Trayvon Martin Incitement to Racial Violence by Liberal Racists

by Lewis Loflin

The ruling class racial agenda is to foment violence and division. They succeeded with Saint George Floyd that died of a drug overdose while being arrested.

Trayvon was another upcoming black criminal because nobody in the life would set an example other than more criminality.

Original title "A Call To Reason - Politics, Activism and Murder in America."

by James H. Lilley

We, the people of the United States of America, White, American Indian, African American, Asian, Hispanic, and so many others on God's good earth, are being used as pawns in a government-manipulated game of racial chess. The goal of the game is to incite a race war across the nation, and I don't believe government officials and many so called civil rights activists will be satisfied until the streets run red with other people's blood.

The instant George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, politicians and these civil rights activists raced to face the television cameras and begin their rants and chants about racism, racial profiling and the killing of an innocent young black man. The news media jumped immediately into a ratings grabbing frenzy and tossed the first round of fuel on the fire when they posted a picture of the innocent Trayvon Martin at 12 years of age along side that of the "vicious racist" George Zimmerman. But, the media wasn't through.

In an effort to provoke the usual race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to a fever pitch they edited the 911 tapes. Their version offered us George Zimmerman answering the question "What makes him suspicious?" with "He"s black." When played for the public that surely enraged thousands and thousands of people. It was not the truth, but when it comes to media ratings and working viewers into a boiling, race baited fury, who cares if it's a lie, right?

President Barack Obama, who should have considered all Americans in his first reaction, instead rushed to judgment, when he stood before the White House Press Corps and the international media to publicly support and sympathize with the Martin family. by saying "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." He sent a message to the world that he believed Zimmerman guilty and added to the building cry of a racially motivated crime. But was his gesture of caring and empathy exaggerated with a future goal in mind? Was he using Martin's death in an attempt to unite voters for the November election and his pursuit of a second term?

And what did Trayvon's best friend, Rachel, say was the reason for Trayvon attacking George Zimmerman? She told CNN that Martin thought Zimmerman was a pedophile rapist. Yet, the media and the race baiters never speak of that stunning statement. Was it a case of homophobia? Trayvon's best friend said on CNN that it was, and yet this remarkable statement was ignored while every other fact in the case was presented and analyzed ad naseum.

Certainly there was no impartiality shown by the Department of Justice when they sent their Community Relations Section to Sanford, Florida to help organize the Pro-Trayvon/Anti-Zimmerman rallies. In violation of Federal Law, taxpayer money was spent, though not hundreds of thousands of dollars, to plan and support these hate rallies. Members of the Community Relations Service also took part in the demonstrations and drove additional protesters to the events.

When the trial date finally arrived and George Zimmerman awaited his fate, it was obvious from day one that the prosecution's case was flawed. They had a charge of Second Degree Murder on the table and seemed content in their aim to convict Zimmerman of only that charge.

But, it was the state's own witnesses that, day after day, strengthened the case for the defense. As the presentation of the state's case was winding down, in a bizarre legal move, the prosecution called for lesser charges to be included. That too was an indication that the prosecutors saw their quest for a conviction rapidly falling apart. Suddenly, there was an air of desperation and they sought to convict George Zimmerman of anything. In closing arguments, the prosecution went so far as to emotionally state that Trayvon's only crime was buying Skittles.

Let's pause on the Skittles issue and look at what they are really used for by drug users nationwide, but especially in the South. A mixture of soda, Robitussin DM (which has the ingredient Dextromethorpha or DXM), or similar brand of cough syrup and Skittles produce a concocted high. One of the street names for this high causing concoction is "Lean." Found at the scene of Trayvon's shooting were two thirds of the mixture, Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail and Skittles. Martin's autopsy showed liver damage from long-term use of "Lean," which can also cause psychosis and aggression.

Trayvon Martin had several brushes with the law and, at the time of his shooting, was out of school on his third suspension of the year. I won't go into all details of his run-ins with the law, but it's a fact that his father, upon hearing that he had not returned home, called the nearby juvenile hall to see if he had been arrested.

At the same time I will not skip over Zimmerman's criminal history and play my own version of media cover up. He had prior arrests for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and a former girlfriend obtained a restraining order against him when he was twenty-one.

When the verdict of Not Guilty was handed down, it was because the State of Florida failed in its efforts to meet the burden of proof. Yet, the cries of racism began immediately by the media enablers and the race baiters, because too many wanted to make race the issue and not accept the facts or lack thereof in George Zimmerman's acquittal.

Sharpton sprinted to get his face in front of the cameras to declare, "We lost the battle." Then he went on to say that the finding of Not Guilty "was a declaration of war and we are going to fight." I am absolutely baffled as to why the media continues to provide this incendiary hypocrite with the means to spew his hatred and push his own agenda of racism.

He will do anything to provoke tension and animosity between the white and black races. You need only to look back at the case of Tawana Brawley and the assistance given by Sharpton to perpetuate an absolute lie in the accusations of rape against six white men, including police officers, and an Assistant District Attorney for Duchess County, New York. He was found liable in that instance of seven counts of defamation, and still the media bows to his every whim. Why? Is it because his race baiting clamoring brings in huge ratings?

Not to be outdone, Department of Justice Secretary Eric Holder, delivers several major addresses where he posts that Martin's death was a "tragic and unnecessary shooting." When did the Department of Justice start to express opinions on local criminal prosecutions? Then again, when did they begin to give high-powered firearms to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in the deaths of Americans?

When Tristan Breaux, President of the Norfolk, Virginia NAACP said Trayvon Martin had a "shaky" past and called on everyone to react "logically, not racially to the verdict" other NAACP members demanded his removal. Leading that charge was Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick. He said Breaux did not have the maturity to know when to speak and when not to speak. On Twitter, Riddick referred to Breaux as "a member of the Klan with a tan."

Former President Jimmy Carter and NBA Basketball legend, Charles Barkley spoke out agreeing with the Zimmerman verdict. Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned Johns Hopkins Neurosurgeon has urged people to try and put themselves in the place of both Martin and Zimmerman and try to understand their thinking.

All of this from so many people from so many backgrounds, focusing on one crime. A single incident has sparked racial tensions across the nation since its occurrence and that because of the constant fanning of a hate fueled bonfire. And all the while, our leaders from President Obama on down the line and our rights activists have turned a blind eye to what has really been going on in America.

And what of the racial hatred Al Sharpton et al have incited? We have had a mother and grandmother, with a sick baby trying to get to a hospital in Texas assaulted by the Trayvon protesters. We've had a red-haired 36-year old going to a gas station in Cobb County, Georgia beaten while his assailants yelled, "This is for Trayvon."* He died after falling into the street and being run over by a car. President Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton did not attack or kill these innocents, but they provided the rationale.

It was 503 days from the time Trayvon Martin was shot to the Not Guilty verdict in the trail of George Zimmerman. During that time frame there were a total of 11,106 African Americans murdered by other African Americans. Where were the cries from President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to the Black community to stop their senseless killing of each other? How many rallies were called for by the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others across the nation to gather people and attempt to stop these acts of violence?

The silence of our politicians, civil rights activists and rights organizations speaks volumes. The message to everyone in America is that only those deaths, which will serve a political agenda, or provide a stage for Al Sharpton and others to scream racism, matter. They are very clearly showing they don't care about African Americans being murdered on the Streets of Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, Oakland, Los Angeles, New Orleans and elsewhere because they serve no purpose to their false narrative or the programs they benefit from due to their false narratives.

On the other side of this issue we have the Black on White, Hispanic, Asian and others crime. But here the media goes out of its way to conceal what the facts are and our political leaders and rights groups turn their biased blind eye. These crimes, the same as Black on Black crime, occur daily, but they serve no useful function for the media, politicians and rights groups. After all, only White or Hispanic on Black crime can be sensationalized and garner 24/7 coverage and haul out the soapbox for elected officials and rights activists.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that murder, rape and other crimes of violence mean nothing until the race card can be played and emotions manipulated to suit a purpose. Therefore we, the citizens of America, of every race, color and creed, truly are pawns to be used for political gain, media ratings, or inflaming racial hatred.

The fateful meeting of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

* I have been unable to confirm this. L. Loflin


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