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Finally, let's take a look at Transition Washington County. Their website is at It seems to be headed Cassa Von Kundra another recent transplant who spoke at the Washington County Board of supervisors where she mispronounced "Appalachia. Let me be clear these people mean well, but when they try through political means to impose their beliefs on others, then it becomes a matter of politics.

They can practice their beliefs in private and I have no problem with that, but when environmentalists place Greenism over the economic welfare of poor people in this community, I draw the line.

Since this was first written Cassa has contacted me and clarified a number of issues. I'm certainly grateful and stand corrected on several issues. Let's be clear that environmentalists are a very diverse group of people, but seem to present themselves publicly as a group. This creates a number of problems for them.

I've asked directly again and again and still haven't gotten a coherent answer as to just what "sustainability" really means in the real world. Spare me the abstract nonsense of future generations, etc. The following is not aimed at Cassa, but is a more general discussion.

Let's clarify some issues here. Religion differs from theology even though many people claim they are the same. For example Christian theology says Jesus is divine, the same as God, and only through knowledge/faith in Jesus Christ can find "salvation." Without that basic belief one can't be a Christian.

But the Christian religion isn't about just theology, but an interlocking political, social, and economic system and world view. Same for Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. Religions in general are "collective" in that they are group oriented and suppress the individual for the "common" good.

A religion doesn't have to have a god, but can be very secular if they fulfill the function of a religion. (They often use the term "spiritual") Buddhism and Taoism are religions, but often lack any deity. Communism/socialism have been called religion in the sense they have a religious view (that no god/gods exist), but in every other way the exact same including fanaticism, good versus bad, a fall (study Jean-Jacques Rousseau the father of communism), a salvation, and an "Eden" on earth.

This isn't to suggest all spiritual views or pseudo-religions are evil, far from it. For example the Amish are a very specific religion that doesn't seek to convert general society to their world view and is indeed voluntary. Cassa claims permaculture is strictly voluntary and I believe her, but her website is very vague on this. When one tries to use County government to promote what they believe good or bad, that doesn't make it voluntary - that's the use of force.

From her website and her views on Permaculture, she is a Nature worshiper and is a collectivist. She is exactly why I say environmentalists don't care about polar bears, but often have other agendas at least as important to them. Cassa makes it very clear, "the earth comes first".

Permaculture and most environmentalism in general is a fusion of spiritualism and politics where polar bears, etc. are simply a minor part. In fact I agree with 85% of that she promotes and she has a lot of great ideas if one wants a low standard of living in exchange for getting out of the consumer rat-race culture the nation has become - that is a valid point.

If one wants to know how this philosophy operates see and pay them $120 for a seminar. Among the scientific subjects covered are; "Create regenerative culture, Healing, and (social) Justice." Be aware this is not a money making scam, but is being used to pay a teacher from North Carolina and if not enough people sign up, then the program will be canceled.

Let me be clear again Cassa has some great ideas minus social justice Marxism that seems to infect so many liberals and attempts to use government to force it on others. I'm against any use of government by any faction to force their beliefs on others be it secular/religious or conservative/liberal.

Before the Board of supervisors (January 25, 2011) she stated she/they placed "collective good" over "personal betterment". She promotes social justice on her website, and while often poorly defined, has a lot of negative undertones. I don't want to define it for her, but it's opposed to equal justice and has many racist' and socialist' undertones among liberals.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke says of social justice,

"Either 'social justice' has the same meaning as 'justice' - or not. If so - why use the additional word 'social? ... If not, if 'social justice' means something different from 'justice' - then 'something different from justice' is by definition 'injustice'"

Liberals reject "equal justice" for "social justice." None of that has anything to do with polar bears, but is part of their statist' politics.

Go to their page and find the Cultural Transition radio show on WEHC 90.7 fm and listen to their live archive. This is what they discussed on Permaculture and what it is really about:

In a radio interview show she says we need to go back to primitive life styles of our ancestors.

Develop a "global grassroots culture" and "solution oriented environmental movement."

Science is "rooted in observation of natural systems."

She claims the earth is a self-organized system or an organism itself. Mentions occultist James Lovelock and American Indian religion as influences on her beliefs it seems. She states Lovelockian "living earth" and that all organisms are "valid." Thus humans have no more worth than bugs and weeds. This along with "social (in)justice" and collectivism is where we part ways.

The main basis of Permaculture is,"Fair share: (which) set limits to reproduction, limits to consumption, redistribution of surplus. All children as our heirs." This is just more theft of private property and tyranny unless one joins a separate volunteer community and agrees with this.

They are talking about managing Nature, not letting Nature run on it's own and do as it should. That means controlling people and nature, nature being the Earth as a living organism such as that envisioned by James Lovelock.

For More on Lovelock see The Ages of Gaia Exposed.

She uses the term "stacking" and defines it as "use vertical space and plant densely." She refers to plants, vines, etc. This can be confused "stack and pack" that uses government regulations to force people into densely packed (and I'll bet small living space) high rises while placing most land off limits to development. There are no private property rights under such a system. To quote Cassa,

The concept of forcing people to live closely is something I've only come across recently on the information packet from the Tea Party when they were presenting to the Washington County Board of Supervisors. I think there is more talk about people living closer to activities (restaurants, shopping, museums) for their convenience. I've only heard of this as a personal choice (strictly voluntary), but I don't want to get sidetracked here.

I believe her that is what she means, but that is not what others are pushing. It's easy to see how this can get confused with Urban Development Areas or UDAs. This stuff in the hands of idiots using government force can have very negative outcomes for all of us. Legitimate environmentalists need to clearly state what they represent and renounce those with other agendas. To quote her own website again:

"We are committed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, Spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this Planet as the guiding principle of our times."

This is clearly a pseudo-religion that integrates a number of left-wing, progressive, and New Age beliefs rolled into a pseudo-religious dogma. I don't want to include every environmentalists as being this way, but until they sort themselves out and clearly renounce the closet Marxist, etc. in their ranks, what are we forced to think?

It has a large propaganda component and anyone that dares to question that eco-dogma is to be attacked. I'd invite anyone to listen in on this at: and draw their own conclusion.

For more on UDAs see Washington County Virginia Tea Party versus the Greenie Party.


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