Enhancing Public Safety and Reducing Child Poverty

by Lewis Loflin

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Those in public housing must be stripped of many of their rights. They are living at the expense of the public and have no right to be there, but if they are they will stop acting like animals. Those of us in the military gave up many of our rights while in the service, so why not those on welfare or in public housing?

Here are my suggestions to protect the citizens of all races in urban areas and public housing:

Dusk to dawn curfews for those under 18 unless with adult guardian or providing proof from an employer of going/coming from a job.

Put police directly in public housing. If it costs a lot of money to do this then raise taxes to cover the cost. Lower crime rates and violence would save billions.

Heavy use of "stop and frisk" to disarm feral children and felons. Those caught with illegal weapons to serve maximum jail time. Try this instead of attacking the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Jail parents that won't control their feral children. If they can't control them the law must intervene and put the child in juvenile detention.

Zero tolerance of petty crime, loitering, public intoxication and/or drug use.

Women on public assistance are to be on mandatory birth control.

Put police into public housing, regular inspection of units for safely/cleanliness, removal of non-residents after curfew. After so many violations removal from public housing of those elements that won't follow the rules.

Regular drug testing of public housing residents and welfare recipients. Offer mandatory drug treatment or removal from units.

Make all violent cross-racial crimes automatic hate crimes and impose maximum sentences including for juvenile offenders 15 and over. If the attack results in a death, mandatory death sentence. This is to be carried within 10 years or two appeals, which ever comes first. The sentence is be carried out on juveniles after their 18th birthday.

Sex involving minors is statutory rape consensual or otherwise regardless of age. Enforce the law and get a handle on the unwed teen mother problem.

I don't want scores of people with sex-offender status on their records in particular minors. Set up system where proper behavior will clear their records.

Implement policies to encourage and protect traditional marriage. If we put half the effort into that as we do shoving homosexual marriage down the public's throat that would yield enormous benefits for children.

It's time to end this toleration of sloth and misbehavior that's the root cause of this problem. Just because it ends up being mostly minorities means the problem is them, not society in general. It's their children catching most of the bullets. Deal with this mass unemployment problem by cutting off mass legal/illegal immigration and start enforcing the labor laws.

Instilling traditional white cultural values will even the playing field for those mired in multi-generational poverty and family breakdown. This would give the poor real control over their lives and cut the chains of dependency.


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