Seattle Schools racial failure.

Foreigners Replace Poor American Students

by Lewis Loflin

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The University of Washington is being attacked by parents and local politicians for preferring foreign students over American students.

It's already bad for working-class and poor whites that lose out on both money and an extensive system of diversity racism, that gives extra money and preference to low-achieving non-Asian minorities over better qualified whites.

(Typically 16 percent of the slots are reserved for lower-achieving minorities.) Now rich foreigners are pushing out even more than ever before.

This has come about because Washington State has slashed by over half tuition assistance according to the New York Times. The University of Washington sees low income Americans, more than one-forth of its students as freeloaders.

So they make this up with the 18 percent of students from places like China paying $28,059, five times the amount for a student of Washington State.

According to their website 10 credits (full time) for in-state is $3,525 per semester. So no wonder they prefer to wring out five times that amount from Chinese and Asian students. But why would they pay such a silly amount to go to the University of Washington?

Because they will end up with a green card and when they become citizens can bring in their extended family. NYT noted that their huge families pooled their money to pay this huge fee, huge even by American standards.

The New York Times notes some rather funny nonsense,

All told, the number of undergraduates from China alone has soared to 57,000 from 10,000 five years ago. At the University of Washington, 11 percent of the nearly 5,800 freshmen are from China... Applications from abroad present some special challenges.

Because the SAT is not given in mainland China, the university does not require international students to take it. Although it does not pay recruiting agents, Mr. Ballinger (the admissions dean) said he knew many applicants hired them, so the university does not consider Chinese applicants' personal essays or recommendations...

But they have pandering policies like they do with native born low-achieving blacks and Hispanics:

"We're in something akin to the gold rush, a frontier-style environment where colleges and universities, like prospectors in the 1800s, realize that there is gold out there," said David Hawkins, the director of public policy at the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

"While it's the admissions offices butting up against the issues most right now, every department after them, every faculty member who comes into contact with international students, is going to have to recalibrate as institutions become more international. I see a cascading list of challenges..."

But there are deeper issues, like how much latitude professors should give in written assignments. "We recognize that people from other countries often speak with an accent," said John Webster, director of writing at the university's College of Arts and Science.

"If we're truly going to be a global university, which I think is a terrific thing, we have to recognize that they may write with an accent as well..."

Given that Chinese students' writing will be "accented" for years, Mr. Webster believes that professors should focus less on trying to make their English technically correct and more on making their essays understandable and interesting.

But he knows this could be a controversial issue, reminiscent of the Ebonics debate decades ago...

Just incredible. Here we lower the standards and again pander to low achievement. We hear constantly we need more college graduates while Americans students, in particular lower-income qualified white students, are locked out of college due to money and race quotas. What the heck will it be next, Chibonics?

A few interesting notes from the NYT when Asian students were asked about their families:

...about 60 percent said their families were "collectivist," rather than "individualist," something she perceived as more Asian than American. Alison Luo, who grew up in Chongqing, a major city in southwest China, had mixed feelings about the trend that she is part of.

"Before I came, I saw the online chatting in China, with hundreds of people coming to the University of Washington," Ms. Luo said. "I was kind of worried about that. I paid to study abroad, and it was almost like I was studying in China."

Washington State is over 77 percent white. Between race quotas, foreign students, etc. the composition can easily end up 50 percent non-white. This is compounded by a hostile leftist' faculty often at odds with conservative and small town "white" values. Yes, it's racism, it's racism against better qualified white students.

Ref. Taking More Seats on Campus, Foreigners Also Pay the Freight February 4, 2012


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