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Who are the Smartest Countries?

by Lewis Loflin

Forbes proves once again the American press can't be trusted.

Forbes published "Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World" (Jan. 11, 2019) discusses the idea of "cleverest nation" in the world.

They discuss IQ, educational attainment, and Nobel Prizes. As usual they place China and East Asia on top, and America sucks somewhere in the middle needing to be more like Mexico.

In my essay "Lessons in How Diversity Destroys Schools" I discussed the issues of educational attainment and IQ where I use the better term achievement.

Here I will turn to Nobel Prizes. To rehash my earlier essay white Americans and Asian Americans score in the top 10 on the Program for International Student Assessment or PISA scores in 2018.

They surpass most European and even top Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan in 2018. While China may rank first, only selected scores from Hong Kong, Macau, and Beijing are presented, not the nation as a whole.

I feel the number is deceptive. Singapore which is 76% Chinese, a small wealthy enclave came in at number 2. After I averaged non-Taiwan China I came to 550.

So in order Singapore was number 1 (556), combined, partial Communist China (550) number 2, US Asians number 3 (549), white Estonia number 4 (525), US whites number 5 (521).

Hispanics, low-achieving 3rd world refugees, illegal aliens, migrants, etc. flooding the country, along with native born blacks, drag down the US average.

What is PISA?

SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), 2018.

PISA test scores are allotted in roughly the same fashion as for the SAT.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
U.S. Whites* 521 531 503 529
United States 495 505 478 502
U.S. two or more races 492 501 474 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
Spain NA NA 481 483
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Chile 438 452 417 444
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
Uruguay 424 427 418 426
Mexico 416 420 409 419
Costa Rica 415 426 402 416
Colombia 405 412 391 413
Peru 402 401 400 404
Brazil 400 413 384 404
Argentina 395 402 379 404
Panama 365 377 353 365
Dominican Republic 334 342 325 336

*Note whites are a very diverse group that have higher average poverty rates than Asians. Their scores are further dragged by including Muslims, Arabs, etc. as white. They score as badly as Blacks in Dearborn and Detroit.

So-called "educators" refuse to or can't educate these children. They have tried everything except treating them as normal white people.

Now I come to Nobel Prizes. The US leads the world with 368, Britain with 132, Germany at 107. France has 62, Sweden and everyone else 30 or less. China got a whopping 9, Israel got 12.

While one thinks Nobel Prizes go to smart scientists, doctors, etc. one would find this isn't so.

Nobel Prizes are given to quote, "specified six areas to be covered by the rewards namely Peace, Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine. In 1968 the Bank of Sweden added the award for economic science in memory of Nobel."

I only consider science awards far more worthwhile than political Peace Prizes or subjective literature. A nation is far better off with top engineers not politicians.

"Economic science" is not science. Dictionaries define this as "the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management."

No scientific method, not science. The usual social science subjective junk science.

So why does China score so few Nobel Prizes behind Poland (12), Israel (12), Belgium, India, and South Africa with 10 each?

We must be careful what the total number of Nobel Prizes are for.

South Africa got 10 but four went to politicians, three of those black racist-communists such as Albert Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela.

Only 6 of the ten, all going to whites, are science. South Africa scores so badly on PISA they refuse to participate. Their pass rate from schools some claim is a terrible 33% - what a joke.

The country is headed down the path of Zimbabwe. Once one of the most prosperous nations in Africa, today a ruined failed state.

What did Israel get the most Nobel Prizes for? Formed in 1948, 13 Israelis have gotten Nobel Prizes, most are not for actual science or engineering.

Menachem Begin (1994) Shimon Peres (2005) Yitzhak Rabin (1986) are political. One prize for Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1966) was for art. I count none of these as valid.

Of the remainder 3 were social science - non-science economics, what I consider junk science, 6 were for chemistry, a real science.

So less than half of Israel's Nobel Prizes went for actual science. In reality Israel is tied with South Africa at six science prize winners.

Above Israel Poland with 12 Nobel Prizes. Two I'll reject outright: Menachem Begin (1994) Shimon Peres (2005) both born in Poland are Israelis.

Maria Sklodowska Curie won 2 prizes for groundbreaking research into radioactivity, etc. That is one person.

She was "Polish" and naturalized-French physicist and chemist. She is also listed for the same prize in France. Her husband Pierre Curie is listed as French.

Of the remainder only six are actual science such as chemistry and physics. Most are literature and peace.

Thus Poland tops Israel and South Africa with 7 science prize winners.

What about India with only 10? Of the six listed as living in India only 1 is science. Another 4 were Americans born in India with three science prizes. Thus more Indians in America win science prizes than the entire nation of India.

This is getting ridiculous. Let's look at China with only 9. I mean People's Republic of China or Communist China.

Taiwan was named "Republic of China" - no it is the separate democratic nation of Taiwan. Taiwan won 4 of the Chinese prizes in science.

Of the three listed in Communist China proper only one was for medicine.

Of the "Chinese diaspora" listed six of which five were science, three of those Chinese Americans.

Thus Taiwan citizens and Chinese Americans won more than double the Nobel Prizes of Communist China.

This whole Nobel Prize business is a joke. It too often reflects politics not science as many think.

For Japan Wikipedia list 25 citizens, Forbes list 26. Going by Wiki they list 9 in physics plus three Japanese Americans. They listed 8 in chemistry, 5 in medicine. Only three of 25 was junk awards.

The 2021 Nobel Prizes are no surprise to me. In physics the prizes went to Syukuro Manabe (Japanese American), Klaus Hasselmann (German), and Giorgio Parisi (Italian).

Nobel Prize in chemistry went Benjamin List (white American) and David W.C. MacMillan (white American born in Scotland).

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2021 went to David Julius (white Jewish American) and Ardem Patapoutian (Armenian American born in Lebanon).

Spain is listed with 7 or 8, at number 23, two in medicine, six in junk literature. Very little in science has been won by any Spanish speaking nation. Argentina listed number 25 with 5 Prizes, one in chemistry, two in medicine.

Ireland listed with 7 at number 24, none in science I can find.

Hungary at number 21 with nine winners (Forbes) or 18 (American Hungarian Federation) with Chemistry: 6, Physiology / Medicine: 4, Physics: 3, Economics: 3, Peace: 2, Literature: 1.

Wikipedia lists 13 with 11 in science, two in junk economics and literature.

So Hungary has won more actual science Nobel Prizes than Israel, Spain, Communist China, India, etc.

But this number includes those born outside present day Hungary in Vienna, Berlin, Croatia, Slovakia, etc.

Now I will turn to Forbes itself and why they seem so open borders and pro Communist China.

They published Oct 7, 2021 "Immigrants Keep Winning Nobel Prizes" This refers to 2021 Nobel Prize winners Syukuro Manabe (Japanese American born in Japan), David W.C. MacMillan (white American born in Scotland), and Ardem Patapoutian (Armenian American born in Lebanon).

These countries of origin have nothing to do with the masses of illiterate peasants, refugees, illegal aliens, etc. flooding over American borders.

As a side all Nobel Prize winners in sciences for 2020 are white. For the 9 science winners in 2019, 8 are white, 1 Japanese. Good going Japan!

These three are a fraction of the "immigrants" coming to this country. Most create diversity chaos and ruin in our schools, choke the welfare system, etc.

Communist China can not out compete America, so they seek to destroy the culture and those that built the country.

Chinese immigrants come to America win Nobel Prizes, Communist China has to steal and pirate Western Technology.

America at least for now is a free nation where innovation and hard work can prevail in a culture of freedom.

China a stifling dictatorship unable to innovate or advance regardless of talent. Same problem with the old Soviet Union.

Communist China through a Hong Kong company Integrated Whale Media owns Forbes. They are a CCP media outlet. Thus can't be trusted.

Ref. Isaac Stone Fish Washington Post Dec. 14, 2017.

Communist China along with its Wall Street hacks knows mass immigration from low-achieving, low PISA score nations is killing this country.

So they along with greedy business interests, liberal racists, and local communists want this country flooded with people China would never allow to enter - or any other rational high achieving nation.

To sum this up be very wary of the press, do your research.


Found another interesting index labeled "Intelligence Capital Index" defined by Kai L. Chan as:

"The Intelligence Capital Index (ICI) is a way to gauge the ability of countries to capitalize on the knowledge economy by assessing their environments for education, creativity and talent attraction. The ICI is a barometer a nation's stock of 'smarts'".

The top 10 listed as April 4, 2017:

United States - 74.88 (A+)
United Kingdom - 64.19 (A)
Germany - 64.18 (A)
Australia - 63.96 (A)
Singapore - 63.60 (A)
Sweden - 61.58 (A)
Switzerland - 61.57 (A)
Canada - 61.15 (A)
Finland - 60.45 (A)
Denmark - 60.25 (A)

Communist China comes in at number 30 behind Italy. Mexico comes in at 61 at 30.23.

Oddly Vietnam that scored high on PISA in 2012 ranked 84 at 25.13.

Just because a nation scores well on PISA doesn't mean the county can utilize what talent it has.


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