Why Blacks Over Rely on Government Jobs

by Lewis Loflin

The New York Times noted that blacks are far too over reliant on government jobs. The study the NYT noted:

Economists say there are probably a variety of reasons for the racial gap, including generally lower educational levels for African-Americans, continuing discrimination and the fact that many live in areas that have been slow to recover economically...

Why discrimination when there is no evidence of it? That endless lie is the result of Critical Race Theory. White people with low academic achievement rates do no better than blacks at the same level. The good jobs are available only to those with the highest levels of education and even those are drying up.

See Intelligence Predicts Economic Social Outcome

So the problem is educational attainment and structural changes in the job market, not racism. Even a college degree is required for menial jobs. The job market where good jobs for those of average or low IQ have disappeared due to automation, mass immigration legal and illegal, and globalization regardless of race. The area's blacks have been most displaced are those with the highest concentrations of foreign workers. Hispanics in particular have pushed blacks out of the private sector labor market leaving even native born Hispanics worse off.

See Study Says White Families Wealth Advantage Has Grown. Let's be careful about demonizing poor immigrants that often face even worse abuse and exploitation. With the private sector job market all but shut off for so many that leaves only government:

...tens of thousands of once solidly middle-class African-American government workers...have been laid off since the recession ended in June 2009. Such job losses have blunted gains made in employment and wealth during the previous decade and undermined the stability of neighborhoods where there are now fewer black professionals who own homes or who get up every morning to go to work...About one in five black workers have public-sector jobs, and African-American workers are one-third more likely than white ones to be employed in the public sector.

"The reliance on these jobs has provided African-Americans a path upward," said Robert H. Zieger, emeritus professor of history at the University of Florida, and the author of a book on race and labor. "But it is also a vulnerability."

The article further notes the black unemployment rate is double the white unemployment rate. I believe it's even worse as millions of blacks on welfare, in jail, etc. should also be counted as unemployed. Even with these terrible job numbers for blacks/Hispanics both political parties want even more immigration in addition to legalizing the as many as 20 million already here. This includes millions more additional "guest workers" who will never leave and refill the ranks of illegal workers.

The central role played by government employment in black communities is hard to overstate. African-Americans in the public sector earn 25 percent more than other black workers, and the jobs have long been regarded as respectable, stable work for college graduates, allowing many to buy homes, send children to private colleges and achieve other markers of middle-class life that were otherwise closed to them...The layoffs are only the latest piece of bad news for the nation's struggling black middle class.

Guess what? Come here to Bristol, Virginia and one will find government workers earn 25 or more than private sector workers regardless of race. As for their children, if the parents were hired based on affirmative action race quotas and not merit, the why would their children do well without the quotas?

So all the sudden the very jobs that low academic achievers should be working are no longer "respectable"? Why are these jobs "respectable" for Hispanics? Shouldn't we be trying to protect all of the working poor?

A study by the Brookings Institution in 2007 found that fewer than one-third of blacks born to middle-class parents went on to earn incomes greater than their parents, compared with more than two-thirds of whites from the same income bracket. The foreclosure crisis also wiped out a large part of a generation of black homeowners.

The layoffs are not expected to end any time soon. The United States Postal Service, where about 25 percent of employees are black, is considering eliminating 220,000 positions in order to stay solvent, and areas with large black populations - from urban Detroit to rural Jefferson County, Miss. - are struggling with budget problems that could also lead to mass layoffs.

The postal cuts alone - which would amount to more than one-third of the work force - would be a blow both economically and psychologically, employees say.

Pamela Sparks, 49, a 25-year Postal Service veteran in Baltimore, has a brother who is a letter carrier and a sister who is a sales associate at the Postal Service. Her father is a retired station manager...

In Michigan, Valerie Kindle, 61, who was laid off in April as a state government employee, said the loss of her $50,000-a-year job with benefits had caused her to put off retirement. Instead, she is looking for work. Two relatives have also lost state government jobs recently...

Let's look at California that outlawed affirmative action and it's quota system and no surprise when based on merit black-Hispanic enrollment in college nose dived. Is anyone going to suggest the far-left diversity obsessed college faculty are conspiring to lock out qualified black or Hispanic students?

So we have a situation where a group can do little to boost their academic achievement, where the jobs they should be working go to "immigrants", so they are left as over reliant on public sector employment. In fact there are far more whites in this situation by shear numbers than blacks, but nobody is suggesting the far larger white underclass is the result of racism.

Ref. November 28, 2011 The New York Times "As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest"


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