Black Female Kills Man Over $5

compiled by Lewis Loflin

Seattle April 3, 2012: 23-year-old feral black female Karen R. Latham was out doing a little panhandling. To quote the press, "54-year-old Zerabruk Hebtemariam, apparently stopped his car when a woman flagged him down on Aurora Avenue North.

He gave her a ride to a fast-food restaurant that shares a parking lot with the doughnut shop. Police say he also gave the woman $5 when she asked for money but refused to give her more, even when she pulled out a knife. Prosecutors allege the woman fatally stabbed him in the chest and fled."

KOMO in Seattle reports Latham was ordered held on $1 million bail and she "appeared visibly shaken and cried throughout the hearing without saying a word." She got $5 from the victim after the ride but wanted more according to police. She threatened the victim with a knife then stabbed him for refusing to give her more money. She is charged with murder.

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Read the police report page 1 and page 2. (Both are picture files.)

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