Patricia A Woods
Patricia A Woods

Telford woman charged again while out on bond for 2 previous Felony Drug Offenses

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal; Investigators arrested Patricia A. Woods, age 58, 231 Rauhof Road in Telford; on an outstanding presentment from Washington County Criminal Court. The presentment charges Woods with sale of Oxycontin, Possession with Intent to Sell Oxycontin, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Tampering with Evidence and Simple Possession.

Wood's current problems began early in 2012 when she illegally sold diverted oxycontin pills to Informants with the Criminal Investigations Division. In February 2012 a search warrant was obtained and during the search of Woods home, Woods attempted to destroy oxycontin pills that she had secreted on her person. Investigators recovered several 30mg Oxycontin pills along with other illegally diverted prescription pills, cash, and drug ledgers from Woods home.

At the time of the search warrant, Woods was out on bond from 2 previous run-ins with Law Enforcement officers. In June 2008 Woods was found to be in possession of over 1/4 pound of marijuana, hundreds of illegally diverted prescription pills, digital scales, drug ledgers, and other items of illegal drug sales after calling 911 to report a robbery. In September 2008 Woods again found herself in trouble after being caught with more marijuana when Investigators went to her home to arrest her for an outstanding Criminal Court Presentment for the June violations.

Woods is currently being housed at the Washington County Detention Center under a $50,000 bond. She is scheduled for appearance at the next term of Washington County Tennessee Criminal Court. May 31, 2012


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