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Trayvon Martin Criminal in Training

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

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I'm sure we heard all about thug in training Trayvon Martin simply went to the store for an Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles. That like so much of the reporting was another lie. What he bought was Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail Juice which when combined with the chemicals in Skittles combined with codeine cough syrup created a drug known in southern hip-hop culture as "Sizzurp" and "Purple Drank" and "Lean".

His Facebook page showed he was into those drugs as well as marijuana and fighting. His autopsy report showed THC (low levels) in his blood and some liver damage consistent with using Lean. He had been on this drug since 2011 if his Facebook posting are true. His autopsy on his liver (P4) notes "patchy yellow discoloration" many are claiming is caused by this kind of drug abuse.

I am not an expert on this but I can find no place that disputed these claims and combined with the long list of lies and distortions in the press forces me to conclude this was the case. The trial also revealed a "full can of watermelon-flavored drink." That pretty much clenches it for me. An expert at the trial claimed his marijuana use had nothing to do with the attack on Zimmerman, but what about in combination with "Purple Drank" use and his other issues?

To find a neutral source on this issue I found or the Milford Prevention Council in CT working to end teen drug abuse. According to them:

"Purple drank" is not a new drug, but is growing in popularity. Originating in and around Houston, Texas in the hip hop community, "purple drank" is a mixture of codeine cough syrup, the antihistamine promethazine, Sprite or 7-Up and Jolly Ranchers candy...codeine is a narcotic and in larger doses, especially coupled with an antihistamine and/or alcohol, can lead to sedation and an altered level of consciousness and even death.

Signs of use would be the noticeable passing around of Sprite bottles containing a purplish liquid and extreme drowsiness. The drug sells for around $350.00 a pint. It carries a strong odor, has a syrupy thickness, and a purple tint. Risks associated with "purple drank" are overdose, liver damage, "syrup comas," and driving under the influence of the drug which could prove deadly.

Perhaps ironically, Houston disc jockey DJ Screw, who popularized the concoction, died of a codeine-promethazine-alcohol overdose in 2000.

On cross-examination of the 911 operator acknowledged hearing the door chiming and that at the time of instruction there was wind noise from having cell phone outside the car. The dispatcher in fact denied there was an order for Zimmerman to stay in his vehicle. Zimmerman's actions were completely proper.

Later on the operator also said he detected no anger in Zimmerman's voice and he has no cause for concern with Zimmerman. The operator had been on the job for six years and was trained to detect aggression, etc. He also had no concern when he described Trayvon as a black male. He detected no animosity with Zimmerman.

What the press wanted was a sweet 13-year-old gunned down by a racist white man. Another fact on the tape was he was never told to stay in the car and acted properly. The information was available but the racist left-wing press chose to lynch Zimmerman as a racist. The press lied again and deserve no respect.


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