Morgan Graveline

African Immigrants Assault 12-Year-Old White Girl

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

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"He hit me like twice in the mouth because my tooth went through my lip...I remember the first punch coming at me, and then I don't remember a lot of it, and I don't know for some reason. I can't remember. I was like walking out of the cafeteria there was blood everywhere dripping on my hand and stuff."

Those were the words of 12-year-old Morgan Graveline in Manchester, N.H.

Morgan has fled the school system because they refuse to remove the feral African thugs. They didn't even bother calling an ambulance according to her mother. The floor was covered in her daughter's blood. To quote CBS in Boston, "It turns out the boy and his friends had been bullying Morgan for quite a while, and two weeks ago she was punched on a school bus. She said she went to a guidance counselor and the school's headmaster, and nothing was done."

Officials attribute this to bullying and side step the issue of the attackers and their culture.

Didn't hear about this one? No surprise as Fox News in Boston later pulled their article and the reporting on the TV news hid the race and origins of the attackers. CBS also hid the race of the attackers. According to the victims' mother teachers stood by holding students back while these African immigrant pummeled her daughter. (My words not hers.) Four teachers had to pull them off the child.

She had teeth knocked out, a dislocated jaw, concussion, and other injuries. School officials attribute this to simple bullying and for some reason are refusing to seek criminal charges. They are "reviewing the incident to see if further action is warranted." How about hate crime charges? How about deportation back to their homeland?

The entire story was derailed off as simply bullying when this girl could have been killed or God forbid caught out alone likely to face sexual assault. This goes on every day in Africa.

This much was recovered from the original news report published on March 13, 2012 Manchester, NH.

The arguments between my daughter and these boys started with a couple of the boys asking Morgan to be their girlfriend. When Morgan turned them down, they retaliated by calling her names like "fat ho, lesbian b**ch, c**t, etc..." this goes on for about a month before the first assault on the bus occurs. The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia. Morgan was brutally attacked. First elbowed in the face, followed by 6 to 7 punches knocking her front teeth out and leaving her with a concussion. It took four teachers to get one of the boys off her..."
Morgan Graveline

"She has nightmares when she talks about it she starts shaking. She trembles," says her mother and "I'm just scared because a couple of days ago I saw him. He was walking down the street right here," says Morgan. Where the hell are the police? Still under investigation? No witnesses?

Her mother is so outraged by the lack of response from school officials and opened her own blog. View their website they started at Yes President Obama, if you had a son he would look like these two thugs.


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