Susan Sontag Jewish racist, lesbian, feminist, social justice warrior.
Susan Sontag Jewish racist, lesbian, feminist, social justice warrior.

Origin of Progressive Racial Politics

by Lewis Loflin

I have asked a liberal friend, "Why do liberals so hate liberty?" I get silence.

Elitism aside, Isaiah Berlin nailed it: "Everything is what it is: liberty is liberty, not equality or fairness or justice or culture, or human happiness or a quiet conscience."

Is it the unhappiness of the liberal seeking an unrealistic utopia? Social justice is the "application" of critical race theory. CRT is an offshoot of Marxist thinking. Marxism is "humanism in practice."

Referring to these people as liberals is false. They are Progressives. They reject Enlightenment liberalism. See Critical Race Theory is Irrational.

Often called Cultural Marxism, the word Marxism is a loaded term I'd rather avoid using. It is related to economics based on class differences. Because socialism became remapped into racial issues and away from economics and class, I think the better term is race socialism.

Identity politics was a weapon of divide-and-conquer. Part of the effort was to convince the various groups the world was terrible. Or manufacture even more "victim" groups. They created endless victim classes. The terrible world resulted from the dominant group "exploiting" various self-proclaimed victim classes.

This devolved into outright racism. The Democrat Party is responsible for the absurdity. Their leaders now face a party rife with Muslim hate groups (Nation of Islam, Muslim Brotherhood) and general anti-Semites, along with anti-white racism.

In the past racial socialism has been called Nazism. Nazism is pure racial socialism; fascism is not always. Fascism, as I defined it, was Mussolini. Mussolini and his fascism weren't racist, anti-Semitic, or genocidal.

I'll use the term cultural deconstruction. This weapon attacks every facet of the culture—Rule of Law, merit, reason, science, and empiricism. Gender, race, biology, etc., are illusions. They represent the expressions of power from designated "oppressor" groups.

Progressives believe they have unique insights and secret knowledge the rest of us fail to see.

They concoct the idea of a "social construct" to delegitimize aspects of reality they seek to overthrow. The real world is an illusion.

This thinking is also called post-modernism, another ill-defined term. Modernism is enlightenment rationalism as the basis of truth. I will use anti-reason, which is its real meaning - a rejection of Enlightenment reason. A rejection of the reality around us for some manufactured spiritual, moral reality.

Anti-reason is the main component of cultural deconstruction. This absurdity originates with a collection of primarily Marxist German Jews better known as the Frankfurt School. Later, this was added to in the 1970s with a group of French academics - with often Marxist leanings.

Anti-reason, cultural deconstruction, and identity racialism are the Trinity of regressive liberal thought. It is the basis of Social Justice. Social justice posits group identity is the basis of one's worth, success, or failure - pure racism.

Socialism always leads to tyranny. Look at the "democratic" socialism of Venezuela and Zimbabwe that has left millions starving.

Socialism in the economic sense is discredited. Most whites, particularly those not indoctrinated in elite colleges, won't buy into it. That's why so many affluent college-educated people support policies that, if implemented, are detrimental to their welfare.

Because tradition still holds sway over most Americans, racial socialists that infest our elite universities indoctrinate many of their students into new thinking. This indoctrination, destroying any cultural reference these potential "useful idiots" may have had, makes filling in their empty heads easier.

They have millions of deluded white students preaching their genocide. Young people become brainwashed into self-hatred.

It later descended into outright racism with the addition of critical race theory. In some cases, racism and hatred towards their race - which they are convinced don't exist.

Dr. Douglas Kellner, Ph.D. of UCLA, wrote Cultural Marxism and Cultural Studies and, while somewhat long and boring, got to the heart of what cultural Marxism (and socialist racism) was. While previous Marxists focused on economics and politics, cultural deconstruction, as seen with the so-called Frankfurt School, focused on destroying the culture. This tactic creates mental cripples more easily manipulated. One of the most prominent was Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci:

In Gramsci's conception, societies maintained their stability through a combination of "domination," or force, and "hegemony," defined as consent to "intellectual and moral leadership." ...

Gramsci defined ideology as the ruling ideas which present the "social cement" that unifies and holds together the established social order. He described his own "philosophy of praxis" as a mode of thought opposed to ideology, which includes, among other things, a critical analysis of ruling ideas.

In "Cultural Themes: Ideological Material" (1985), Gramsci notes that in his day the press was the dominant instrument of producing ideological legitimation of the existing institutions and social order, but that many other institutions such as the church, schools, and different associations and groups also played a role.

He called for sustained critique (attack from the inside) of these institutions and the ideologies that legitimate them, accompanied by creation of counter institutions and ideas that would produce alternatives to the existing system.

One of the base assumptions of Marx was a capitalist society would be unstable and fall apart under its weight. The workers would rise and destroy the system. The only problem for the Marxist cult is that few people were interested because things got far better than worse. The Marxists win only when a small ruthless group can grab power, such as in Russia.

In Hungary, the Communist Party of Hungary, led by Bela Kun, seized power in 1919. This power grab was short-lived. The people rejected it. Stalin would later execute Bela Kun.

The Spartacists, or German communists led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Germany, met a similar fate and were crushed. Nowhere could the communists win the people's hearts in any number. At the same time, the masses later supported the heretical socialism of the fascists.

Unfortunately, radical Jews often led these efforts, feeding widespread anti-Semitism. Most Jews in Russia suffered under communism. This highly destructive group of self-hating Jews was bent on destroying Western culture. Enter the Frankfurt School.

Communist intellectuals were frustrated about convincing the masses that communism was good for them. They searched for the answer to why they couldn't sell it. They concluded that the problem was mental - the masses were mentally attached to the cultural norms Marxism sought to destroy. A group of wealthy communist Jews founded the so-called Frankfurt School. Their goal is to study this problem and find solutions based on psychology.

Note that during World War II, the Frankfurt School (also called the Institute for Social Research) fled to Columbia University. They fled Nazism because almost its entire staff was Jewish and communist. This poison became so entrenched in our colleges.

Note Albert Einstein was also a Jewish communist.

"Gramsci was one of the most important Marxist thinkers in the 20th century. His writings are heavily concerned with analyzing culture and political leadership, and he is notable as a highly original thinker within modern European thought. He is renowned for his theory of cultural hegemony, which describes how states use cultural institutions to maintain power in a capitalist society." (Wiki)

The Cultural Marxist destroys the cultural institutions and traditions that bind a society together instead of outright destroying the economy and nation. Ruined institutions hopefully create enough social chaos to foster revolution.

The idea is to create so much misery and chaos that communism/socialism can gain power.

Cultural Marxism became entrenched in academia. This destructive ideology permeates those whose education is a product of our elite colleges: law, public education, media, government at all levels, and even churches and seminaries. Affirmative action punishes achievement; political correctness suppresses free speech.

The family is all but destroyed and discouraged. At the same time, the whole institution becomes a joke with homosexual marriage. Anti-Christians attack the Catholic Church over homosexual pedophile priests abusing children.

The same people demanding homosexuals become Scoutmasters with the Boy Scouts.

In 2022, they demand the castration and mutilation of children in the name of "gender-affirming care." One can't cure a mental illness (Gender Dysphoria) with surgery. That is irrational; it is abuse.

Here are the origins of nonsense, such as women's studies, Latino studies, and African-American studies. These subjects serve to radicalize the student. Many of the 1960s violent leftwing revolutionaries are today tenured college professors.

Dr. Kilner's website is at

Deconstruction is one tool of the Cultural Marxists used to attack the system. The Free Online Dictionary defines 'deconstruction' as the invention of French philosopher Jacques Derrida:

A philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth; asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings: "In deconstruction, the critic claims there is no meaning to be found in the actual text, but only in the various, often mutually irreconcilable, 'virtual texts' constructed by readers in their search for meaning" (Rebecca Goldstein).

Jacques Derrida was a communist. Campus Marxists have used this philosophy to tear the fabric of Western Society apart. There is no meaning, nothing is certain, and evidence and facts hide deeper truths not evident to rational thought or empirical proof.

Technology, empirical science, reason, equality of opportunity, etc., are seen as tools of oppression by the capitalist class morphed into white people.

But how do we destroy white human beings and claim any form of humanity? Race now becomes a social construct - it doesn't exist. It is an "illusion." An "illusion" can be destroyed, but only certain "illusions."

They use the racist' term "whiteness" to dehumanize their targets. This methodology is in the same manner as "Jewishness" was used by the Nazis or National Socialists. We are not destroying human beings, just vermin.

They can't achieve the economic Marxism they so crave, so we have developed a system of cultural Marxism or racial socialism. Under the fantasy of deconstruction, racism exists even when there is no evidence, particularly with "whiteness." "Whiteness" is racism by mere existence, just as Jews are a danger by mere existence.

For Jews that have been at the forefront of mass immigration and pandering to BLM, ANTIFA is in shock as these hate groups, joining with Muslim Jew-haters, march together in 2023. The murder of 1400 Israelis by Gaza Arabs is now "justified" because Jews are now "white supremacists" and "colonizers." Israel is, in fact, two-thirds non-European in origin.

Jill Stein, who is a Jewish communist running for president in 2023 with the Green Party, echoes the same lies as Hamas and BLM against Israel. Why do so many lefty "identity" Jews hate Israel? It is too Jewish and Western; thus, mentally, it is "whiteness." This thinking is delusional.

Jill Stein is Jewish, nothing, just another communist hiding behind a label.

This same irrationalism has now been morphed into climate justice. Rich western white people destroyed the climate with the evil technology used by evil capitalists. We now owe non-whites across the globe trillions in reparations. Now, we have true global racial socialism.

It is time to be aware of how cunning these people are. They dominate too much of the elite culture. If not stopped, more death and chaos will result.

Most upper-class self-hating whites take their rage out on lower-income whites. It is like Jews leading the Holocaust.

Social justice (or environmental justice) is just Marxism. To quote,

CRITICAL THEORY is rooted in Marxism, and SOCIAL JUSTICE, as social justice warrior Joan Alway admits above, is application of Critical Theory "affecting revolutionary social change." That revolution may be labeled liberation, cultural transformation, or Christian Social Justice, but it begins with Progressives "deconstructing" traditional Western values and culture by redistributing wealth and power. Traditional Marxists tried and failed to accomplish redistribution by establishing class equality. Twenty-first century Progressives are attempting to accomplish it by establishing "identity" equality: sexual, gender, racial equality. These Progressive efforts are evident everywhere in American culture.

Ref. Critical Theory & Social Justice, URL 10/27/2022:


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