Immigrant welfare use varies by national origin.

Immigrants Dump Relatives Off on Welfare

by Lewis Loflin

(Above) Immigrant welfare use varies by national origin allowing liberals to exploit-maintain a permanent welfare class. This includes legal and illegal.

Chain migration is an explosive topic in 2018 as America struggles with its immigration mess. Between 5 and 10 million foreign born elderly most brought over by relatives have been dumped in public handouts.

This is why chain migration must end.

One of the problems with immigrants legal and illegal is family reunification. This is where naturalized citizens over time can haul in their relatives to the United States. In crummy third-world nations lacking the massive welfare system we have this gives the Green Card babies a way to dump their relatives off on the American taxpayers.

This is another cost of immigration besides the jails, schools, and depressed wages of legal citizens few will discuss. In the article Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left With 'Nobody to Talk To' Patricia Leigh Brown cautiously brings up this subject. (New York Times August 31, 2009)

The story starts off with a group of elderly Indian immigrants brought into the country under family reunification. Their children simply dumped them on SSI and other government programs and the point being they are bored and have little to do. Indian immigrants are among the most wealthy in the nation. She ignores the real point in that they shouldn't be here at all. 75 percent of Asians for example are foreign born.

The elderly foreign born (not counting other non-elderly foreign deadbeats) number 4.3 million or 11 percent of recent immigrants. This is expected to explode to over 16 million by 2050. As of 2007 one-third of seniors in California were never even born here. To quote;

Many are aging parents of naturalized American citizens, reuniting with their families. Yet experts say that America's ethnic elderly are among the most isolated people in America. Seventy percent of recent older immigrants speak little or no English. Most do not drive. Some studies suggest depression and psychological problems are widespread, the result of language barriers, a lack of social connections and values that sometimes conflict with the dominant American culture, including those of their assimilated children.

In other words they have never contributed anything to the country yet enjoy the benefits of citizens. 20 years ago Freemont California was 70 percent white, is now 75 percent third-world. It boasts the largest Afghan Muslim community in America, is 50.3 percent Asian, 14.8 percent Hispanic, and 3.1 percent Black. A beauty college became a mosque, while one street was renamed Gurdwara after the Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple.

Data shows Freemont does have a higher per-capita income than much of California and America in general, but where does the income derive from? The largest employers are the school system and local hospital, followed by several hi-tech firms and the City of Freemont. California's generous welfare and public sector employment will inflate per-capita income, but doesn't reflect income distribution.

When I was in California in the mid 1980s (Compton) the firms I dealt with preferred Asian workers on visas because they work cheaper and can't change jobs or they would have them deported. Freemont is also home to the notorious Solyndra. Today when they are let go they simply never leave.

But a lot are never brought in to work at anything and never do. Some are dumped on the system while their children steal their government check. In one case "the son in one family was taking his parents' monthly Supplemental Security Income check, for $658, then doling out $20 for spending money." Others are refugees:

...Zia Mustafa, an Afghan widow...Her husband and eldest son were killed by a rocket in Kabul; her son Waheed, now 24 and living with her in Fremont, lost his leg in the attack. Other children remain in Afghanistan and Pakistan...

Waheed Mustafa, after surgery in Oakland, leads the life of a young man in his 20s - going to school, working out, talking on his cellphone, hanging out with friends. (Beside free medical care, does he have a job? Not likely.)

Mrs. Mustafa, who was home-schooled in the Koran, spends her days watching television soap operas, attempting to decipher stories through actors' facial expressions. She sleeps with the lights on, worrying that even within these safe white walls this son, too, will not come back.

This mess is really more complex than it seems. The 1964 immigration law reforms opened the flood gates to third-world immigrants including the parents of legal immigrant residents. Under accusations immigrants "were gaming the system" and simply dumping relatives off on the taxpayers Congress took action in 1996:

...their children were pledging to support them and then enrolling their parents in the Supplemental Security Income and food stamp programs - became an impetus for welfare reform. Congress imposed a five-year waiting period for Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and restricted S.S.I. and food stamp eligibility for adults.

Some states, including California and New York, have chosen to eliminate the waiting period for Medicaid for lawfully residing immigrants, paying with state money.

Now we know why California and New York are magnets for people like Mrs. Mustafa. As bad as the system already is it will get far worse. While neither political party wants to do anything about illegal immigration, both are on the record of wanting to increase legal immigration into a already job poor almost depressed economy.

It presently takes years or in many cases even decades to bring in their relatives, so Republicans in particular believe they buy the Hispanic and Asian vote with more legal immigration. People like Mrs. Mustafa, her son, and their relatives will never vote Republican and will vote for the Democrat welfare state they rely on.

Many Asians as well are highly racist. Those Indian owned hi-tech and outsourcing firms refuse to hire Americans even if they are white, and demand more visas to bring in more Asian workers. Asian businesses are often accused of shunning Black and Hispanic workers.

Being non-white they automatically qualify as victims in our racial spoils political system and have a special protected status where even mere criticism could be treated as a hate crime.

So even Asian immigrants are not the great deal for America they want us to believe. An American can marry an Asian or Hispanic and bring them in I have no problem with that because they and their children will adopt American culture and be Americans. But relocating entire neighborhoods and provinces and forcing the general society to conform and pander to them is another matter.

Until such time as these masses of immigrants already here are assimilated into American culture and off welfare, we must end all immigration legal and otherwise.


Lewis Frog

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