Crime is up in Bristol Virginia-Tennessee in 2011

Edited by Lewis Loflin

Crime has went up a lot in Bristol. There has been a resurgence of home meth labs, burglaries, etc. To quote the press,

In the last six months, Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA police have responded to a combined 264 of the most serious crimes, including 149 burglaries, 57 aggravated assaults, and 35 sex crimes...

In all, police responded to seven burglaries, two aggravated assaults, and one arson in Gentry's neighborhood...Just up the road along State Street, police have responded to a combined 10 crimes near the Tennessee-Virginia Border since July. Along the five blocks of State Street between Edgemont Avenue and Volunteer Parkway, police reported five burglaries, three aggravated assaults, one sex crime, and one robbery.

In the Commonwealth, Bristol, VA officers were also stretched on both sides of Piedmont Avenue. Officers filed 19 reports along nearby streets. Those crimes included 11 burglaries, five sex crimes (one a forcible rape), and three aggravated assaults...According to Lt. Thomas, Bristol, TN police do not generally track crime over long periods of time. Instead, police work to identify crime trends as they are happening, on a daily or weekly basis...

Well this website does look at things over the long run and here is what I found: Much of the crime occurs in the vicinity of the two big public housing projects in Bristol Virginia and Bristol Tennessee. A disproportionate amount of crime is caused by blacks. This holds true in most of the nation as one in nine black men ages 20-34 commit crimes, for white men it's one in one-hundred and six for those over 18.

Half the prison population in Tennessee is black while the black population is 14.7%. In Virginia 20% of the population is black and commit two-thirds of the violent crime according to Virginia State Police reports. Ref. February 27, 2011 Bristol Herald Courier.

Over 50 percent of blacks drop out of school and 70-80 percent of black children are born to unwed black mothers; it's their choice, their fault. They concentrate in public housing, thus higher crime rates in those areas.

Blacks make up 20 percent of the Virginia population; black males say 10 percent. In the sections where crime was reported by race, Hispanics and illegal aliens are counted as white thus inflating the white crime rate. (They commit 3-4 times the white crime rate, I excluded Asians.) This distorts and inflates white crime rates as Hispanic gang-bangers that have invaded large sections of Virginia whose high crime rates are hidden in the statistics.

On sexual offences whites are 72 percent of the victims, black males committed 37.3 percent of the offences. Black males commit 80 percent of the robberies. Blacks commit 53 percent of the assaults and 54 percent of the car thefts, nearly all the car-jackings. Black males alone commit 56 percent of the violent crime, and with black females 63 percent. (Source: Virginia State Police) Wonder how many rapes Hispanics committed? In the Morristown Tennessee area they along with blacks commit over half the crime while making up about 20% of the population. Tennessee also doesn't have a crime category for Hispanics and count them as white.

Now the hate crime statistics in Virginia for 2005-2008 are the real shocker. Almost two-thirds of the victims are white, but almost two-thirds of the hate crime charges are against whites! In 2008 153 whites were victims of hate crimes while 99 blacks were victims. Yet 73% of the Virginia population is white while the black population is just under 20%. But 128 whites were charged with hate crimes with only 99 black victims. Only 72 blacks were charged with hate crimes, less than half the number of white victims.

That's consistent year after year and it's clearly anti-white racism. It clearly shows whites are targeted for hate crime charges for political reasons while minorities are ignored. Be aware that the definition of hate crimes have been expanded to the absurd. Only 185 out of 337 concerned race. Of most of the race offences (185) only 72 were assault, most of the rest property crimes. Per-capita blacks commit far more hate crimes than whites do even though police are loath to even charge non-whites for hate crimes at all. In fact it's almost impossible to charge non-whites with hate crimes that seem aimed only at whites.

The Virginia white population is 5,671,432. 128 white offenders commit one hate crime for 44,308 white people.

The Virginia black population is 1,546,048. 72 black offenders commit one hate crime for 21,472 black people.

Blacks per-capita commit more than twice the hate crimes of whites even when they bother to charge them. Hate crime charges overall are rare regardless of the level of hysteria from left-wing racists.

Note that Bristol, Tennessee sits in Sullivan County Tennessee. They just had another massive drug bust. To quote BHC May 13, 2011:

An almost two year undercover investigation leads to the largest ever meth bust in Sullivan County and 34 people indicted by a grand jury. Since the start of the investigation in 2009, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office and Drug Task Force have located and seized 18 shake-and-bake meth labs.

After locating and seizing 18 meth labs, the largest bust ever in Sullivan County, numbers of animals were taken to the Sullivan County Animal Shelter. Drug Task Force officials say at least three had to be euthanized because of the pain they were in. "At low exposure to meth it can cause them to have brain damage. At a higher exposure it can even cause them to go into convulsions."

Note that most meth labs are operated by whites often in their homes around children and pets.


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