Jews at Harvard

Do Jews Lockout Working-Class Whites from Elite Colleges?

by Lewis Loflin

Update for 2023: the Supreme Court has struck down affirmative action racism in colleges. Liberal racists have vowed to find other ways to peddle anti-white and anti-Asian racism.

To quote Dr. Stephen M. Steinlight in Jewish Success in America:

The American-Jewish community has attained success and acceptance beyond their forebear's fondest dreams. Though only a small minority within the United States, American Jews are influential far beyond their miniscule percentage of the population...Currently, the majority of the presidents at Ivy League universities are Jews, and faculties and student bodies at elite colleges and universities are typically 30-40 percent Jewish, often constituting a plurality at these institutions.

Jews are overwhelming leftist and liberal - and disdain religious Jews. They are hostile to working class and conservative whites. They exert considerable control in elite colleges as faculty and administration. They push diversity to lockout non-Jewish whites they hold hostile views on.

For the record I don't don't believe this is deliberate or any backroom plot. It's the cultural extremism of diversity racism on college campuses. It also hurts some Jews and Asians.

Identity politics has a long and ugly history under its proper name - fascism... David Horowitz

Due to affirmative action nearly all whites outside the 1% and affluent Jews are excluded from top universities. These universities produce much of our ruling class.

Jews are counted as white and while about 2% of the population they make up over half of those counted as white. Jews are often the most radical promoters of radical Social Justice causes with undercurrents of anti-white racism and Marxism.

Yet according to a PEW poll 10/1/2013 80% of Jews say Jewish identity is important. 80-90% see this as an ethnic identity without a religious element most seem to hate. 94% are proud to be Jewish, yet proud to be white brings violent attacks and screams of racism.

Yet at the same time many Jewish students have to fear anti-Semitic views and hatred of Israel by their fellow Social Justice classmates.

To quote David Horowitz:

This progressive assault is being waged in the name of an "identity politics" that places whites at the bottom of the racial totem pole while holding them responsible for all the sins attributed to Americans but none of their achievements, specifically their success in creating the most tolerant and inclusive society on earth.

Identity politics has a long and ugly history under its proper name - fascism - which is another term for the socialism of the Volk or nation (as opposed, for example, to the socialism of classes). Today p.c. fascism is an integral feature of the ethos and tactics of the progressive left, which has become the dominant force in the Democratic Party...

In this destructive enterprise the left’s chief weapon is race, which it uses to attack departures from its orthodoxies as racial bigotry. But even as progressives prosecute this race war, racial bigotry by whites has ceased to be a factor in public life.

Progressives deal with this intractable reality by inventing a fictional construct called "institutional racism" to which they attribute all the disparities affecting blacks. "Institutional racism" is a necessary fiction - institutionalized racism has been outlawed for sixty years - because actual racists have become so hard to find.

Yet the problem becomes is lefty Jews make Social Justice racism synonymous with "Jews" then attack the reaction to it as anti-Semitic. One can't have it both ways.

To quote Michael Lumish 25/12/2017:

Anti-White Racism

Although nobody on the left ever wants to discuss it, the most prominent form of publicly acceptable racism in the United States, today, is anti-white racism.

Hundreds of articles and other forms of media have been published in left-leaning venues decrying how horrible and racist and brutal – yet, somehow, fragile – "white" people are.

As an American Jew – and since the word "white" has become a racist pejorative - I am not even certain that I know what a “white” person is. I do know that I am constantly mistaken for one despite the fact that my ancestry, along with almost all non-converted Jews, goes to the Levant.

... Either you oppose racism or you do not. If you claim that certain ethnicities, for historical and socio-economic reasons around power relations, are incapable of racism then - guess what? - you are being racist.

That is, you are holding some groups of people to different ethical standards based on their ethnic background.

Excuse me, but that is the very definition of racism.

Western-left identity politics is both racist and noxious because it indoctrinates young people into a political point of view which places individuals upon an ethnic and gendered Hierarchy of Victimhood wherein one's political significance, if not one's humanity, itself, depends upon where one falls within the hierarchy.

Contemporary left identity politics, therefore, in distinction from old-timey interest group politics, is the most prominent racist and illiberal political movement in the United States today.

It is what I call "identity politics overreach."

It is also one significant reason, among others, that Donald J. Trump happily sits in the Oval Office.


Thus if lefty Jews (vast majority) want a Jewish identity and be proud of it (redefining Jewish as Progressive, Social Justice, whatever), then why do they treat a white identity as racist?

They need their own open Jewish category in college admissions outside of white.

Impose the same restrictions and racial discrimination on them as the 96% of whites.

Use racist affirmative action against those hypocrites supporting it.

Limit Jews to 2% of enrollment it elite colleges. They should not be most of white students.

According to Columbia University is 30% Jewish.

University of Pennsylvania is 25% Jewish, George and Washington University is 29% Jewish.

Cornell University is 23% Jewish, Yale University is 27% Jewish. Boston University is also 28% Jewish


Even Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is 30% Jewish.

Austin Jia

None of them welcomed Austin Jia an Asian American most refused to allow to enroll.

The radical racial identity culture and anti-Americanism in general permeates these institutions. Most non-Jewish whites are barred by affirmative action from these institutions.

In Jewish Success in America by Dr. Stephen M. Steinlight notes:

Currently, the majority of the presidents at Ivy League universities are Jews, and faculties and student bodies at elite colleges and universities are typically 30-40 percent Jewish, often constituting a plurality at these institutions...

Jews continue to form a high percentage of the membership in the learned professions (law, medicine, academia, scientific research) and among the chattering classes, i.e., among writers, journalists, and publishers of some of the nation's leading national newspapers and periodicals, and as creators and disseminators of both high and popular culture.

...American Jews play the predominant role in Hollywood (nearly 70 percent of movie and TV producers and directors are Jewish), and thus shape much of the popular imagery central to the national life. Jews also hold key positions within many leading financial institutions in the country, especially within investment banking and the brokerage industry.

For the complete list from see jews_university.pdf

While the 1% and Jews often overlap, this is about 4% of the white population at most.

This excludes the other 96% of the white population. This isolates the 4% into their own closed culture often at odds with the other 96%.

This is a serious problem because that 4% control most of academia, law, government, media, etc. They write the laws and determine-censor what what we see in media and journalism.

They are elitist with autocratic tendencies. Their religion is social justice whose behavior is more that of religious fanatics.

They promote intolerance and dogma seeing individual liberty as expendable. Equal outcome has replaced equal treatment under the law.

This staggering level of racial and class bigotry is destructive to a society. We have no legal rights or recourse to fight it.

The problem is still worse than outright anti-white racism. The culture on elite college campuses borders on chaos.

It stands in opposition to every traditional values millions of us cherish. These values they seek to destroy.

Calls for outright white genocide echo in lecture halls. Conservative speakers face open mob violence.

Time to crack down on college campus racism and defend liberty on campus.


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