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Marijuana Increases Violent Crime

by Lewis Loflin

At my local talk radio station 92.9 in Bristol Virginia marijuana is a popular subject. Like clockwork one caller after another touts the medical wonders of marijuana. The host has to keep quoting the CDC otherwise. Listeners cite their friends and themselves as proof.

A report in the New York Times (1/4/2019) notes a link between violent crime and marijuana use:

"Worse - because marijuana can cause paranoia ands psychosis, and these conditions are closely linked to violence - it appears to lead to an increase in violent crime...The first four states to legalize - Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington - have seen increases in murders and aggravated assaults since 2014..."

This is based on FBI, local police, and news reports that "show a clear link to cannabis in many cases."

Appalachia already suffers a serious problem with drug abuse of all kinds. While opioids get the big news, marijuana can lead to opioid abuse. The old marijuana of the 70s-80s had 5% THC - modern marijuana is 25% mind-destroying THC.

To quote, "the same people pressing for marijuana legalization argued that the risk of opioids could be easily managed."

For Bristol this should be considered. There are efforts to place a cannabis oil producer in the empty Bristol Mall. THC or not it is dumb.

What is the actual benefit of this? No to any form of marijuana in Bristol. No to legalization.

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