Illegal Immigration Success in Arizona

by Lewis Loflin

This was written before Donald Trump was elected and proves that yes we can remove millions of illegal aliens.

"Arizona's economy took a hit when many illegal immigrants left, but benefits also materialized."

So says the Wall Street Journal Feb. 9, 2016. For the WSJ to admit this is significant as they are open borders big business advocates - and hostile to Donald Trump's position on protecting legal workers. Their bias aside they still ignored many benefits to the state and citizens when 40% of the illegal aliens left the state - on their own!

This lawlessness was so open criminal employers are unafraid to be seen in a major newspaper. One of these is Rob who grows jalapeno peppers - without illegal labor he was forced to go legal. He invested $2 million using technology and automation to reduce the number of workers by 90% going from paying $13 for illegal labor and hour to legal skilled labor paying $20 an hour.

But there's more to that $13 an hour - he was forced to improve working conditions, he now has to pay social security and other employer taxes, and likely had to cover their medical expenses as opposed to shifting these and other costs onto the public.

Yet the wealthy complain of losses to the state GDP driven by lack of illegal labor, but still ignore the state subsidies and huge losses to legal labor. Highlights of the article state:

...the reduced competition for low-skilled jobs was a boon for some native-born construction and agricultural workers who got jobs or raises, and that the departures also saved the state money on education and health care. ... Wages for plasterers, landscapers, farmworkers and other low-skilled laborers jumped because of scarcity, according to employers and federal data. ...the decrease in immigration redistributed income from employers to employees, particularly at the bottom end of the labor market ... "That's a good deal."

The first plus is if these legal citizens are working that reduces their use of welfare and other social costs. This has done more for poor workers than welfare and other government redistributive political solutions - it's the proper functioning of capitalism versus the crony capitalism of mass immigration.

Lower Crime and Self-Deportation

By enforcing laws at the state level the federal government refuses to enforce 40% of the illegal aliens self-deported. The big argument we can't remove 10-20 million illegal aliens would take decades is bogus. By enforcing laws across the nation would mean millions would leave on their own.

Open borders advocates claim that "immigrants accounted for nearly $1 billion more in annual tax revenue than they cost the state", but then refused to separate legal citizens from illegal aliens. They are not counting the real cost with their funny number accounting.

The growing demands for law enforcement are having positive effects even in sanctuary states such as California where 12.5% of its illegal immigrants left. There is a direct relationship between crime levels and the high levels of illegal immigration.

200,000 have left Arizona dropping from an estimated 450,000 in a state of 6.7 million. "And between 2010 and 2014, the annual cost to state prisons of incarcerating non-citizens convicted of felonies fell 11% to $180 million, from $202 million." That doesn't include non-felonies.

Even spending $180 million on confinement of non-citizen criminals ignores costs far beyond jails. Texas Department of Public Safety notes, "foreign aliens committed 611,234 unique crimes in Texas from 2008 to 2014, including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults."

Five states with massive illegal alien populations (New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida) of 18,643 murders from 2005-2008 7,085 or 38% were committed by non-citizens at only 5.6% of the population. With feral blacks this accounts for most of violent crime, murders, and gun violence.

Let's add in increased insurance costs due to higher crime, drunk drivers, uninsured drivers, etc. What about the personal and psychological costs to their victims? What is the dollar value of a love one killed by a drunk driver that should have never been here to begin with?

While "annual emergency-room spending on non-citizens fell 37% to $106 million, from $167 million", what about the emergency room and medical costs of their thousands of victims?

Schools in Ruins

To quote,

On the other side of the economic ledger, government spending on (illegal) immigrants fell. ...the number of students enrolled in intensive English courses in Arizona public schools fell from 150,000 in 2008 to 70,000 in 2012 and has remained constant since. Schooling 80,000 fewer students would save the state roughly $350 million a year, by one measure.

But the fact is they are still spending $300 million plus with non-citizen children. But the costs are far worse than this as school officials struggle to educate those that just can't learn - or they refuse to teach which means treating them as white by not dumbing down the whole system hurting good students. notes that:

Barely 6 of 10 Hispanics over the age of 25 have graduated from high school. That compares with more than 9 of 10 whites. ... Hispanics born outside the U.S. have difficulty assimilating a new language and culture. The "status dropout rate" - meaning those ages 16 to 24 who hadn't received a high school "credential" and were not enrolled in school - was three times higher for Hispanics born abroad than for those born in the U.S.

The figure for native born Hispanics is dismal. According the Center for Immigration Studies ( 94% of immigrant Hispanic families from Mexico-Central America legal and illegal are on welfare. Further:

They're more likely to be poor. The high number - 26 percent of Arizona schoolchildren living in poverty are not evenly divided among the population. On one end are white and Asian students. Thirteen percent of them live in poverty. On the other end are black, Hispanic and Native American students. More than a third of them live in poverty. The cycle repeats itself.

With an already high number of low-achieving non-Asian minorities 80,000 less non-citizen Hispanic children saves ten times the cost of the $350 million in schools when we add in crime, welfare, etc. in the coming years.

Workers Gain an Edge - Immigration Success!

While Moody's and other corporatist' advocates whine about worker shortages, they try to claim many jobs disappeared without illegal labor. That's capitalism, when the business has to cheat and shift it's costs onto others, they should go out of business. To quote,

These days, construction, landscaping and agriculture industries, long dependent on migrants, complain of worker shortages. While competition for some jobs eased, there were fewer job openings overall for U.S.-born workers or legal immigrants...One bright spot: the median income of low-skilled whites who did manage to get jobs rose about 6%...

Wages rose about 15% for Arizona farmworkers and about 10% for construction between 2010 and 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some employers say their need for workers has increased since then, leading them to boost wages more rapidly and crimping their ability to expand.

Before the immigration crackdown, Precise Drywall Inc., of Phoenix, would deploy 50 people for jobs building luxury homes. "I could pull out phone books where I had 300 or 400 guys' numbers" to fill out crews, recalls company President Jeremy Barbosa. No longer. Many (illegal) immigrants left and haven't returned, while other workers moved on to other industries.

"Now you have to put out feelers, buy ads, go on Craigslist, tap job agencies just to get a few men," says Mr. Barbosa. "Growth is based on the ability to hire."

...Pew Research says that, nationally, more Mexicans now are heading home than coming into the U.S. The Center for Migration Studies estimated the number of undocumented immigrants fell to 10.9 million in 2014, from 12 million in 2008.

In other words business is doing what they're supposed to do in a properly functioning capitalist economy. This is a huge success for workers and taxpayers, and ends the drain of wealth from the taxpayers and workers to the wealthy


This will give Arizona breathing room in dealing with native born low-achievers and get crime and welfare use under some kind of control.

In addition this proves simple law enforcement will solve the problem in a few short years mitigating the economic and social damage inflicted on the nation by flooding the nation unskilled third-world peasants. Most will leave on their own, while others can be dealt with.

It will also open opportunities for native born non-Asian minorities shoved out of the labor market into lifelong poverty.

Posted March 10, 2016.

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