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How Modern Liberals are Traitors to Liberalism

by Lewis Loflin

How can it be the “Liberals” side with war-mongering Neo-cons? With government spy agencies? With billionaires on Wall Street and Silicon Valley against workers?

How can the American Civil Liberties Union side with university policies that deny basic rights to those accused of a crime? To deny the accused the right of even facing their accuser or even knowing the charges?

To quote the Epoch Times October 21, 2020, on Trump Secretary of Education DeVos:

"The new guidelines focus on guaranteeing those accused of sexual misconduct with due process protections, such as the presumption of innocence, live hearings, and cross-examination of the accusers. It also adopted a stricter definition of sexual harassment based on a 1999 Supreme Court decision.

The ACLU, on behalf of a coalition of survivor advocacy groups, filed the lawsuit in May in a Maryland federal court (advocating) for colleges to use a ‘clear and convincing' evidence standard for alleged victims."

But what does "clear and convincing" supposed to mean if actual evidence can’t give the desired outcome?

The Constitution does not end on campus property and if it does they need to be stripped of all taxpayer funding, have their non-profit status revoked.

What does one’s conduct outside campus have to do with the campus thought police? Too many colleges today behave more like Communist China in violating individual rights on everything including free speech and association - on and off-campus.

Increasingly, basic constitutional and individual rights are being trampled by schools, employers, government agencies, Social Justice mobs/thugs, etc. for unapproved speech or personal conduct outside of their institutions.

Or for simply being the wrong race. Double standards the essence of racism is now the norm. It’s bad enough whites, Asians, etc. suffer racial discrimination under Affirmative Action, but this has devolved into anti-white racial hatred.

Deluded “self-hating” whites, Jews, etc believe they obtain righteousness through renouncing the “sins” of their heritage, race, and culture.

This goes back to Medieval Times as deluded Christians beat themselves with chains to absolve themselves of “sin”.

Colleges, the media, press, etc. spew lies and irrational nonsense about police, working-class whites, etc.

Known a “critical race theory” this irrational socialist garbage has replaced class with race. CRT rejects empirical proof and reason for “stories” and “feelings”.

If CRT was used against Jews it would be pure Nazism.

I viewed a video of a crazy young woman in California ranting on about how threatened she felt driving by a Trump peaceful rally in Los Angeles. Nobody spoke to her, stopped her car, or anything else. It is likely nobody even noticed her.

Being non-white her feelings of being racially or whatever violated (in her mind) translates into real-world events. These are the ravings of a mentally ill and spoiled child.

CRT “Liberals” believe hurting their feelings constitutes violence against them and their imagined discomfort is a real-world physical event. Everyday events cause outrage with these nut jobs.

They deny the almost violent 600 riots by BLM and ANTIFA terrorists. Mere criticism or scrutiny of any “protected class” constitutes physical violence in their warped reality.

Is it any wonder even in California guns sales are hitting records?

I’ve viewed photos where National Socialist (Nazi) mobs attacked-burned Jewish businesses as police stood by and did nothing. Jews are beaten and some cases murdered in public.

Today police in many Democrat ruined cities stand by as BLM and ANTIFA socialist-communist mobs burn businesses, and beat, sometimes kill, people in the streets.

Chicago is the modern 1930s Berlin - victims are 96% non-white terrorized by black-Hispanic gangs, criminals.

Under CRT ideology non-whites can never be violent, can never be held responsible for anything. Thus the violent riots or black murders of innocent blacks doesn’t exist.

They claim Whites like the Jews of the 1930s suffer a moral, racial stain that makes them evil simply for being alive. Doesn’t matter how they act, guilty at birth, the secular version of original sin.

Like the Jews they are held collectively responsible of every ill in the word real or imagined - most imagined. I present two examples of how deluded these people are.

Example 1: Oprah Winfrey is worth $2.6 BILLION in 2020. I watched her in an interview on how “oppressed” she was due to her race. She identifies as perhaps a poor inner-city black but does little with her billions to help any of them.

She goes on how all whites (nonsense term whiteness) oppress “people of color”. You know the very ones that made her filthy rich.

When it was brought up the vast number of poor whites with no power at all, she claimed the “caste” system didn’t absolve them of their racial guilt and white privilege.

So let me get this straight - a filthy rich black woman in New York or Los Angeles is oppressed by unemployed Kentucky coal miners? She is both deluded and a racist bigot.

Example 2: Barack Hussein Obama II, black two-term American President. He too believes America is a racist nation even if we elected a black man for President twice.

So does his wife as she drones on about oppression - she is oppressed too! And she does this from a $15 Million Martha’s Vineyard Estate. You know, where those “woke” rich white people live.

We ignored his ties to a racist black church and his ties to Louis Farrakhan, the arch Muslim racist. We ignored his racist Attorney General Mr. Holder as his testified before congress (and I saw this on video) that civil rights protections didn’t apply to whites - or as he termed it only to “historically oppressed” groups.

Again more CRT racism as we have different standards of treatment based on race.

What we also ignored Barack Hussein, as he became filthy rich, he did nothing for Chicago blacks. This wealthy “community organizer” leaves office and never returned to the people he was supposed to represent.

During his time in office about 4000 people, nearly all non-white, were murdered by blacks in Chicago. Around another 12,000 wounded.

The “woke” white puppet masters pulling Barack Hussein’s strings wanted the discussion on guns, not the terrible problems within black communities.

Neither Barack Hussein nor Oprah Winfrey does crap for poor black people.

The “woke” filthy rich neighbors of Barack Hussein, Oprah Winfrey, or those funding Joe Biden want the conversation deflected off on race, not social class.

These elites that grew wealthy on undermining workers with mass immigration NAFTA, WTO, and Globalism. They seek to avoid being accountable for their actions.

Better to burn down Democrat ruined cities than deal with real issues. Deluded nonsense like Critical Race Theory provides the key to keeping racial hatred boiling and deflect the discussion away from our ruling class.

These “liberals” have betrayed everything liberalism ever stood for.


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