of shootings had risen to 19 with 28 victims, including five dead. The shootings took place on a playground, inside a deli, at a graduation party, and seemingly everywhere in between.

Would anyone like to guess the race of the shooters and victims? The shooters likely black. If white their identity and race would be front page news.

Black people die at the hands of blacks. Politicians worry over white supremacy. If only they could find one. The press continues to censor the facts and print lies.

The police describe her killer as,

The gunman was described by authorities as a black man who was seen wearing black jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt with plaid inner lining.

Gun crime and crime in general is proportional to diversity. This results from Democratic Party racial politics. Philadelphia has been under Democratic Party rule for decades.

What happens when a community elects a George Soros backed criminal reformer? You get Larry Krasner.

Here in Virginia the Democratic Party gained control of the state. They want criminal justice reform. They want to disarm white rural residents.

Criminal justice reform is about race. How to stop jailing so many black-Latino criminals. Krasner can provide the example they seek. 6-27-2019 reports how black gun criminals end up in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).

In 2018 78 cases went to the ARD program, compared with 12 the previous year.

Typical is feral black male Maalik Jackson-Wallace. More gun arrests-releases ended in the killing of a 26-year-old man.

Krasner believes the police are "systemically racist." What do statistics say about Philadelphia gun crime? Who commits the crimes?

Philadelphia Violent Crime is Minority Crime

Annual Murder and Shooting Victim Report: 2016 Philadelphia Police Department.

251 males; 26 females. Victims (217) 78.3% black; (58) 21.3% white. 40 of the 58 whites are Hispanic.

Most of the killings were over arguments. (129 or 46.6%)

Next came drug dealing, etc. at 66 or 23.8%.

Domestic violence that liberals make a big deal of at 19 or 6.9%.

230 killings involved firearms out of 277.

There were 1,271 shooting victims. 1051 or 82.2% were black. 158 were Latino. Total non-white 1,209.

Of the 235 arrested 269 or 80.3% were black. Another 51 or 15.2% are Latino.

The color of gun crime in Philly is black/Latino at 95.5%.

Philly is Black 43.7%; White: 34.4%; Hispanic 15.2%; Asian: 7.8%.

Conclusion: gun crime is black/Latino crime. As the Hispanic population grows so does more violent crime. notes (May 21, 2019) illegal aliens commit 42.7% of federal crimes. Non-citizens make up 7% of the population.

In 2018 the Government report on Federal prisoners as 54.3% Hispanic; 21.2% white; 20.6% black.

Conclusion: until we come to grips with race gun crime and all crime will increase.

Color of gun crime in Nashville. See graphic 4 black teenagers arrested for murder in Nashville.

Murder of Markiya Dickson

Virginia Crime

Millions in outside money from George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, etc. have flooded Virginia. Thus tipping state government to Democratic control.

I've worried for years they would turn us into a California hell and it is here. Many Southwest Virginia residents won't stand for it.

I live in Washington County, Virginia. Our board of supervisors has voted us a gun sanctuary county. I'm a gun owner with concealed carry permit. So are a lot of people in my region.

We have the lowest crime rates in the state and the highest concentrations of gun ownership. Yet politicians continue to blame guns for violence.

One demographic group commits most of the gun violence and violent crime in general.

A black Democrat politician complained "people of color" suffer from gun violence. He is from in Norfolk.

That is very true. but not from so-called "assault weapons". In most cases it is illegal handguns in the possession of black criminals.

Tazewell County voted to form a militia to protect citizen rights. It has per-capita many times the guns of Norfolk. But Norfolk has 80-90 times the violent crime of Tazewell County.

Black males kill man over $3
Mother of three Helena Stiglets killers
Black males arrested for murder

Norfolk is 42% black; Tazewell County is 96% white. This cold hard fact is everywhere.

Tazewell County like Southwest Virginia is among the poorest places in the state. Poverty has little to do with crime.

Crime is proportional to diversity, culture, and politics.

See Virginia Crime by Race 2015.

Gun crime is often black crime 90% of the time. Democratic Party won't address minority crime and violence.

They don't want to offend their voter base. They instead turn on and scape-goat poor and working class whites.

White liberals are more racist towards other whites than blacks or Hispanics.

It's almost a pathological self-hatred projected outward.

Black children are being shot everyday by other blacks. White liberals tag their opponents as white supremacists.

Newspapers such as the Virginian-Pilot it seems every other day a black face turns up for some gun crime.

Same in Richmond, Danville, and Roanoke. The higher the diversity level, the higher the rate of gun crime, violence.

Most of the time it is innocent blacks murdered. Rich white liberals yell about white supremacists from their gated communities.


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