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How Diversity Destroyed Aurora Central High School

by Lewis Loflin

How do West Virginia schools, one of the poorest states in the Union, have higher graduation rates (93%) and test scores than Colorado (83%), Arizona (74%), New Mexico (78%), Oregon (84%), and California (86%)?

To quote April 26, 2022:

Iowa, Kentucky and Texas boasted the highest graduation rates in the country, with each graduating an average of 94% of its students in 2020. Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Virginia followed closely behind, with average graduation rates of 93%.

September 2022: Under the Biden regime, an estimated 5 million more illegal aliens have entered the United States. Our diversity failure problem in public schools will get worse.

"Diversity" or anti-white racism means anything but white people; the fewer white people, the better.

Aurora Central High School in Colorado has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.

Now "educators" are left with fixing the mess racial diversity created.

Without banning mass immigration from low-achieving nations, the situation is hopeless.

Megan Mitchell, a reporter for The Denver Post, wrote an article on Arora (Colorado) Central High School and its diversity-inflicted failure in 2016.

Several thousand words later, she never directly stated the real problem, just like the so-called "educators."

But there are clues. Let's look at how Aurora Central High School became a failure. Then we will look at why there is no fixing the problem.

Stats from 1988 student body: Total enrollment 1667; white 986 or 59%; black 420 or 25%; Asian 127 or 7.7%; Hispanic 119 or 7%.

Stats for 2020 student body: Total enrollment 2027; white 81 or 4%; Asian 118 or 5.8%; low-achieving non-Asian minorities ~90%. That includes 68.7% Hispanic and 16.5% black.

The on-time graduation rate is 56%, even with a 3% increase. I'd bet most of those graduating are functional illiterates.

Massive floods of low-achieving and illiterate third-world migrants, refugees, illegal aliens, and immigrants have destroyed the school.

The almost 4-6 million more mostly illegal aliens coming into this country since 2020 will add to this disaster.

Poor Megan can't see the problem or is too scared to say it - I just did.

So "Aurora Central High School to be reworked to address low test scores ."Reworked? The idea of the article is to give teachers' unions a blank check to fix a problem they won't admit.

The same teacher's union endorses Critical Race Theory (CRT) or racial communism.

One big craze with CRT racists is " ethnomathematics ." Utter garbage - would one like to fly in an aircraft built on "ethnomathematics"?

Parents attended meetings on March 19, 2015, fearful the school would close. "Educators" wanted to scatter the failure over a larger area to help disguise the problem.

As of 2021, violence and gang shootings fill the headlines - the press hides descriptions of shooters and victims - they are not white.

A drive-by shooting on 11/15/2021 wounded six teenagers, according to the press.

One parent was "shocked" and whined the community "lacked affordable activities to keep kids out of trouble."

How about parents controlling their feral children? What? No daddy in the house? Try getting married before opening your legs!

The problem in 2021 has not been fixed and getting worse.

In 2015 educators concocted something called "innovation schools," another social engineering experiment.

They claim:

"Proponents of the innovation model say it allows schools and districts to develop new practices to meet the needs of individual students. It creates more autonomy for teachers to make decisions about class structure and time management."

One insightful parent noted:

"I just want to know what's going on with the school and what the plan is...I understand that the innovation school gives teachers a little bit more say so, but I'm not sure how that will trickle down to the individual student. Either way, closing the school is not an option, because that puts pressure on the surrounding schools to accommodate extra students where there isn't space for them. Then the problem just spreads."

The school never closed. They never specified what that "innovation" was, and it never worked.

As of 2015, 30 other Colorado high schools faced the same mass failure. Much of the news reporting was dribble.

Over 38 percent of the students at the school are "limited English proficient," which has nothing to do with claims of white racism.

Dear Megan, notes the following:

"Dozens of parents met at Aurora Central on Thursday for the first of several public meetings about the changes. Translators were available for at least five languages...

Rebecca Finnie and David Bouchey (obviously not married) have a freshman son at Aurora Central...said that anything the school can do to speed the process of learning English - whether that's encouraging more refugee student involvement in extracurricular activities or implementing targeted language intervention programs - should be the focus."

"We love this school, we love its teachers, but they have been handicapped by the budget cuts," Finnie said. "And there are a lot of hurdles here that aren't at other schools ... like refugee students who come in and need to learn English. They need to be incorporated better into the school."

These low-achieving students reproduce the low achievements of their countries of origin.

That is not the fault of white Americans. Whites are not responsible for the 70-80% of black children raised in single-parent homes.

Refusal to seal the American border and invoke rational immigration policies make the situation hopeless. It creates even more poverty for native-born low-achieving non-Asian minorities.

The best predictor of academic failure and associated problems is PISA scores or "Program for International Student Assessment," touted as:

"PISA is not only the world's most comprehensive and reliable indicator of students' capabilities, it is also a powerful tool that countries and economies can use to fine-tune their education policies...

Over ten million students represented by PISA in 2018 were not able to complete even the most basic reading tasks - and these were 15-year-olds living in the 79 high- and middle-income countries that participated in the test. In many countries, the quality of the education a student acquires can still best be predicted by the student's or his or her school's socio-economic background..."

A 2016 report states:

"Students at ACHS represent 15 different counties and speak 12 different languages. Some of the countries represented include Jordan, Turkey, Kenya, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Sudan. As a result, English Language Learners (ELLs) make up 70% of the entire student body."

The report noted that in 2013-2014 only 46% of Aurora students graduated.

So why should we reproduce the same "socio-economic" culture in this country and expect any different?

We must "fine-tune" immigration policy. So what does PISA tell us about education ability? It precisely reproduces failure at Aurora Central High School.

The 2012 OECD average was 497. Steve Sailer broke out scores by race and state for the US.

The US fell below the OECD average at 492.

Massachusetts scored far above average at 523, Connecticut at 516. These are primarily white states - white Americans scored 518, out-scoring most European countries and Vietnam.

Asian Americans scored 548 and out-scored Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Florida scored 481, far below average. PEW research shows nearly a half-million are illegal aliens, and 21% overall are "immigrants." This is loaded towards the low-achieving Caribbean and Latin American nations.

West Virginia is one of the poorest states in America.

They score higher than Florida, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, all high "immigration" states.

American Hispanics score 465 or the bottom 3rd, just above Turkey. At the same time, European Spain scores at 490, and no other Spanish-speaking nation scores above Chile at 436, just below Thailand and just above American blacks.

As bad as American blacks scored (432), they are still above Costa Rico (426), Mexico (417), Brazil (402), and Peru (375).

Shocking is how low Israel scores at 474, and wealthy Qatar at 383 below Indonesia at 384.

Now one sees the problem with Aurora Central High School likely half the student body originates from low-achieving nations.

The 2018 PISA mean scores show American whites (521) and Asian Americans (549) scoring in the top 10!

Yet American Hispanics scored in the bottom half at 470, blacks at 436.

All top-tier nations are white or Asian limited to certain parts of China, Korea, and Japan. No African, Latin American or Muslim nation is in the top half.

Singapore (number 2 at 556) is 76% Chinese. Surrounding Malaysia scored 440. India scored dead last of 73 countries in 2009. They have refused to participate but are supposed to in 2021.

Same story for South Africa, Cuba, Pakistan, etc.

Liberal CRT racists have proven they can't educate low-achieving diversity children; they refuse to deal with reality.

They refuse to treat them as individuals or hold them to high standards. Today, high standards in math, science, etc., are called white supremacy.

Even showing up for a class on time is now white supremacy. Darn, it must be Asian supremacy too!

Nearly all "immigrants" want their children to learn English and become Americans - "educators" see this as white supremacy. These racist CRT "educators" refuse to do it.

None of it will happen. Instead, schools have hired diversity-equity enforcers or race police to fix the problem.

A study published in The New York Post (October 27, 2021) shows the diversity police have failed - in fact, schools got worse.

There is no easy fix to the diversity problem due to politics. But we can stop the bleeding today.

1) Ban all immigration from nations scoring below the PISA average. Seal our borders, immediate deportation, and ban further entry of those breaking our laws.

2) Restore traditional education: Ban CRT racism and all forms of multiculturalism. Fire the diversity police and other social science parasites.

3) English as the national language and no use of non-English in government or public institutions. Bring your translator or learn to speak English.

Contact poor little Megan Mitchell: 303-954-2650,


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