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Hate Crime-Industrial Complex

by Lewis Loflin

Updated 1/14/2022.

Summary: so-called hate crimes are rare, 80% or more of the reported "incidents" are thrown out of court.

While the Press obsesses over the issue, they ignore the thousands of dead Black bodies on Democrat controlled city streets.

In 2021 approximately 10,500 blacks were murdered, mostly by other blacks.

The December 2021 Jussie Smollett conviction on five charges related to another hate crime hoax.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Most hate crime reports or "incidents" are a fraud.

Nine-year-old Markiya Dickson lost her life at a picnic in a Richmond, Virginia park. Another child was wounded.

Three brutish black males got into a gun fight with another male spraying the area with 22 or more bullets. Markiya paid with her life - shot in the back.

The three animals have been convicted and will spend decades in jail.

Makiya is a daily tragedy across Virginia's other black ruled urban cesspools.

The "press" rejoiced as Richmond removed Confederate statues or prints hysterical headlines when some idiot is convicted of hate crime charges - often non-violent offences.

The 2020 Virginia murder stats continue a decades long pattern. Blacks make up ~19% of the Virginia population. Murder is one example. There were 173 white/Hispanic victims and 350 black victims.

There were 199 white/Hispanic offenders, 348 black offenders, and 31 unknown. Note Hispanics are counted as white inflating the white statistics.

Sensational headlines on so-called "hate crimes" and "white supremacy" fill the front pages and editorial pages. Hiding the racial identity of violent criminals is far too common.

Many believe "hate crimes" are common and are the work of "white supremacy."

This is all fiction and propaganda. It is another lie. In fact both are lies.

Fact 1: hate crimes are very rare: only 166 "reported incidents" in Virginia in 2019 and 83% on average will be thrown out of court mostly due to lack of evidence. This is out of a population of over 8.5 million.

Fact 2: non-Muslim whites per capita commit a fraction of the "hate crimes" however defined compared to non-whites and Muslims. But hate crimes are still rare among Muslims and most non-whites.

Mass shootings are one example. The "Press" claim it is the work of whites. That is a lie.

Again we turn to the urban diversity cesspool of Chicago. In 2021 there were 155 mass shooting involving more than 2 victims. 30 were killed. Another 461 incidents with 2 victims and 167 killed. Black-Hispanic gangs are the culprits.

Washington D.C. primarily a Black city and under total Democratic Party control had 222 "reported incidents" or 31.3 per 100,000 people. Still rare but far above the national average. Other violent black crimes rocks the City.

Nearly all "white" West Virginia with double the Washington DC population had 31 "reported incidents" or 1.97 "hate crimes" per 100,000 people.

Black Washington DC has 15 times the "recorded incidents" of hate crimes than white West Virginia.

Florida with a population of 21 million had 111 "reported incidents" in 2019 - half that of far smaller Washington DC.

Let's dig into the real numbers. The answers are shocking and the numbers of actual crimes even more so.

I'm using Government publications such as the US Dept. of Justice Hate Crime Statistics 2019 and Federal Hate Crime Prosecutions, 2005–19, and various press reports.

Note much of the information can't be found on Google, use Duckduckgo.

The number of recognized "victim classes" is absurd and ever expanding. Virginia is one example of statistical and reporting chaos.

Hispanic is a stupid ever changing classification. Or "non-Hispanic white" is another silly term that creates statistical chaos. Anyone with a Spanish surname or claims origins from a Spanish speaking nation is a Hispanic now changed to Latino or the stupid manufactured term LatinX.

My family could be Irish, Italian, etc., immigrate here from Argentina or Paraguay, and magically become a Latino, a member of a special protected victim class! A white person of Irish or Italian ancestry born here would have no such right.

Yet 70% of the residents of Puerto Rico identify in the Census as WHITE. One Latino activist when being interviewed had this fact pointed out and went hysterical - "they are not white", she claimed.

Almost 85% of Cuban Americans identify as white because they are WHITE!

For some silly reason Spain, a white European country, is not recognized as white. Yet most people from the Middle East and North Africa (Muslims) are classified as white, when they are not.

Thus any former Spanish colony in the New World covering many peoples and races are treated the same. This robs individuals of their true identity for political reasons.

This is almost as stupid as treating Muslims as a race, but Islam is an ideology, culture, and religion.

There is no form of "separation" of religion-state under Islam.

Virginia, Tennessee, other states have no offender category for Hispanics, who are counted as white.

Thus Indians from Central America, Southern Mexico, etc. their crime rates inflate the white crime rate.

This in fact mask their higher crime rates. But they do have a victim designation as Hispanic.

Just as many European ethnic group dislike each other the same is true of "Hispanics" based on country of origin and race. While treated as a race by many like Islam they are not a single race.

One "hate crime" incident in California makes this clear. To quote,

"A Mexican couple was at a Colombian salsa dance when they saw a male friend attacked by a group of 15 Colombian men. When the wife asked why they were fighting, a suspect replied, 'Because you're fu#### Mexicans.' Then a suspect grabbed the wife by the hair and another suspect kicked her. The husband was pushed to the ground and a suspect stepped on his ankle."

End quote.

If this happened in Virginia the 15 men would be counted as white. The press would be hysterical over "white" racism.

Same problems with North Africans and people from the Middle East are also counted as white. Most are Muslims but not all.

But Muslims have a federal victim designation, but no offender designation. Thus the endless fighting between Muslims and Jews, Muslim extremists are counted as white in hate crime statistics.

This covers up a number of problems liberals are determined to ignore.

One example of this was education statistics I compiled for Michigan. In every state I looked at Blacks and Hispanics under performed Asians and whites by massive margins. 70% to 80% of Asians and whites excelled, non-Asian minorities failed everywhere sometimes scoring in the single digits.

The LA Times for example reports 70-80% of Blacks and Hispanics in California can't read or do math.

But Michigan showed massive under performance of white students, by far the worst in the country. (They didn't list Hispanics or Asians.)

Later on I discovered massive numbers of Arab/Muslim students in Dearborn and Detroit counted as white, but doing nearly as bad as Blacks. Once I separated them the white average came up to normal.

Democrats and socialists operate these schools so why don't we address their failure? They blame that too on white supremacy.

Note Muslim hate crime incidents are still very rare!

Thus many anti-Semitic "incidents" from Muslims end up attributed to "whites" feeding the false white supremacy narrative.

In Los Angeles if they don't know who painted a swastika on a sidewalk this is counted as a "white hate crime." In many cases these turned out to be the work of Blacks, Muslims, or Hispanics.

Again this is very rare with about 500 "reported incidents" from 10 million Los Angeles residents for 2019.

A CNN report May 28, 2021 reports three Muslims arrested for attacking Jews. To quote,

"Last Saturday, three men allegedly yelled 'Kill all the Jews' and other statements at men outside of a Brooklyn synagogue before allegedly beating two Jewish teenagers about 10 minutes later, according to the complaints against them."

All three will be counted as white. Robert Cherry in the New York Post November 25, 2019 reports "Over the last 12 months, there were 246 anti-Semitic crimes in the Big Apple, up from 144 over the previous 12 months."

End quote.

Those white supremacist Trump loving Nazis are hard at work according to the Liberal Press. Yet the facts are otherwise. To further quote,

"Yet there is little pressure on the NYPD from activists who are normally quick to denounce hate crimes and bigotry. What explains this silence? The perpetrators have been disproportionately black.

As the investigative reporter Armin Rosen pointed out in Tablet, 'many of the [anti-Jewish] attacks are being carried out by people of color with no ties to the politics of white supremacy.' As he noted, even in cases where no one is caught, video footage overwhelmingly shows minority attackers."

Blacks comprised seven of the nine anti-Jewish hate-crime perpetrators arrested during the third quarter. In the most recent report, blacks comprised 24 of the 34 (71 percent) perpetrators arrested for all hate crimes. After reaching a high of 61 percent in the second quarter of 2018..."

End Quote.

This is true in nearly all large urban areas where Black crime and violence is 8 to 10 times that of everyone else.

What is a "reported incident" a term the government uses and the Press treats as a proven hate crime? It is an allegation not a proven crime.

Thus according to the Federal Government 83% of the allegations never make it to trial due mainly to lack of evidence. The Press publishes the larger number pushing "white supremacy" lie. This is designed to create fear and raise racial hatred. Less than 15% ever lead to a conviction. The rest are mostly false accusations or hoaxes.

The numbers themselves are small. The Federal Government investigated only 1,864 suspects from 2005-2019. With 83% thrown out leaving about 317 or 21 cases a year. Even if all were the work of white supremacists, this barely registers in comparison to violent Black crime just in Washington DC.

In 2020 there were nearly 4000 violent crimes in Washington DC a small decrease from 2019. That included nearly 200 murders. Yet socialist officials in Washington bitterly complain,

"While there are about as many African Americans aged 18 or older (47.6%) as there are adult whites (42%) living in this city, eight of 10 adults arrested for crime in Washington are African American."

Blacks kill other Blacks by the thousands every year. The number was 9,913 murdered in 2020 alone - nearly all by other blacks. (

Another nearly 2,000 unknown most likely the majority are Black. Others claim the murder rates "spiked" 30% in 2020 - Black lives don't matter to feral Blacks.

This is due to family breakdown and black culture abetted by white liberal racists. Fatherless homes produce violent out of control children.

In 2019 the FBI claims 7,314 "incidents reported" out of a population 305 million people. Yet little interest in the nearly 10,500 Blacks murdered in 2020, 90% plus of the time by Blacks.

This is far above the 7,314 "reported incidents" of "hate crimes" mostly hoaxes.

Again to quote the Federal Government, "Insufficient evidence was the most common reason hate crime matters were declined."

Even with the expansion of protected classes the numbers are miniscule. Plus the fact most are thrown out of court makes it more so. Real crimes are ignored by the press.

This is asinine as the Irish, Italians, Catholics, Germans, many others suffered discrimination at certain times. The whole hate-crime industrial complex is a political distraction.

African slavery for example was practiced by Black Africans, across broad swaths of Latin America, and nearly all Muslim countries that included the enslavement of millions of whites. Oddly whites ended slavery long before it ended in African and Muslim nations.

Yet American whites whom only 5% of that time of the Civil War even owned slaves. Many of their ancestors hadn't even immigrated to America yet, are hold solely responsible for the world.

Free Blacks in the South, American Indians, and Hispanics in the American Southwest all practiced slavery. Only 6-7% of all Black slaves even went to the United States.

During the Obama Administration Attorney General Holder (this is on YouTube) testified before Congress that civil rights and hate crime protections do not apply to normal, non-Jewish, non-homosexual white people, but only "historically marginalized" groups. Holder is a pure racist.

Chicago is another example the Press will try to ignore. In 2021 3,561 people have been shot with 797 killed mostly Blacks killing Blacks. (The Hill 1/1/22)

The Mayor of Chicago blames white supremacy for the slaughter.

The Chicago Sun-Times Nov. 22, 2021 leads with the headline: "14-year-old boy among 5 killed in weekend shootings in Chicago, 34 other people wounded, including 6 teens". At this rate the increase will be 80% over 2018.

When a crazy white man shot 10 people at several Atlanta massage parlors the press went wild that "white supremacy" was targeting Asians. That is a lie - the shooter shot six Asian women and four non-Asians.

He was targeting sex workers nearly all turning out to be Asian women.

In fact I know of nobody that has anything bad to say about Asians. Many of my white friends wanted to marry them. Asians in fact are more law-abiding than whites.

The fact is based on video evidence and news reports Blacks over represent attacks on Asians. The most glaring example was two Black (feral female) teenagers in Washington DC carjacked and killed a Pakistani Uber driver. One could be seen walking by the dying victim to go back and get her damned cell phone.

In another case a group of Black teenagers in Wilmington, North Carolina lured an Asian delivery driver to a location shooting him to death. They robbed him then sat around eating fried rice as the body cooled.

In New York Black teenagers murdered Sheng Jin Liu, 44 for $60 worth of food.

A man got 16 years in prison for burning a gay pride flag.

This is insane and tearing the country apart. My brothers and sisters in Hong Kong, Cuba, Venezuela risk their lives fighting against the very system many spoiled rich people want here.

It is time to support individual liberty, free speech, and the Constitution as written. No more special protected classes, enforce the damn laws against violent crime regardless of the race of the offender.

Treat people as individuals and end this group identity nonsense.


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