Mob Violence Raises Security Concerns on Portland MAX

by Lewis Loflin

Portland Oregon Apr 14, 2012: A 57-year-old (white) man who asked a group of (black) teenagers to quiet down on a MAX train was assaulted on Friday. Police were called to the Northeast 60th Avenue MAX platform around 5 p.m. on a report that multiple people were assaulting a man.

When officers arrived, they learned the man had asked a large group of around 15 to 20 (feral) black male teenagers to keep it down. That apparently didn't sit well with the (feral black) teenagers and some of them allegedly attacked the man.

Police made two arrests - a 15-year-old and 16-year-old were taken into custody. There may be additional arrests as the investigation continues and detectives get a chance to look at TriMet's surveillance video. (Again, not a hate crime, just being black and young.) The victim did not require medical attention but did tell us by phone that the incident was pretty traumatic. He declined an on-camera interview.


We have to understand the 57-year-old was at fault. First he dared to notice these black teenagers, that constitutes profiling and racism itself. Then he insulted their manhood by daring to suggest they stop acting like animals. They likely believed it doesn't matter anyway, whity deserved what he got, and the police and society will do nothing to us anyway. Where's Al Sharpton when we need him?

Joseph Rose of The Oregonian notes that "Crime on Portland-area MAX trains increases; did TriMet cut too many patrols?" In the attack above by a gang of young feral blacks, the police had to be called in. Mr. Rose writes,

After two straight years of double-digit declines, crime on TriMet's light-rail system is on the rise again. What's more, TriMet officials say their decision last year to reduce fare enforcement rather than further slash schedules and routes could be exacerbating the problem.

They reduced the number of "supervisors" that dealt with assorted riff-raff from 30 to 13 to cover a $27 million deficit. (Why not raise fares?) In 2010 they "gave 20,139 verbal warnings to fare cheats and issued 5,102 citations." This also enabled them to keep records of trouble makers. To further quote Mr. Rose,

Of 13 regular MAX commuters interviewed by The Oregonian this week, only one said he had ever been asked for proof of fare - once in four years. All expressed frustration that TriMet isn't more aggressive with fining freeloaders.

In other words it's a joke. The Oregonian also reported

Man stabbed on downtown MAX platform after argument on train in Portland March 22, 2011. No surprise the thug was black, but at least police believed it wasn't gang related.

In another attack four days later, at 1 p.m. Saturday, "a 19-year-old woman was stabbed in the stomach at the MAX station...Police say it was a gang dispute." In other words black again. Crime had been down almost 20 percent before the cutbacks.

Like every other situation they need police on the scene and enforce all laws without regard to race or cost. They need to profile the likely suspects and make liberal use of stop and frisk to disarm the mostly black criminals and crazies stalking commutators.

Southwest Virginia poverty rates population decline.


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