Kendall Harris
Kendall Harris

Black Teenager Murders Father in Front of Children

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New Orleans police have arrested a 17-year-old black teenager Kendall Harris. He was charged in the so-called "Good Samaritan" murder when a father of two tried to help a neighbor during a carjacking. Harris is alleged to have shot through a windshield at Mike Ainsworth, age 44, who was on the hood of the car.

Mr. Ainsworth had been waiting at a school bus top with his sons ages 9 and 11 when he observed the black male attack his neighbor on January 25 and tried to help. Severely wounded, he collapsed and died in the arms of his two young sons. Tips led police to Harris as well as DNA evidence. Harris is being charged as an adult, but sadly being a juvenile shields him from the death penalty. Ref. CNN February 29, 2012

New Orleans once again is awash in murder most of it involving young blacks. In December 2011 CNN was reporting the situation is so bad some officials have asked for the National Guard to be deployed. In this case a two-year-old black girl had been killed by gunfire.

Louisiana State Rep. Austin Badon who is black refuses to address who is committing the crime wave. He calls it a war, but the minute they engage these black savages they will be attacked as racists. He is also demanding more welfare and social programs. So what else is new?


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As of July 2012 New Orleans has already suffered almost 90 murders and has the worst record in the nation. NPR as usual whines about more social programs, racism, and inequality, but poor white people that far outnumber poor blacks don't behave like this. The police are hated and mistrusted by the community.

But I do agree with Mr. Badon there is a war and it's time we start treating it like one. We certainly don't want killing or military assaults as such, but strict law enforcement including curfews on minors and cleaning out the crime in public housing is a start. We must begin to punish unwed mothers and a take a hard line on absentee fathers. Getting these feral children under control will really cut down on the problem.

I'm going to be fair and say we do need jobs for the unemployed. We import millions of illegal aliens to take jobs these people should be working. Cut off importing workers and put these unemployed blacks doing the work. As a taxpayer I'm willing to pay some cost, but it's work or no welfare in any form and your crime won't be tolerated.

Let's put the riff-raff of all colors on work farms at hard labor. The money they earn goes for child support and restitution to their victims. Operate public housing like military barracks including frequent inspections for cleanliness, removal of non-residents, etc. This is government property after all. Punish parents that refuse to control their children and a zero tolerance drug/alcohol policy.

Stop and frisk? Profile? You better believe it! New York city employs stop and frisk of blacks/Hispanics (who commit over 90 percent of the violent crime) and have saved the lives of thousands of black/Hispanic victims. Then perhaps the next little black child won't get a bullet for Christmas.

Also see Black "Opportunism" in New Orleans by Lewis Loflin

The New York Times December 11, 2011 article New Orleans Struggles to Stem Homicides adds more to this problem of New Orleans' homicide which points to black culture:

It was measured at 10 times the national average in 2010...There were 51 homicides per 100,000 residents here last year, compared with less than 7 per 100,000 in New York or 23 in similar-size Oakland, Calif...

New Orleans has long been a violent town; in 1994, there were 421 killings here, one of which was a hit ordered by a police officer. With federal intervention, the homicide rate dropped precipitously but began rising again around 2000 and has been fluctuating since Hurricane Katrina. The killers and their victims are overwhelmingly young black men...As police officials frequently point out to the anger of some families, most victims and offenders had prior contacts with the police, often for violent crimes. Less than a quarter were listed as having a steady job.

The narrower causes are less clear...Many killings in New Orleans are a result of conflicts and vendettas among small, loosely organized groups, the analysis concluded, but in nearly half the cases, the experts listed the primary motive as uncertain or unknown. Only about half the homicide cases are cleared...

Read the entire article at The New York Times. To further quote Heather McDonald in To See Its Value, See How Crime Rose Elsewhere why New York murder rates are so low with stop and frisk:

One purpose of stop and frisk is to deter criminals from carrying guns, in order to minimize spur-of-the-moment shootings. That deterrence has taken place. Street gangs now keep "community guns" in communal locations rather than on their person, to avoid a gun possession arrest if they are stopped.

The city's astounding homicide drop - 82 percent from 1990 to 2009 - is driven by a decline in gun crime, which disproportionately affects black males. In 2011, guns were used in 61 percent of all homicides, but 86 percent of black males between the ages of 16 and 21 killed that year died from gunfire, according to N.Y.P.D. data.

Yet race hustlers and the ACLU decry this as racism and demand law-abiding citizens be stripped of their rights in an effort to keep guns away from feral and dangerous minorities. The black/Hispanic culture of violence and lawlessness is the problem and to target that culture is not racism.

In New York, 96 percent of shooting victims in 2011, and 90 percent of murder victims, were minorities. Without the 82 percent drop, how many more minorities would be dead? Stop and frisk along with curfews on feral minority teenagers could have saved Mike Ainsworth and perhaps spared Kendall Harris life in prison.


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