Black Teenager Murders Mother of two Over Speeding Comment

compiled by Lewis Loflin

Mobile Alabama July 7, 2012: A 40-year-old white woman and mother of two was fatally shot Saturday night after asking a group of black teenagers in a speeding car to slow down. For her trouble Wendy Fisher was shot once in the chest and later died at University of South Alabama Medical Center.

According to FOX10 News Fisher's boyfriend and teenage daughter witnessed the shooting. Her boyfriend said,

Wendy Fisher

"I was up there at the top of the driveway, and the dogs walked across at the neighbor's yard, and I heard a car speeding down. It's a pretty quite block so I heard speeding down. I said,' Baby, go grab the dogs before they get hit.' She walked across the street, and grabbed the dogs. And as the car came speeding down, she yelled at the car to slow down, and the car came to a dead stop."

Her daughter, Madelynn added, "out of nowhere one of the men pulled a gun, fired three shots, and sped off with two to three other men inside the car. I looked up to make sure it was an actual gunshot, and (it was) insane; everyone running. And I ducked down under the car."

Trayon Washington

On July 13, 2012 another of President Obama's sons was arrested. 17-year-old Trayon Washington was nailed for killing Wendy. Trayon was already on bail for other multiple felony charges when he and friends murdered Wendy. Wendy was a widow raising her son and daughter alone for the last six or seven years.

He was identified from a photo lineup by Wendy's boyfriend. Judge George Hardesty this time denied bond for 17 year old Trayon. Others are asking why those with him have not been charged and it was revealed his criminal past was far worse than first reported.

He'd been charged as an adult before according to FOX10 in Mobile. "He faced two second degree charges, receiving stolen property charges as well as no drivers license, possession of a controlled substance and speeding charges."

This is so sick and could have been prevented if we keep these animals in jail where they belong. Because he is 17 he will escape the death penalty he deserves and can't get life in prison either because of recent court decisions. Why wasn't this getting the national attention of Trayvon Martin?

More Black Males and Guns in Mobile

The Press-Register reported a few days after the Wendy Fisher killing feral black males were at it again. July 10, 2012 they reported a "woman was sexually assaulted and a man shot twice during a home invasion...The male victim told police that two men were waiting for him outside of his apartment and walked in behind him...

Once inside the apartment, the two men took out handguns. They sexually assaulted a woman and shot the male victim twice in the legs. The robbers got in one of the victim's cream-colored 2002 Cadillac CTS and left...Police described both robbers as black males. This was not random and it seems from press reports the police are having problems trying to sort out the relationship.

Crime in Alabama

According to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center we get the following statistics. Note once again Hispanics are counted as white driving up the white crime rate over the last decade and driving down the black rate. In 2011 Alabama was 70.1 percent white, 26.5 percent black, and 4 percent Hispanic. Source: US Census.

A total of 26,470 persons were arrested for Part I offenses. Part I arrests made up 14% of all arrests in Alabama in 2010.

Juveniles made up 13% of the Part I arrests, males made up 67% of persons arrested for Part I offenses, 49% of those arrested for Part I offenses were black and 51% were white/Hispanic.

A total of 165,131 people were arrested for Part II offenses; 4% of Part II arrests were juveniles. Males made up 74% of Part II arrests. Whites made up 57% and blacks 43% of Part II arrests. Here I'll address more serious Part 1 offences.


There were 255 homicides in Alabama in 2010 representing a 20% decrease from 2009.

The homicide rate was 5.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, with an average of less than 1 homicide per day. 161 homicides were cleared for a 63% clearance rate.

There were 265 persons arrested for homicide: 4% were juveniles; 86% were males; and 62% were black. I'll assume at least 4% of the white rate was Hispanic, a conservative estimate.


293 persons were arrested for rape with 10% being juveniles. White/Hispanic males made up 45% of rape arrests, blacks 55%. 28.2 is the average age of the rape offender with a range from 13 to 76 years.

21.9 is the average age of the rape victim with a range from 1 to 89 years. 59% of the rape victims in Alabama were white females; 38% were black females, and 3% were other or unknown. 31% of all rape victims were 13, 14, 15, and 16-year-olds.

28% of the rapes involved a white victim and white/Hispanic offender; 10% a white victim and black offender; 27% a black victim and black offender; 1% a black victim and white/Hispanic offender. In 34% the race of the offender was unknown or other.

In regards to cross-racial rapes, even including Hispanics with white offenders attacking black females at 1%, blacks attacked white females at a ratio of 10 to 1. Add in unknown and it's certainly much higher.


1,155 persons were arrested for robbery: 18% were juveniles; 23% were white/Hispanic, 77% black; and 88% were males. When Hispanics are added back to blacks, whites at over 70% of the population committed less than 20% of the robberies.

In 56% of the robberies a firearm was used; 29% were strong arm; in 6% a knife or cutting instrument was used; and in 9% other dangerous weapons were used. In 81% of the robberies the victim was not injured.


3,398 people were arrested for aggravated assaults in 2010: 7% were juvenile, 75% were male and 45% were white/Hispanic, 55% black.

30% of the assaults were a result of firearms; 22% other dangerous weapons; 16% knives; and, 32% hands and fists. 49% of the victims were injured.

In 20% of the assaults the victim was a friend or acquaintance of the offender; in 26% the victim and offender were family; 3% were strangers; 15% were boyfriend/girlfriend; and in 36% the relationship was unknown.


3,631 persons were arrested for burglary: 17% juveniles; 91% males; and 41% white/Hispanic, and 59% black.

72% of the burglaries were forcible entry, 26% were unlawful entries, and 2% were attempted forcible entry. In 63% of burglaries the point of entry was a door; in 22% a window; and in 15% the point of entry was other.


There were 16,786 persons arrested for larceny in 2010: 13% were juveniles; 57% were males, and 57% were white/Hispanic, 43% black.

21% of the larcenies were thefts of items from motor vehicles; 12% were shoplifting, and 9% were theft of items from buildings.


Blacks at 26.5 percent of the population commit the vast majority of violent crime in particular murder, rape, and robbery. While other blacks are often the victim, cross racial crime including rape is almost exclusively a black problem. Instead of being fixated on white racism, let's deal with the fact it's entirely justified in my opinion to distrust blacks, in particular black males between 15 and 50. It's a normal reaction to fear and loathing this kind of behavior generates.

We need to deal with the real problems in black America of rampant crime, family breakup, and welfare dependency. These problems are the result of choices individuals chose to commit and has nothing to do with racism.

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