Victim of brick attack
Victim of brick attack.

Terrified Victim of Brick Attack Speaks Out

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20-year-old Alisha Jordan was visiting New York to play Gaelic football, but instead she was "'Smashed' In The Face" and "'Covered' In Blood.'"

"The front of her skull is crushed. They're doing re-constructive surgery where they're putting a plate in her skull to hold it together. She has 15 stitches between her eyes. Her teeth are broken..."

Now people are remembering the similarity between this attack and another on the street last summer. Another Irish visitor, Paul Caldwell, was beaten so badly in an unprovoked attack he is still recovering.

An unidentified assailant walked up and smashed Alisha Jordan in the face without warning. She is so afraid that she didn't even want her face to be shown on T.V...

Alisha Jordan nervously folded her hands as she spoke about the attack that changed her life and split the front of her skull. Last week, she was young, strong and self-assured, but now, Jordan is facing reconstructive facial surgery. She gave (CBS 2's Lou) Young a first-hand description of her assailant, who struck without warning.

"He was a tall, skinny, black male. Almost skinned hair to no hair and a small bit of facial hair-kinda was muttering to himself. You know, like there was something wrong with him," Jordan said...Jordan came to the United States to play Gaelic football in a local woman's league and to enjoy a summer of sport and fun, but now she is devastated...

Now let's return to our continuing coverage of Trayvon Martin. After all Alisha caused the problem for the poor misunderstood African American male when she dared to look at him. That makes her guilty of racial profiling and him the real victim.

Ref. CBS New York, July 20, 2012


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