Marsel Darvis Upton
Marsel Darvis Upton

Needless murder of Black Teenager in Portland

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While the press incites violence in Baltimore and Ferguson why does this every day event get ignored?

17-year-old Billy Moore could have had a bright future. He graduated high school and had a job, breaking the mold of so many young black men in the nation's crime and violence ridden public housing. Returning from visiting his terminally ill mother, he never dreamed they would be buried together.

A bullet from 16-year-old feral black male Marsel Darvis Upton, Jr. put an end to his future. Upton pleaded guilty to manslaughter and got 19 years in prison. Many of his supporters claimed this was excessive. At his sentencing he said, "I want to apologize for what I did. It may not mean anything, but it was a mistake." All of this because Billy called him a punk after arguing at the bus stop.

His attorney said Upton only wanted to scare Billy, not kill him: "He admitted he fired at him, but he never thought he would hit him. He thinks he was about 100 feet away. He's not an individual looking for a way out. He accepts responsibility for what he did."

The other controversy is he was shot about two blocks from McCoy Park in the New Columbia housing development. The City of Portland was debating how to get scum like Upton and others away from public housing. Some ideas included designating the whole area as private property and using trespassing laws, etc.

Officials claim non-residents are the problem. So why not put police in the projects, stop and frisk to get the guns, etc.? Because there will be charges of racism. How can they protect people like Billy and not be called racists for confronting the black crime and lawlessness that killed him?

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Portland City Council ready to boot people unwelcome at New Columbia from McCoy Park

August 18, 2010, Portland city commissioners are poised to ban certain people from McCoy Park as part of a broader effort to increase public safety at New Columbia, a public housing development in North Portland.

The move comes after the shooting death of 17-year-old Billy Moore in June, two blocks from the city park.

McCoy is public but surrounded by the housing development, and it's really intended to be used by residents as a place to foster community. But it's also used as a "safe haven" by people who have been kicked out of New Columbia for dealing drugs, beating up people, and other dangerous behavior.

The code change, which city council must vote on a second time, would allow police or private security to boot out such people just for being in the park, under trespassing. The vote today was 5-0.

Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees parks, said he would report back to council in six months on how the exclusion is working.

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