Black Looters in London
Picture from The Dailey Mail

Diversity, Welfare, Undercurrent in London Race Riots 2011

by Lewis Loflin

The Economist Sep. 3, 2011 notes that:

Black people make up slightly less than 3 percent of the British population. But in the CCTV snaps of rioters that the police in London, Birmingham and Manchester have put on the internet, slightly more than half seem to be black. Many of the areas in which rioting took place, such as Tottenham, Hackney and Brixton, are largely black. In Scotland, Wales and north-east England, which have small black populations, there was no rioting...

Poverty can only be part of the explanation for this pattern. While blacks are, by and large, poorer than whites, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are poorer still. There was no disorder in areas with large Asian populations, including in London.

65 percent of black Caribbean children in Britain grow up in a single-parent family; nine out of ten of those households are headed by women. Children brought up in one-parent families are more likely to take drugs, drop out of school and end up in prison...

What does the article conclude? Same old political correctness of discrimination and racism. Thus the rioters and criminals that looted and torched London and other cities are the real victims. There's not a shred of proof of racism - it's their culture and own self-inflicted failure.

Yet picture after picture from the Dailey Mail shows mainly black criminals robbing and stealing. That is what they do and that is why they are arrested in large numbers.

Criminal Mark Duggan

All of this started because a criminal gang banger named Mark Duggan opened fire on police wounding one officer and died in the exchange. The Left blamed all of this on cuts in welfare and social programs - nobody is buying it this time. Officials are finally dealing with the welfare crime class and holding them directly responsible for their action.

To quote Wikipedia:

According to Tony Thompson of the London Evening Standard, Duggan may have been a founding member of North London's "Star Gang", an offshoot of the Tottenham Mandem gang. Unnamed police sources alleged via The Daily Telegraph that Duggan was a "well known gangster" and a "major player and well known to the police in Tottenham".

Officers attached to Operation Trident had Duggan under surveillance; police stated that they suspected Duggan was planning to commit a crime connected with the death of his cousin, Kelvin Easton, who was stabbed to death outside an East London bar in March 2011. Duggan was increasingly paranoid as a consequence of his cousin's death. The Daily Telegraph alleged that Duggan was bound to avenge the death by the "street code" of the gang.

After Duggan's death, he was described as a drug dealer by the police and others, an allegation denied by his family and friends. Duggan's family stated the allegations against Duggan were "disinformation", stating that he was "not a gang member and he had no criminal record", though in fact Duggan had been convicted of cannabis possession and handling stolen goods. He had been arrested on many occasions, for alleged crimes including murder and attempted murder. His fiancée said he had spent time on remand.[8]

What an outstanding example of diversity. Appeals by Duggan's family that he was unjustly shot were thrown out of court.

Burned out Reeves Furniture Store Croydon

(Above) Burned out Reeves Furniture Store Croydon.

The other story centers around 37-year-old Jonathan Mason who get evicted in 2013 from his welfare apartment/flat. To quote,

After a ‘lengthy legal process’ an eviction order was granted in July this year on the grounds that he had breached his tenancy agreement. He was also ordered to pay off £5,695 in rent arrears.

To quote another source:

It took Wandsworth's housing department more than a year of legal proceedings to effect Mr Mason’s eviction after the Inner London Crown Court found him guilty of burglary and imposed a three year prison sentence on 12 September 2012. Wandsworth tenants are required to sign an agreement that household members who engage in criminal or anti-social behavour are liable to be evicted.

And their demographics are nearly identical with America. 69.4 percent of London's population is white and 10.7 percent black, London police arrested (Operation Withern) a total of 2,663 people during the riot. About two-thirds of the London rioters were non-whites. Of those 54.6 percent were black, 33.6 percent white, and 8 percent Asian mainly Muslims.

The Dailey Mail August 8, 2013 note that "Jonathan Mason, 37, joined a mob to burgle the HSBC branch in Lavender Hill, Battersea, south London, on August 8th, 2011. He was convicted of burglary and jailed for three years in 2012." And that welfare addled slime was "believed to be the first successful eviction carried out in relation to the riots."

The Guardian claimed in Dec. 2011 that race really wasn't a factor and mumbled on the situation was "complicate". Yet to quote,

An estimate from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) says that 42% of those brought before the courts were white, and 46% black or of mixed heritage. A total of 7% were from an Asian or mixed Asian background.

But the proportions, as noted by the MoJ, varied significantly around the country. In Haringey – including Tottenham, where the rioting began – 34% were white, 55% from a black or mixed background. In Nottingham, 32% were white and 62% from a black or mixed background.

In Birmingham, 46% were from a black background, 33% white and 15% were Asian. In Salford, those taken to court were 94% white; with 6% from a black or mixed background.

Of the 270 rioters interviewed by the Guardian and the LSE, 50% were black, 27% were white, 18% of mixed race and 5% Asian.

Yet the data released in 2012 (see pdf below) tells a differing story:

Violent crime in general in the UK for 2011 finds that non-whites like in America account for most of the violent crime:

Rape and attempted rape - Total - 660 - Non-white total - 51.9 percent
Other sexual - Total - 1380 - Non-white total - 50.1 percent
Gun crime - Total - 791 - Non-white total - 67 percent
Knife crime - Total - 3430 - Non-white total - 65 percent
Personal robbery - Total - 6378 - Non-white total - 71 percent
Snatch - Total - 401 - Non-white total - 74 percent
Attempted personal robbery - Non-white total - 65 percent

See london_race_riots.pdf

791 gun crimes? I thought Britain was "gun free" and such a wonderful safe place to live. Seems criminals have all the guns. The large number of sexual assaults is also troubling. Like in America robbery is a largely black enterprise.

Also in England like America most of the poor are white, so it isn't poverty that accounts for the tendency of particular non-white groups to engage in crime and violence. Until we begin to approach the problem from facts and not political correctness we can't even begin to deal with the problem.

Lewis Frog

To quote,

In 2021, 87% of all non-lethal interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and whites in the US were black-on-white — 480,030 incidents with a black offender and white victim, and 69,850 incidents with a white offender and black victim, or seven times as many black-on-white as white-on-black incidents of interracial non-lethal violence.

That is 7 to 1 black on white. White often includes Hispanics as offenders. Note the massive list below.

This same problem persists in nearly every European nation that allowed in masses of Muslims and Africans.

In America 90% of all gun violence is black violence.

Yet news reports show Switzerland with near 100% gun ownership has nearly ZERO gun violence. The answer is simple. The population is 98% European. They didn't import masses of Muslims and Africans.

Ref. Media's 'existing while black' coverage of crime merely twists facts and worsens racial divide in US By Heather Mac Donald April 26, 2023 New York Post


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